22nd May 2008, 10:25

Wow, just another really good reason why one should NEVER buy a Ford! I am sorry that you had to go through all that misery. Hope it works out OK for you!

27th May 2008, 21:20

I have a bit of a problem buying comment 22:03.

First of all, the striping is very easy to remove and replace if it is tape (and if it is "loosening and lifting" as you say, it must be) it's about a 30 minute job to remove the flawed section and replace it. At worst, the area can simply have the stripes painted on by a good body shop for about $200-300. I KNOW because I have a Mustang and have done the 350/500 GT stripes myself, as well as having some custom paint work done by a local body shop. This stuff does not require "special" materials or an Einstein to do. If you've wasted this much time trying to get Ford to do a 30-minute job you could do yourself, then I find it hard to be sympathetic.

In 30 years of driving Fords I've NEVER had a problem getting any service or repairs done, though frankly, I've seldom ever had to try. We've driven several Ford cars and trucks well over 200,000 miles with virtually no problems of ANY kind. None of my 7 Mustangs has ever had a repair, and my new one is the best Mustang yet.

I suggest you buy some tape and fix it yourself. People who make big issues out of things like a 30-minute tape stripe repair should stick to basic, bland cars with no style. Mustangs are for car enthusiasts.

31st Aug 2008, 03:28

15th May 2008, 17:45: You go ahead and enjoy "doing your part" to save the environment and fall for the global warming hype. If V8's are phased out all together in passenger cars, you can count on my '08 Mustang GT being the last car I ever buy. The cold hard truth is, we have enough oil buried in the tundra to last us another 500 years or more, and the big oil companies are not just going to throw their hands up in the air over this global warming scam. Why don't you quit breathing, because just like Al gore says, Carbon Dioxide is the leading cause of global warming.

And by the way, I have no problem buying a fuel efficient car. Let me know when they make one that comes close to the performance of a Mustang, and isn't hideous like the Prius, Fit, Yaris, or FCX Clarity. Even the names of those cars are ugly.

7th Sep 2008, 11:26

No reputable scientist anywhere on the planet denies that pumping heat-retaining substances into the atmosphere doesn't increase global warming. That's like saying that pouring water on you doesn't make you wet. Every single test and intense climate modeling based on the power of hundreds of computers working in tandem have proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that we (especially the U.S., but more recently Asian countries and India) are definitely causing the destruction of our planet. China's pollution is so bad you'll probably be able to look up and SEE it soon. Huge clouds of it are already wafting around the world and even reaching the U.S.

More enlightened European countries long ago realized and accepted what we were doing to our planet and began taking action to correct it. Unfortunately big oil and big money have been able to buy out so-called "scientists" and "climate experts", many of whom do not even possess degrees in the field of climatology, to coerce them into putting out bogus information. The U.S. has become so spoiled on wasting energy that many grasp at whatever dubious information they can latch onto to ease their jaded consciouses into thinking that everything is just fine. It isn't, and your grandchildren will inherit a planet barely suitable for life. When 2 or 3 less-than-qualified "scientists" on energy industry payrolls argue against 10,000+ well-qualified and educated true scientists, my money (and my grandchildren's lives) will be based on the more obviously correct opinion of the 10,000+.

7th Sep 2008, 13:20

You're talking about North Dakota's Williston Basin having 500 years worth of petroleum?? That field has been around since the 1950's, and has never been a huge producer, so don't stake your future on it. The known oil reserves off the California coast would meet the US consumption rate for less than 6 months; ditto for ANWR. Fine, there's a year. Now what?

On the other hand, "how much oil is left" depends on the prevailing price. As prices increase, harder to extract reserves finally become economically viable. It is fair to say that the age of cheap gasoline is over. There may well be probable reserves out there beyond what is being forecast, but they wouldn't be proved up into the "proven reservers" category and considered economically extractable until the price is right.

Sure, there may still be gasoline around for those who are willing to pay $20/gallon or more, but the point is that by that time, gasoline would no longer be the cheap fuel source that underpins a nation's transportation at those prices. At those prices, gasoline would simply be a novelty for enthusiasts and hobbyists to take their antique "motorcars" for a short spin in the country. The gasoline automobile would be about as common a sight as the Stanley Steamer was in 1930. My guess is that people wouldn't be in love with their V-8 (or any internal combustion engine) enough to pay that.

It's not a matter so much of whether the petroleum is out there. It's a matter of how many people will be willing to pay high prices for gasoline. The average consumer won't want to, and as other means of transportation begin to look more attractive, petroleum will just be used by industry to make other products as a raw material.

Hey, I like my V-8, too. But there's no sense in being sentimental. When $4.50/gallon gasoline is here to stay, I'll be looking for a used 30 mpg 4-cylinder, and when $6 gasoline is here to stay, I'll be looking for an electric car or hybrid. But if you're willing to pay $8/gallon to continue to drive your V-8, then good for you, it's your decision. Enjoy!

9th Sep 2008, 11:12

Even if we had an ocean of oil (and we don't, we have maybe 50 years left at best) I'd still find it hard to justify paying $5000 more, higher insurance and higher gas prices for a car just because the engine "sounds better" and it does 0-60 one second faster.

10th Sep 2008, 16:19

Apparently a LOT of folks are finding the V-8 Mustangs no longer all that desirable. There are very few V-8's being sold in our area, while the V-6's are very common. I was just browsing through the car ads looking for a 4-cylinder Fox convertible (I don't want a V-8), and every single Mustang for sale from 1987 through 2004 that I found was a V-8.

14th Sep 2008, 14:16

Even if we had no ocean of oil (and we do, we have maybe 500 years left at worst) I'd still find it hard to justify paying $5000 less, slightly lower insurance and miniscule gas price savings for a car just because it has a V6 under the hood.

In my opinion the Mustang GT IS the base Mustang. The V6 Pony car has overpopulated showroom floors and rental fleets for naive people who don't see beyond a car's looks. A real Mustang is a sports car, not a 4-cylinder or V6 econobox. If you want fuel economy, buy Honda or Toyota.

And for those who assume a GT is a gas hog and gets 18 MPG highway wake up and smell the technology. 6-cylnder technology has improved over the years as well as V8's. I remember well the 6-cylinders of the 1960's and 70's being advertised as "thrifty" and they were lucky if they could manage 20 MPG highway.

Just because the tire burning muscle cars of the 1960's and 1970's averaged 12 MPG doesn't mean a new V8 will drink gas like a pig. As I stated before, my 2008 GT gets anywhere from 22 to 27 MPG highway. My 1989 Mercury Grand Marquis Colony Park Wagon with the old 302 V8 was good for up to 24 MPG highway at 70 MPH, 21 MPG when pulling a boat. Even the massive 2008 Dodge Charger R/T is good for 23 MPG highway.

One problem with V8's and manual transmissions is people don't realize a V8 actually has power, and does not need to be wound out to over 3000 RPMs to upshift during normal driving. The V6 Mustang is a nobody. It has to work harder to move a 3400 lb car, which negates any fuel savings. That is the same motor that was used in the ranger and F150, unrefined and noisy. Also the interior on V6 Mustangs is bland and cheap, and I will admit even the GT with upgrades is good but not excellent in the quality department.

But hey, you V6 and 4-banger lovers enjoy your wannabe Mustangs. See you in the slow lane.