21st Aug 2009, 08:21

"Also Ford, enough with the fake hood scoops and side scoops. If it's on a car, make it functional or don't bother. I would love to see a new Mustang GT with a Shaker Scoop."

It's not Ford's fault people love putting fake plastic scoops and louvres on their cars. You can get the Mustang without the scoop on the hood as it has just a nice integrated raised center to cover the strut tower brace if you have one installed. You can even get the spoiler deleted which is a nice original look. I think the 2010 is a very clean looking car if you order it plain and straight forward. A shaker hood would be awesome and they may do it again, but the problem is the shaker doesn't really shake these days with the newer smoother running engines. Still a cool concept though!

25th Aug 2009, 08:28

"Essentially this is the same car as the 2005, with different sheet metal, a slightly different interior and a few more horsies under the hood."

Not so much. They stiffened up the car a lot, which is why it handles better than the '05-'09 models. More than just a completely new body and interior... which constitutes a pretty thorough design change in itself.

26th Aug 2009, 18:27

They are now offering the 2010 with shaker hood, but it just doesn't look right with the car for me, not like the 2004 mach one; now that really was nice. I had the shaker and the fake side scoops, I liked that. I would want to see a 2010 with the hood scoop, just can't seem to find a clear shot of one. I've seen the shaker and it looks lonely all by itself.

27th Aug 2009, 14:44


There's a nice shot of a shaker kit for the new Mustang. The only problem with the shaker is you can't have the strut tower brace if you have the shaker, as it is in the way. Hopefully they will design around that issue soon. I think the shaker looks great, but might even be better with the blacked out hood like the old cars had.

10th Oct 2009, 13:10

First off, never been a fan of Mustangs.

The look is definitely nice to my eyes.

Curb weight is low for a modern car; the GT coupe is a bit under 3500lbs, very impressive.

The motors are laughable. The 4.0 V6 is crap, also a very old, low tech motor. The 4.6 V8 is not much different, low tech, and with very unimpressive power output.

Ford, stop being lazy.

11th Oct 2009, 12:48

If you want a car "plain and straight forward", why not just buy a Hyundai Accent? If you want a bland Mustang with plain steel wheels with hubcaps, no exterior trim, no spoiler and a flat, featureless hood, why even bother to buy one. Just buy a battle-ship gray Accent and no one will notice you then either.

12th Oct 2009, 15:13

What I meant was... from a designers point of view the Mustang stands up very well without all the add on and tack on crap. It looks very muscular and sleek all on its own. Why weigh it down with extras that clog the looks up and make it look cheesy when it looks good already... not to mention make it slower because it gets heavier with every tack on.

Also, if you look at the '10 Mustang, the hood is anything but flat and boring... and since they don't offer steelies on them these days, I am not sure why you'd try to rip me on that point.

Oh, and I stopped buying cars for people to notice me in a decade or two ago!! I prefer straight out performance to getting looked at by everyone. Go ahead and spend you money on good for nothing plastic add-ons because you think they are cool and will get you noticed. Then next year when every other Mustang has the same crap stuck on it, you'll be just one of many and then invisible. My plain Jane Mustang will then stand out as really cool looking and ORIGINAL and I still won't care!!

12th Oct 2009, 15:18

"The 4.6 V8 is not much different, low tech, and with very unimpressive power output"

Funny thing is... that "unimpressive power output" still puts the Mustang within .1 seconds in the 0-60 time against the Camaro SS with 111 more HP (4.9 vs 4.8). It then is down to the driver as to which car is faster on race day. Seems to me Ford really doesn't have to add any more power to make the Mustang perform. And what is low tech about a modular V-8? Chevy is still using a pushrod V-8...

Have you driven the '10 GT yet? Save your comments until you do. I agree the V-6 is better suited to the Explorer though.

13th Oct 2009, 12:02

Why would you assume that because someone likes a plain looking car, they don't want a plain looking performance car? So, just because they don't want tack on spoilers and hood scoops they should opt for a Hyundai?? Yeah, okay... Ever hear of flat out performance? Do you remember the Sportsroof Mustangs of '69 and '70. They were plain Jane cars with dog dish hubcaps and 428 Cobra Jet engines under the hood. The only concern was how fast they would go... not what they looked like (aside of their awesome original bodies that is). Some people just appreciate the performance side over the "hey look at me" side.

Who has bought into the whole marketing plan of "more is better?" Do those add ons make the car go faster or handle better? Actually no. Someone told you it would look cool to spend $100's or $1,000's on stuff you really don't need and you bought into it. Dealers love seeing your type coming onto their lots!!

17th Oct 2009, 17:46

"Stripper" Mustangs can be had. I've seen several bare-bones basic V-6's with no spoiler and the base 15" wheels left over from 2009 on dealer's lots. They're a real bargain too. I've seen them for as low as $14,999. A great price for a nice sporty car.

20th Oct 2009, 10:35

Wanting a Mustang without tack-on junk doesn't really mean I am looking for a "stripper" either. I'd opt of a premium GT with the upgraded interior, which is useful to me, and none of the spoilers and scoops that you see on every other Mustang out there. I just love the looks of this car without anything cluttering it up. I'd rather put the cash into other things like the 3.73 rear end and a super charger... you know the "go fast" hardware.

Every sporty car has so much tack on junk that you can buy. I used to hate the last gen. Z-28's with the plastic ground effects added to them. Just leave it as is. Let people guess which model you have. Who cares? The best Fox Body Mustang was the LX 5.0 because it was cleaner looking and a tad faster as it was about 300 pounds lighter than a GT.

To each their own. Like I said, I am not into being looked at as much as I am into performance.

21st Oct 2009, 13:09

I had a stock Fox 5.0 and did love the look. I'm currently looking for an affordable Fox (preferably '85 or '86) to restore. I like the 2005-2009 retro look best of all (I have a 2007), but the Fox was a nice looking car in coupe, hatchback or convertible.