29th Aug 2014, 19:39

Well, my car just had its 7th birthday. Not a single problem thus far. Amazingly it even still has the original battery. The only complaints I have ever had with the car are the stupid tire pressure indicators and the impossible to read shift position indicator. Every time I drive it, I am thankful that at least it is not plagued with the horrible SYNC system and totally useless backup camera that I got stuck with in my new Ford. The garbage being forced on customers to jack up the price does nothing to make the cars safer or more enjoyable.

25th Dec 2014, 22:46

After nearly eight years, the Pony is flawless. It's a far better car than the V-8 it replaced in every way. Not a single repair. Amazingly it still even has the original battery.

The Grabber orange color and custom work get tons of attention everywhere I go. Today I parked at a convenience store to run in and get a newspaper, and came out to find a small crowd gathered looking at the car. They were very complimentary about it. Ironically there was a plain-Jane black GT just two spaces from mine. No one even noticed it.

15th Mar 2016, 00:28

Original owner with another update. I finally had to replace the original battery after 8 years and 5 months. This is the longest lasting battery I've ever had on any car. No other repairs of any kind. I did replace the 17 inch Pirellis with 18 inch Pirellis on Bullit wheels. Since Ford departed from the true retro style in 2010, I've opted not to buy another one. I plan to keep this one the rest of my life.

I'm very happy with this one. It continues to get nearly 30 MPG. My last V-8 got 10-11 in the city and 15-17 on the highway. My V-8 before that one got even worse. This one is faster than my last V-8 by a tad and way faster than the one before it. It also handles much better and seems to be better balanced.

I am excited that Ford has gone back to putting a 4 in the new Mustangs, although I have no plan to ever buy another one. The new turbo 4s are awesome. My Escape has the small turbo 4. It produces 18 more horsepower than the first Fox GT (and is faster).

15th Mar 2016, 10:27

Even if a battery lasts 6 years using battery maintainers, I always replace my batteries early anyway. I buy batteries that run around 80 dollars that I install myself. To me saving 10 or 20 bucks stretching the time further isn't worth it when I am leaving a cruise night late at night. Or driving long distance to a car show and my car might not start. Sure I have a cell and AAA 200 mile roadside towing. If I can get 5-6 years out of a battery, I am very pleased. I have 2-3 amp battery maintainers on everything that run 30 bucks each, and the maintainer pigtail is hidden below my cowls. Don't even open the hoods. When I start seeing yellow lights that take forever to go green, it's a sure sign the battery's days are numbered.

Good luck.

31st Aug 2016, 20:21

My Mustang just turned 10 years old this month. Still perfect. I finally had to replace the original battery after nine years, but not a single other repair. I'm on my second set of Pirelli P-Zeros. Nothing on the car shows the slightest wear. Still a hit at car shows.

The 4.0 V-6 has proven much more reliable than my previous V-8s and is so close to being as fast that I don't miss the extra 2 cylinders at all. It actually does 0-100 faster than my last V-8.

After seven Mustangs, this will likely be my last. I hate the SYNC system, back-up camera and all the other electronic crap that runs the price up on newer models, and after driving a new one with the new V-6, I didn't see any improvement in performance at all.

1st Sep 2016, 20:50

If I wanted a 6 I would buy a new Taurus. Or buy a low mileage used V8 and do some motor upgrades if it's that anemic.