14th Mar 2008, 12:08

This argument has the same flaws as the people that say "I once saw a guy with a 2000 horsepower Honda Civic" and then claim that therefore all Civics can run 8-second quarter miles. How many stock 500-horsepower mustangs are out there? Come on, that is not even remotely the majority of stock Mustangs being sold. There are also 1000-horsepower Vipers "out there", so what's your point? Stock for stock, compare the 425-horsepower SRT8 6.1 Liter hemi Challenger to the stock V-8 Mustang. No contest.

19th Mar 2008, 22:26

Well, actually there is "no contest" between the stock Mustang GT and the SRT-8 Challenger. At 15 GRAND less, the Mustang may not run rings around it, but I guarantee you it will SELL rings around it!!

20th Mar 2008, 17:33

That's a great argument: "It's not as good, but at least it's cheaper!"

24th Mar 2008, 22:49

Actually for just a few dollars more, performance car shoppers can step up from the Challenger to the Mustang Shelby GT 500. That is certainly more car than either GM or Chrysler will be offering at ANY price.

30th Mar 2008, 20:55

I have read (for what it is worth) that you can get all the performance and suspension components of the GT pkg by checking the apporporate boxes on the option sheet. Avoiding the expensive GT pkg and saving money on insurance because it is not a 'GT'.

30th Mar 2008, 22:53

Cheaper doesn't mean not as good. Some of the most expensive European luxury cars, such as Mercedes and BMW have far worse reliability ratings than most Fords.

3rd Apr 2008, 23:51

To comment 20:55: Your are probably correct about being able to custom order a V-8 Mustang that isn't classified as a GT, but according to my insurance agent it is not the GT package, but the 300 (or 325) horsepower rating that jacks up the insurance cost. You could actually order a GT with a V-6, and get V-6 insurance rates.

3rd May 2008, 21:20

As a rabid car enthusiast I can't resist checking out new cars. I own the 2007 Mustang reviewed here and love it, but I have just been totally blown away after checking out the new Pontiac G8 GT at our local Pontiac dealership.

Unlike the ill-fated GTO, which was a very good car, the amazing G8 GT is actually priced THOUSANDS lower. It is the most powerful sports sedan in the world under $30,000. It is more powerful than most models of BMW, Mercedes, Lexus and Infinity. It actually has more torque than the BMW's V-10. It has fully independent rear suspension (unlike my rough-riding Mustang) and offers a great ride and handling comparable to BMW's. It is priced a full TEN GRAND less than the hot models of Camaro and Challenger. If Pontiac would get smart and build a sporty coupe (like the new Cadillac CTS coupe) it WOULD pose a serious threat to Mustang.

The fully loaded G8 GT with leather that I tested listed for almost exactly the same as a well-equipped Mustang GT. Of course, like the V-8 Mustang, the G8 6-litre engine gets atrocious fuel mileage. Such silliness as ruining our planet and wasting our natural resources has never deterred a real American car nut from buying a hot car, however (incidentally, though I am impressed with the G8, I'd insist on a fuel efficient V-6 model if I were buying one. Performance is wonderful, but putting food on the table and helping global warming takes top priority. That's why I've owned my last V-8 vehicle. Even the slightly fuel-hoggy V-6 Mustang was a bit of a pang to the conscious for me).

12th Jul 2008, 17:22

Original owner with a one-year update: I'm still very happy with my Mustang, with the exception of the harsh ride and very hard to read shift indicator light for the automatic selector. It is very hard to tell in daylight what gear position you are in.

I recently noticed while riding with my wife that the engine was revving too high and noticed she had it in a lower gear than "drive". She hadn't even noticed because even at highway speed in the wrong gear, it was still only turning about 2900 rpm's.

The performance has improved slightly, with 0-60 times of between 6.5 and 6.8 seconds. No rattles, no squeaks, and not hint a of any problems. Fuel mileage is a consistent 20-25 average, which I wish was better.

The Shaker sound system is great, and the satellite radio was OK, but I decided it wasn't worth paying for and dropped the service.

The leather interior is showing no wear at all, and except for the afore-mentioned difficult to read gear selector I'm pleased with the location and function of all the controls. This is definitely the best Mustang ever.

Local Dodge dealers are getting in a few of the new Challengers, and they are great looking. I was told, however, that due to high fuel prices Chrysler is only making 6000 of them and they may be short-lived unless a high mpg 4 or 6 is put into production.

I'd love to see them offered with a 35+mpg 4 because the styling is very sporty and it does have a very retro look. They'd sell like hotcakes with a smaller engine and lower price tag, so average people could afford to own and drive them. There are lots of people who still want a sporty car but not a gas-guzzling V-8.

2nd Aug 2008, 13:23

I just installed a BBK cold-air induction system on my 4.0 Mustang and it is great. It was very inexpensive and extremely easy to install. It took less than 20 minutes from start to finish. The manufacturer claims a 16-18 horsepower gain, but I really doubt it is that much. It does make a slightly noticeable difference in the car's performance and has a nice sound under acceleration. I haven't checked the fuel mileage yet, but a very small increase is claimed. I did make some 0-60 test runs and it is now solidly in the 6.5 to 6.8 second range, which is maybe a tenth of a second improvement.

You 4.0 owners might want to look into the excellent BBK unit, as it does not require a computer re-tune and does not require any special adaptations. It's strictly a super-easy bolt on and looks awesome with the big chrome intake tube.

18th Sep 2008, 23:24

This is an update, but not on the Mustang.

After installing the BBK unit on it, I decided to re-engineer the cold-air system I had custom built for my 2.4 litre twin-cam Pontiac Grand Am. I shortened the intake, installed an inverted-cone high-flow filter and fabricated a more aerodynamically designed baffle to funnel the air into the filter.

The change is amazing. I don't know what the horsepower increase is, but definitely way more than the BBK unit gave my Mustang (I plan to tweak it too). I am now turning low 7's 0-60 and I beat a 3.8 litre Grand Prix GT by 10 car lengths in an eighth mile. The car no longer has to downshift on any but the steepest grades, and the engine is much smoother. Maybe I should have just built my own for the Pony!!

23rd Oct 2008, 15:55

I still find no real gripes with my Mustang except for the virtually IMPOSSIBLE to read (day or night) automatic shift position indicator. I just sort of move it around until the car starts to move forward and hope it's in the right position.

I also had the "low tire" light come on and was a little annoyed to discover as that as little difference as 2 p.s.i. between any of the tires will cause it to light. I scrupulously checked and put the exact same pressure in all 4 tires. I find such things as tire pressure indicators a nuisance and will simply unhook it when I find out how.