4th Dec 2009, 10:46

I agree. People should have more pride in their cars, which is why I hate seeing cut rate work on nice cars like Mustangs. Hey, the next V-6 should be pretty darn entertaining to drive as it is going to be a 3.7 litre pushing 305 HP. Budget Mustang that has some serious kick to it. Can't beat that!

4th Dec 2009, 17:26

I'm very excited about the new 305 horsepower base V-6 in the 2011 Mustang as well. I just hope Ford doesn't jack the price up and make it less affordable to those on a tight budget. Low cost has been a big plus in keeping Mustang popular. I just hope Ford remembers that.

5th Dec 2009, 04:26

Can you imagine owners of a late 60's Mustangs, and there are lots of them beautifully restored, customizing them like they so heavily do over our today's Mustangs? YUUURK!. Guess we have to respect their tastes, especially the ones who are club members or else. When I was a teen I remember guys jacking and painting their differentials bright colors, and thin front tires or large stripes with fake scoops on the hood, was that being-different-look-at-me factor still different today? I guess not, one of these guys told me that if they would show this same customized car today, they would be shamed and leave it like they were, right like Ford have built this icon.

5th Dec 2009, 09:48

Yes, I can. At the last Mustang show I attended, one of the most beautiful and popular cars was a highly customized 1969 Mustang fastback. AT another show the winner of "Best in Show" was a customized 2005 Mustang V-6. No, I DON'T think customizing a specialty car like the GT-500 or Bullit is a good thing. However a basic GT or even the V-6 is like a blank canvas to an artist. Adding to Ford's already beautiful styling HELPS, not hurts these cars and the public tends to agree. At a show judged by members of the viewing public I have never seen a totally stock Mustang win anything. Basic, low-end cars right off the lot all look identical. You'd be just as well of buying a more transportation-oriented car.

5th Dec 2009, 14:32

My family attended a Christmas parade this weekend that featured lots of Mustangs, ranging from base V-6's through GT500-K's (well ONE GT500-K). The cars were paraded by a viewing stand for the public to see. One car got a standing ovation. It was a very sharp and tastefully customized grabber orange Pony V-6.

7th Dec 2009, 08:19

There is a difference between a highly customized one off car than the crap you see stuck on every other Mustang these days. Jacking up your old 60's musclecar back in the day and putting Cragars on it was cool as well as throwing a set of louvres on the back window. It was cool then, but if it wasn't factory original and the car is still in mint condition today, it was most likely restored back to its original look. Factory original is really the look that stands the test of time, because when you remember these old cars, how they came off the assembly line is what you think of and not the crappy aftermarket junk Joe Shmo put on it 40 years ago. The same will probably be true of late model cars if and when they ever become classics. All the tack on junk will be scrapped in favor of the car in its original assembly line look. How many times have you seen a concourse restoration with Cragar maags and cheap louvres in the back window? Never, if it is done properly!

Also, I am sick of people saying you should buy a "more transportation oriented car" just because you like the factory original look of the latest cars. Just because I am not looking to win a show with my car doesn't mean I should drive a Camry. You go ahead and compete in the "who can spend more money on useless junk" contest and I'll leave you in the dust after I spend less money on a faster car because that is where my cash is going. Isn't that what these cars were built for in the first place? Maybe you should buy a Camry and trick it out since looks are more important than performance to you. Then you can stand around and gawk at it... I'll be out driving mine.

7th Dec 2009, 15:59

"Isn't that what these cars were built for in the first place?"

Well, actually NO. They were originally built as a "personal car" concept and were based on the Falcon (even MORE boring than a Camry if that is possible). Early Mustangs were not very good performers.

8th Dec 2009, 07:53

Like they've written, they highly like customized Mustangs at a look-at-me show. I can understand if we can compare this fact with beauty pageants. Already beautiful women "customized" themselves to attract looks and points from the crowd and judges, and if they don't do so, they'll feel nobody will look or have interest in them. For them, the eyes of the lookers attracted to their customized looks are very important, and the need to be complimented is also very important, if not enough, they'll spend more time and money or do anything for that. Mustang owners are champions compared to others on having these attitudes. But at the beginning they are already beautiful and sometimes they get uglier! Like the Mustangs from the factory.

8th Dec 2009, 10:42

Yes, but what was really considered a good performance car in 1964? The Vette maybe? Even the GTO was an ugly boxy plain car that was basic transportation with a big engine.

Modern cars are what I was talking about. The Mustang GT is built for performance and I would put my money into bettering that instead of tacking on useless scoops and spoilers to show it off to everyone.