2014 Ford Mustang 3.7 V6 24 Valve TiVCT DOHC from North America


An outstanding performance bargain in disguise


Airbag recall (Takata airbags).

OEM battery started having acid/corrosion issues on the negative terminal; replaced it at 35k in 2019. Still worked fine, but the acid was damaging under-hood paint.

Front bumper, hood and header panel is very susceptible to chips/scratches; unavoidable due to the large number of trucks kicking up rocks on my commute. Noticeable scratches and gouging on the bumper and header panel (annoyingly) as a result.

Driver's side vent chrome trim ring occasionally rattles. Slightly solved by using double-sided tape on the clips for the trim rings.

Aftermarket aluminum driveshaft resonates a lot of noise in cabin. Common, and lessened with some extra sound-deadening.

Stock MT82 shifter and shifter bushing replaced due to constant lock-out and missed shift issues. Replaced with Prothane bushing and Barton shifter; a huge improvement!

Driveshaft is apparently a weak point on 3.7s. I replaced this with an aluminum driveshaft to avoid this potential issue.

Water pump started leaking at 35k (common 3.7 failure). Replaced it myself in an hour; easy job and $73 total spent.

General Comments:

The 2014 Mustang with the 3.7 V6 is not what you think. Being a die-hard muscle car guy, I naturally wanted a 2014 GT with a manual when I was looking to buy a Mustang. But what I found was over-priced, worn-out GTs or overpriced low-mileage GTs that made buying a 2017 GT a better buying decision. I didn't want a S550 because I wanted a 2014 specifically, since I adored the look and I didn't feel like paying $30k for a nearly 5 year-old Mustang GT, especially as I was going to drive it nearly daily and not preserve it.

Then I heard about the 3.7 V6, which made 305 hp/280trq and returned 30 MPG on the highway. Initially I scoffed at it, then I read the specs, watched a few YouTube videos and found out that it was no slouch, while still returning great gas mileage. Test drove a 2014 with the 6 speed manual and was sold! The difference between my 2014 and a comparable 2014 GT was nearly $13,000 for the same mileage; this is how overpriced 13-14 GTs have become in the marketplace.

Now mine was a bone-stock base model with the 3.7 V6 with 2.73s, which stock performed very good. But being a car person, I had to upgrade it and did:

- Roush upper grille with the tribar pony emblem.

- Roush lower grille.

- GT-style spoiler.

- AMR Charcoal 18X10 wheels on 275/40/18 tires.

- Borla S-type axlebacks.

- BBK shorty headers.

- Airraid intake tube with intake wrapped in DEI heat tape.

- AFE air filter.

- MPT 93 performance tune.

- Ford Racing 3.55 gears with DSS 1 piece driveshaft.

- Steeda front/rear strut bars.

- Barton shifter and Prothane shifter bushing.

- Sequential tail light kit.

- Diode Dynamic LED side markers.

- BBK 73mm throttle body.

- Sprintbooster throttle controller.

After upgrading the car as above, it is a force to be reckoned with on the road. With a few mods, it's easy to squeeze low 13 second quarter miles out of the 3.7 and it's a ton of fun. This car is no slouch and has no problem roasting tires or being a contender at the track with other performance cars.

Driving the 3.7 daily, I don't find myself wanting more power. Generally, I find myself wanting less traffic to be able to enjoy it more because it performs so well as is. Passing power is excellent, and getting sideways if you're into Mustang memes is easy as using an iPhone, and off-the-line performance is outstanding.

Exhaust tone. Yeah it's not a V8 so it's lame right? Not a chance. With Borla S-types and BBK shorty headers, there is a very deep, rumbly tone that fools some people into thinking it's a small V8. Once driving, the tone is still deep with a unique performance-car tone that sounds great! Basically idle to 6000 RPM, sounds great! Still sounds great at 6000 RPM+, but you can tell it's more a V6 once you're there until the redline, where below, it sounds more V8-like in comparison.

Gas mileage is still good with 3.55s, albeit it was best with the 2.73s where I've achieved 35 MPG before on a long trip with those. I can achieve 30-32 MPG with the 3.55s, but at lower speeds (60mph) with the 2.73s it was easy at 70mph to do nearly 35 MPG. I would say 21-24 MPG in the winter in mixed driving and 24-28 in the summer is what I do currently based on gas fill-ups. It will do teens for MPG though if you push it hard all the time.

Comfort is very, very good. This is a comfortable daily-driver and cruiser on the highway. Even the base seats are comfortable and the heat and A/C are the best of any car/truck/SUV I've had in recent years. You will never be cold or hot in this vehicle in 99% of conditions.

Visibility is OK. You sit low if you're tall like me and the mirrors are narrow. If you have louvers on the side window, visibility is non-existent there. I haven't encounter a situation where it's truly a problem, but sometimes have to adjust mirrors depending on road conditions.

Lighting. HID headlights with LED taillights stock! Love it and one of the reasons why I love the 13-14 design. Classic gauges look great at night as well.

Handling is very good even on the base model. I only changed the wheels/tires and am astonished how well this vehicle corners stock. I can imagine it would be even better with some upgrades, but I enjoy the ride comfort for now.

Manual transmission. If you bought this with an auto, you are missing out, and I have driven the auto. The MT82 granted is finicky, however with the right shifter/bushing/handle (knob) combo, it's a blast to drive! Great fun 1 through 4 and the double overdrive (5th and 6th) really helps you to get great gas mileage, even with higher gear ratios in the rear-end.

Rear-end. 8.8 rear with LSD standard even on the base model! Great move by Ford on this and with a gear upgrade, the performance was outstanding on my 3.7.

Brakes. 4 wheel disc with ABS that was standard on 05-09 GTs for the base model. No problem bringing this pony to a halt quickly.

Stock base radio is poor. I don't care though because I rarely use the radio; I'd rather listen to the engine in this car as I have other vehicles with better sound systems. Probably worth buying the shaker system or upgrading if you listen to music.

Looks are timeless. You get the classic looks with none of the high price-tag of a GT. Easy to make the V6 look and sound like a muscle car too, so that only a car enthusiast will be able to tell the difference.

Social. It's not a GT. Do you know who cares? The internet. Do you know who does not? The general public on the road. I've driven my 2014 considerably and only had 2 people say "why not the GT". Everyone else either said "that's a 3.7? Nice!", or "that isn't a joke, I know these cars", or asked if it was a GT or Shelby. Everyone else basically considers this another car on the road but the advantage is it gets some respect, meaning sometimes people will get out of your way in the left lane.

Overall, the 2014 Mustang V6 is a performance bargain in disguise. You get previous GT-level performance for a bargain price, along with great gas mileage, comfort, and modern features, plus the classic looks and design at an affordable cost. Sure the 5.0 Coyote is a great engine, but how often can you use the full 420hp on the street in most real-world driving situations? For most people, they'll find either a stock 3.7 or slightly modded more than enough for a fun weekend car or daily-driver.

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Review Date: 18th March, 2019

2014 Ford Mustang Base 3.7L from North America


Well rounded sports car


Nothing that wasn't my own fault. The car has ran strong ever since I got it, and I fixed whatever issues that happened to the car from my own doing.

General Comments:

Great, well-rounded speedy car, especially for the $22,500 base price tag. Mine has tinted windows, ruby red paint, and automatic transmission as the options. It's not as contoured as I like such as the 2000s Firebird, but it looks sporty. More boxy for my preferred tastes. The alternating back turn signals and back of the car look awesome though.

The interior also seems a little cheap, but better than some today cars I've been in such as the Dodge Avenger. The leather wrapped steering wheel is high quality and very nice to grip... never have hand pains. The back seats could have more leg room, but that's known to sports coupes.

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Review Date: 9th September, 2016

2014 Ford Mustang Premium 5.0 from North America


Powerful 5.0 that's lots of fun!


I bought the car new and only have put a few thousand miles on it, and now it's sitting in storage for the winter, so I haven't had any problems so far!

General Comments:

I have the Premium package; the car is race red with black leather. I also have the Recaro seats, which are very comfortable! It also has the track apps that tell you your 0-60, quarter mile etc... There is a bunch of stuff it does!

The car is 420 HP and 390 torque. It is very impressive power wise compared to the older Mustangs! These cars are also great for bolt ins and tunes; you can easily get over 50 HP at the wheels without a lot of money!

Hopefully I will keep this car a very long time!!

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Review Date: 13th December, 2015

2014 Ford Mustang 3.7 V6 from North America


It is the best running, most economical (for what it is), and best looking $22K car on the road


Nothing. It has been dead reliable.

General Comments:

It is a Ruby Red standard Mustang V-6 with the six speed manual and V-6 Performance Package. It runs exceptionally well, handles excellently, stops on a dime, is quiet and smooth, trouble free, and very easy on the eyes.

I drive a lot of miles and have accumulated over 46K miles in a little over a year and a half. Most of my driving is on the highway and it's not unusual for me to average over 30 MPG with no A/C and about 28 MPG with the A/C blasting.

I replaced the original Pirelli tires with Yokohama's at 40K miles and am very happy with them. Overall in my opinion there isn't a better value on the road than this Mustang. Good looks, outstanding performance, excellent build quality, and economical operation all for $22K out the door...

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Review Date: 8th September, 2015