2nd Dec 2009, 07:39

Off the assembly line Mustangs are soooo beautiful. Off the look-at-me-I'm-different custom line, they're soooo ugly!

2nd Dec 2009, 12:51

I realize that there are not a lot of economics majors or businessmen who read this site, but the fact is, Ford's decision to outsource the Fusion SAVED thousands of U.S. jobs. By cutting overhead they have not been forced to cut back or close many plants as GM has done. The U.S. auto industry is STILL the major employer in the U.S. private sector. We need to support it. 14,000,000 U.S. workers owe their livelihoods to domestic car companies either directly or indirectly. That is a lot of people paying mortgages, sending kids to college and paying taxes.

2nd Dec 2009, 12:59

This is a matter of opinion. I belong to three car clubs (2 Mustang clubs). None of the cars at our shows are stock except a few GT 500's. Why bother to show a car that looks just like one off the showroom floor? What's the point? If my car were stock, there would be no point in showing it at shows and club events. It might as well be a Camry. A stock GT or Pony gets ZERO attention. If that's what you like, I guess that's your business, but don't knock those of us who enjoy driving nice looking customized rides that people enjoy seeing.

2nd Dec 2009, 13:11

How many times are people going to put this false information up on here?

Ford has ONE car... that is ONE car, the Fusion that is built in Mexico and it rates high on the quality tests. Again ONE car!!

Buick is one small line in GM's fleet that yes ranks high in quality. How does this translate to the highest rated cars on Earth to you?

The TOP FIVE companies in build quality are STILL ASIAN BRANDS. That is fact not fiction. GM actually rates pretty low overall other than Buick and Ford is a one trick pony. Domestic lovers sure love to ride on very few accolades as a measure of success in the auto industry.

Personally I think domestic brands are good cars overall and I drive a Ford (not a Fusion). However, I am not going to come onto forums and claim they are the best on Earth when it simply isn't true!

Yes, Toyota had a recall. Ford has recalls too as does every other brand at one time or another. I think Toyota got a little too comfortable with its massive following and have made some errors in their lines as of late. Domestics have plenty of proving to do, however, and 4 years of the Fusion as a top ranked car is not enough, although it is a great start for them. Take the imports out of the top spot for a couple of decades and then talk about being the best cars on Earth. You can't argue the past, and the imports have cornered the market on quality for a really long time. Hopefully it has turned and the U.S. car companies can turn it around for good. It is sad, though, that they have to resort to outsourcing labor to foreign countries to gain enough profit to be viable against their import rivals. There should be a better way.

2nd Dec 2009, 13:26

"How many times are people going to put this false information up on here?"

Probably until import fans finally accept the fact that it ISN'T false.

2nd Dec 2009, 13:51

Yes, it is definitely a matter of opinion. I go to muscle car shows regularly, and the most enjoyable cars are the original factory cars that have not been altered.

The difference today is that there is a huge market for add-ons and such, so the factory original cars don't have as much to offer. Also there are so many cars these days, even a factory package looks kind of everyday a year after it has been released unless they make the effort to limit the number of examples sold with it.

I get the whole customizing thing and love some of the works of guys like Foose, but I really do still like a more subtle looking car with the money spent where it counts, under the hood and on the chassis. I do miss the days of the screaming chicken gracing the hood of a Trans Am and the wild and crazy stripes and colors of the '60's and '70's musclecars. It was the thing back then, but kind of out of place today to me.

Today, I see lots of Hondas with miscolored ground effects and huge wings on them. I also have seen 6 cylinder Mustangs with twin exhaust pipes incorrectly installed because there is no cut out for them on the left side. You can so easily spot cheap looking add-ons that really don't benefit the car any other than weighing it down and making it less of a performer.

I am hoping they release a modern Mach 1 Mustang with the stripe package and the shaker. That to me is a good compromise of factory originality and also a standout package that won't be seen at every street corner. The last Mach 1's were fairly limited.

3rd Dec 2009, 14:50

First of all I am a Ford owner and not an "import fan", and second tell me what facts in my post are false. Please justify saying that domestics are the best cars OVERALL. You can't, plain and simple. The FACT is the top five brands are ASIAN. This is for overall quality across their entire lines, and not based on one car that is a hit for them.

I drive a domestic, and believe me, I wish it were true that the U.S. built the best cars, but I am not going to come onto a forum and go on about things that aren't true just to push some kind of argument. You lose credibility that way, and then it makes it a waste of time to read any other posts by you. Do yourself a favor and type in "top 5 car brands" into a Google search and you'll get the facts.

3rd Dec 2009, 20:19

Anyone who cares so little about his car that he would not bother to cut out the hole for the second exhaust on a V-6 Mustang obviously thinks it is too hard (or they are just lazy). I own a V-6 Mustang and it was VERY easy to cut out the hole. Use a HAND tool NOT a power tool so you won't cut where you don't want to. A template can be easily made by taking thin cardboard and tracing the opening from the left side, then reversing it to draw the pattern for the right side. As a nice finishing touch, you can buy very thin flexible chrome adhesive-backed vinyl from auto zone and outline BOTH openings to hide any minor irregularities that the newly-cut hole might have.

I work with younger guys in fixing up their Mustangs. Many are on very tight budgets and can only afford a used V-6. Helping them to take pride in owning a Mustang (any Mustang) is part of what Mustang clubs are (or certainly SHOULD BE) about. The reason I chose a V-6 this time (after several V-8's) was partly to show young owners that even less expensive cars can be something to take pride in owning.