11th Nov 2009, 22:34

"My wife laughs about people who are afraid of flashy vehicles."

And I laugh at people who waste money on needless accessories that slow down their performance cars with the extra weight. "Afraid" is a strange way of putting it. I don't think I am afraid of flashy cars. I just don't care about being noticed and rather enjoy just driving a high performance car. No need to say "hey look at me!!" here... sorry.

I know the big craze started with Honda Civics and Accords with 7 foot wings across the back and ground effects that dragged on every bump and curb. It seems to just keep dragging on as the marketing is really strong on this stuff. Now cars aren't only overpriced when you buy them, but most people are compelled to add $1,000's more to make them stand out from the crowd. Thing is, the majority does this so how does your car stand out any more when every Joe Shmo has the same exact crap all over his car too?? You say the plain Jane car becomes invisible, but the opposite is true if you really look at cars like the Mustang. I think every car with stripes and scoops becomes transparent looking just like every other car. Talk about boring and unimaginative!

If it isn't factory original, I don't bother with it as it is just fluff that adds nothing to the overall package. You can't see all the spoilers and ground effects from the drivers seat anyhow so what's the point?

To each their own like I've said before. I put my money into more important things on my cars... at least more important to me... and I really don't care what anyone else thinks about it.

12th Nov 2009, 10:55

Actually, being a car enthusiast and automotive mechanic, I know exactly what the difference is between an Accent and a Mustang is. When I wrote the comment you were responding to, I was simply stating that a plain looking vehicle is a plain looking vehicle, and it doesn't matter what kind of vehicle it is. It's plain looking. And actually, I LIKE plain looking vehicles. I hate tacky add-ons and plastic doo-dads. They add weight to cars and only decrease their performance in the long run. But if somebody else wants to do that to their car, then let them. Why does it matter? Drive what you wanna drive and make it look like whatever you want it to look like. But before you accuse me of anything, try reading the comment I wrote maybe twice so you could really understand what I was trying to say.

12th Nov 2009, 15:05

"try reading the comment I wrote maybe twice so you could really understand what I was trying to say."

And you also can give mine a couple of more reads as you missed the point that I don't care what other people do to their cars. It's their money, not mine.

If you were the one that stated I should just get an Accent if I want a plain looking car, then to me that is missing the point in owning a performance car purely for performance sake. If you are not that person, then sorry if I offended you in some way.

13th Nov 2009, 11:19

I go to Mustang shows a lot. Plain ones get virtually ZERO interest. The bright colored ones and customs get all the looks. If you want plain, buy a Bullit. Just don't expect anyone to give it a second look. Parked next to a new 2010 Accent they get about the same amount of attention. I have never seen a Bullit at ANY of the shows I've attended. A Mustang without a rear spoiler is just another boring car, whether it has 100 horsepower or 600.

13th Nov 2009, 14:33

This was the comment I was referring to. Seems this person (if it wasn't you) is more interested in cars that get you noticed than having a good performance car that doesn't have a lot of useless extras on it. They are comparing the Accent to the Mustang based on what they think is important in a car, which is the "look at me" factor. To me that says they have no idea what the purpose of owning a car such as a Mustang is, so why bother buying one.... they should stick to Accents with "accents"!!

14th Nov 2009, 10:03

Same story over here in Canada, why do many Mustang owners, and especially the convertibles, want to customize their already good looking cars!! Some of them are now uglier, and sometimes we can't believe he or she drives an ugly car like that. Do they buy that car with a vision?. Are they sending a message to Ford to redesign the car!?. There's a limit to be different, and I do think now that their owners are having hard times to get the (ugly) stuffs to customize and be different. I saw a man taking off his already oversize wheels and painting in yellow all brakes callipers. .c'mon!!.. Over here we call them cockroaches, because in the spring it's like kicking a garbage can and they all come out and.. the look at me! Show begins.. And we can't believe or laugh about all the money spent on customizing parts.. Well, like they say, it's good for the business.

14th Nov 2009, 10:16

But for now the new Camaro is outselling the Mustang 3 to 1. And both of them are nice cars. It's nice to see the Ford-Chevy war again! I am a Chevy fan and I can recognize that Mustang is and was the only available very nice American ponycar for years, but now it's different with the comeback of Corvette li'l brother.. The Camaro SS.. WOW!... The wars are back!.. Drive carefully!

14th Nov 2009, 10:44

It's funny that people want to pay thousands more for cars no one pays any attention to.

14th Nov 2009, 11:26

It wasn't me. But if that was the comment you were referring to, then why didn't you just copy and paste that comment right from the beginning?

14th Nov 2009, 15:42

For the OP who says BOYCOTT (avoids them) the 94 - 98s.

Those 94-98 LOOK LIKE A MUSTANG to me! They don't look anything like a Probe to me! The back of these tries to remember the 60's Mustangs, not to mention the dash area of these... REMEMBERING the 60's. Actually TODAYS 2010 Mustangs LOOK like the 94-98s to me! Remembering the 60's.

14th Nov 2009, 17:50

Again, let me reiterate. I DON'T CARE! What's boring to you is lightweight and FAST to me. I won't be around long enough to care about your showboat Mustang, trust me.

15th Nov 2009, 05:54

Are you trying to tell us that most Mustang owners should have the look-at-me syndrome!! And spend a fortune just to be looked at car shows or on the streets!? Buy another car to DRIVE and be happy. Plain Mustangs are now getting uglier by owners trying hard to be different, and now most of them love the way people (other look-at-me Mustang owners) look at their customized stuffs, proud by the way they changed the look of an already-from-the-factory beautiful "plain" Mustang GT convertible.

15th Nov 2009, 23:46

"Plain Mustangs are now getting uglier by owners trying hard to be different"

Ugly is a plain-Jane stock vehicle whether it is a Mustang or a Camry. If you are fearful of being noticed and never use the power, why own a Mustang at all?