8th Dec 2009, 10:51

So I guess having the highest number of major safety recalls since the invention of the wheel, as Toyota does, is OK??

8th Dec 2009, 17:41

You know it's funny. A few months ago when Ford had an enormous recall on millions of vehicles because they were CATCHING ON FIRE, domestic lovers just swept that one under the rug. Yet, I've seen many import lovers (myself included) acknowledge the fact that Toyota has slipped up. Just in case your wondering, the CEO of Toyota was fired last month, and the founder of Toyota Motor Company (the man who personally fired him) compared his recent performance to that of GM. I burst out laughing to hear this. GM is the laughing stock of the automotive world.

9th Dec 2009, 12:54

Domestic lovers are the more hostile on this site for sure. They have made more wishful claims as well stating that GM outsells Toyota even though they have not one car on the top ten selling list for 2009. They also ride along on such small accolades as a measure of true success like the Fusion being ranked high on J.D. Powers list when in reality the top five brands are Asian companies today and one stand out car doesn't make Ford the best brand on the planet.

It is astounding the length these people go to in order to prove some point that they can't because in actuality the facts just don't add up in their favor. For the most part it has been enjoyable to read these posts of fantasy, but it is growing tiresome to see the repeated posts cut and pasted time and again, like they will make more sense the second time... or hundredth for that matter. I guess they think repetition will suddenly make it all true.

I wish we could all drop the politics and just rate the cars we love on our own threads with our own UNBIASED opinions. That is, however, what this site was created for.

10th Dec 2009, 11:00

"GM is the laughing stock of the automotive world."

Is that why they are OUTSELLING Toyota?

10th Dec 2009, 12:52

"Is that why they are OUTSELLING Toyota?"

Really? Where? On Mars?

Let me state that first and foremost, I drive older model GM cars. It is the attitude of import (what is that anyway, many "imports" are made in the U.S.A. and many "domestics: are made in Canada and Mexico, and soon Germany) haters that may deter potential domestic buyers from ever buying anything from GM, Ford or Chrysler. Look at their crappy record, never owning up to design and engineering flaws.

My next car will be a Honda!

Or maybe I'll buy a foreign car (a Mexican Sunfire, or a Canadian Equinox!)

12th Dec 2009, 23:31

"Is that why they are OUTSELLING Toyota?"

Really? Where? On Mars?"

No, on Earth, for the past three months. Check overall sales figures for both companies from August through October 2009. Total GM sales beat Toyota handily.

4th Aug 2010, 15:08

Excuse me? The top 5 car companies are Asian? Is that why Ford is ranked #4 worldwide in sales, and GM, in 2008, was the worlds second largest automaker?

Oh, and if domestics are such crap; is that why my dads F-350 has 370,000 miles on it, with the original tranny and engine? And why my two GM"s ('88 S-15; 90 Olds) have over 200,000 on them? (Granted, I must admit I wouldn't buy a new GM because they are planning to shut down 14 U.S. production plants, and I can't support a company that does that. Ford all the way!)

And I would think import lovers are more hostile than domestic lovers, judging by how many threads have been taken completely OVER by the domestic vs. Import debates (two of the three 2010 Mustang threads, for instance).

Also, I'd like to say that not all Ford and GM vehicles are made elsewhere. Wikipedia, dudes. There are multiple U.S. production plants that build quality automobiles... And I'd also like to say that to blatantly say ALL U.S. automobiles and companies are CRAP is plain wrong!

Admit it. The U.S. makes good automobiles, and yes, of COURSE there will be bad ones. But, hasn't even Toyota and Honda made bad vehicles? I, for one, am TIRED of seeing this debate on this website, and one after another after another thread be dominated by this discussion. Let's use this website for its intended purposes, please...

Finally, I must admit bias because I drive domestics. However, you can drive what you want, and just enjoy it... Happy driving, everyone!

5th Aug 2010, 11:02

Yeah, go buy your Mexican Fusion there buddy. TOYOTA and HONDA all the way. At least they are built in the U.S. by U.S. workers.

5th Aug 2010, 11:21

"Total GM sales beat Toyota handily."

July sales figures are out and GM AND Ford both beat out Toyota in sales again. Having the most recalled cars in the history of the automobile is not very good for sales!

5th Aug 2010, 21:15

"Having the most recalled cars in the history of the automobile is not very good for sales!"

Sorry to burst your bubble, but that one belongs to Ford with its ongoing recall for faulty cruise control switches that cause the vehicles to CATCH FIRE. The recall has reached some 16 MILLION cars so far.

5th Aug 2010, 21:23

GM and Ford "handily" dole out huge rebates and super low interest rates, which definitely pad their sales. Money talks in this crappy economy. Let them sell EXACTLY how Honda and Toyota do, with the same offers and no rebates, and see who sells more.

Until you level the playing field so it is down to the car and not the deal, the sales figures are a pretty inaccurate gauge of a car's quality and perception to the public. I myself have a Ford because of the rebates and the promise of payments covered if I lost my job (from 2009)... otherwise I would have bought a Subaru or a Honda.

21st Aug 2010, 20:53

People are so funny, quoting the recall numbers as a mark of low quality. First, the number of ACTUAL cars that need the parts is very low. They recall them so they can be sure to check all of them. I still know of no one who has had any issues with a Toyota personally of my friends and family, and never have heard of anyone other than on the news that has had issues. So overblown it is ridiculous. Just because they recall millions of cars, people go on about how there are millions of defective Toyotas on the road.

The reason there are so many cars on the recall list is that Toyota SOLD so many cars! You have to recall the number you sell, which is why GM and Ford have less recall numbers. The cars don't exist, because they never manufactured them or sold them! Now that Toyota has this negative publicity, and Ford and GM continue to give their cars away, you'll soon see the numbers of domestic recalls surpass anything Toyota has ever had. Of course, then the argument that not all cars need the parts will come into play by the domestic fans, instead of saying all cars that are recalled are defective!

22nd Aug 2010, 11:52

If you check the sales figures, you'll find that GM has outsold Toyota this year, and the best-selling vehicle on the planet is STILL a Ford (for the 33rd year in a row).