27th Nov 2009, 19:44

Of course they are. The "bottom line" is that all big corporations are all about money. Some just know how to keep their customers better than others.

27th Nov 2009, 22:04

I guess it should come as no surprise that import buyers regard the destruction of vast numbers of American jobs with the flippant "doesn't matter". Very sad.

28th Nov 2009, 18:08

Just another example of a domestic supporter twisting words... It "doesn't matter' because the big three have already created the possible destruction of millions of jobs. Buying an import has nothing to do with it or this would have happened decades ago when they started selling them in the U.S. Why now is it such a problem for you people?? Oh yeah, now the domestics have been caught in their own selfish game and they need you to bail them out. What a country!! No wonder we have such huge taxes and rampant crime here.

What is very sad is you "domestic only" people that have no real understanding of the way it is...

29th Nov 2009, 12:43

"Buying an import has nothing to do with it"

It has a LOT to do with it. In AMERICAN math 90% is BIGGER than 10%, so helping 90% of our auto workers versus 10% SHOULD be a no-brainer. I realize in Japanese/German math 10% appears to be GREATER than 90% some how, but I guess I'm just too uneducated to be able to understand that. I've never even visited Germany or Japan.

Of course we Americans have been caught in the "selfish game" of paying our mortgages, putting food on the table and sending our kids to college. Silly us. How "selfish" of us!

30th Nov 2009, 12:27

"I guess I'm just too uneducated to be able to understand that."

We'll see how these arguments go when the playing field is evened up. At the rate U.S. companies outsource their labor and produce new factories in other countries, AND the import brands build new factories in the U.S. and create new jobs for the industry, it should be pretty even within just a few years.

30th Nov 2009, 12:59

I have never owned a German or Japanese or Swedish or British made car. But I tell you one thing, it is because of people that shove the "drive American" cars attitude that will make me sway to the other side. That along with the crappy quality of American cars, which BTW many models are made in Mexico and Canada (Equinox, Camaro, Malibu, Sunfire/Cavalier, etc, etc).

30th Nov 2009, 16:31

AGAIN a domestic lover twisting words to make their argument look better... The auto companies are the selfish ones who have been wasteful and incompetent over the years, not caring one bit about the U.S. workers or what happens to their jobs. They have even gone as far as to outsource labor taking away U.S. jobs directly. This has nothing to do with hard working Americans putting food on the table etc... Stop changing up posts to suit your needs.

So, your company gets money in an unjust way and you are okay with keeping your job as long as you can turn your back on it? Good for you... I have a higher standard of practice than that. Yeah, I'd love to save the 90% of jobs, but what is it going to help in the long run when all of this incompetence comes back around to bite us again? Aren't we just delaying the inevitable here? Do you really think that free money and bailouts are going to teach these businesses to be better and more efficient so they don't destroy themselves and all who work for them? What incentive do they have to change right now? Tell me.

I guess sweeping it all under the carpet and hoping the inherent problems of the auto industry will just magically go away is your answer to the economic crisis. Just throw more money at the problem. Heck what's another $ billion or $700 billion for that matter! Right? This is way more than about buying import vs. domestic, and that argument is really flawed anyhow, as most domestic cars have a certain amount of import heritage or at least import parts. What is buying American anyhow? You dare come on sites like this and shred import buyers when maybe you should spend your time writing to the CEO's of your coveted big three and ask them why they can't run a good business that stays profitable. Again, people have been buying Hondas and Toyotas for over 30 years and now all of the sudden that puts millions of jobs at risk? Give me a break! Those jobs are at risk purely because of the big three themselves... period!!

The underlying problem is the inefficiencies of these companies and their inability to be competitive in the marketplace. Start looking at the problem and not coming up with excuses to blame someone else for these issues. There needs to be big changes here and painful ones. Are people going to lose jobs? Yes they are, but I don't think 90% of the jobs will ever be lost before it turns around as a better, leaner industry.

Keep wishing for the glory days of overspending and fat paychecks. That ship has sailed people. The faster you wake up to that, the better it'll be for everyone. We simply cannot go on the way we have been and survive as a country. We went overboard and now it is time to pull the reigns back and start the cuts in order to remain viable.

And yes I drive a Ford, but I am still ashamed of our own businesses and the fact that they have become the joke of the auto world.

1st Dec 2009, 12:47

Yes those people are very self righteous aren't they? With all their finger pointing and blaming, you've just gotta wonder who they are so mad at? I think rather than wasting good people's time ranting on auto rating sites, they might better use their time to write letters to the CEO's of the big three and ask them why they have failed so miserably. I guess it is too logical to go to the source of the problem for some...

Oh and yes, they continue to defend the whole foreign assembly plant issue saying that they are still creating jobs for 90% of the auto workers. These numbers are surely inflated and are getting even more so since the foreign companies continue to invest in U.S. factories and the domestic brands keep shuttering their U.S. factories in favor of foreign labor.

Those who would argue the 90% angle probably have not worked at, or lived near one of the factories that has been shut down mercilessly by Ford or GM so they can save money by having foreigners build their cars that they expect hard working U.S. citizens to buy and drive.

The quality overall is pretty good with American cars. Trouble is, the top ranked Fusion is built by foreigners, in Mexico, which really puts a stain on its perfect ratings.

1st Dec 2009, 16:00

Buick and Ford are the highest rated cars in long-term reliability on Earth. That's a JOKE??? Have you read about TOYOTA lately? Just the highest number of major safety recalls since the invention of the wheel!!