10th Feb 2011, 15:29

Dude, they offer the Performance Package now for $1995.00 on all 2011 V6 Stangs, and it has all the components you listed. So, don't wait any longer; get that Accord Coupe/Prelude Killer now!

12th Apr 2011, 05:19

I used to work at a Honda dealership and I love Hondas but the Accord, Civic SI and S2000 are no match for the Mustang in terms of speed and handling.

I own the Mustang V6 and have driven all the new Hondas. Let me tell you, the 2011 Mustang will murder them all in speed and handling. They are not in the same league.

The only thing from Honda that's worthy of racing a 2011 Mustang would be the NSX. That would be an interesting race. ;p


12th Apr 2011, 16:51

Having had experience (bad) with Honda, I'd also say that the Mustang will almost definitely outlast the Honda as well as outperform it. Our Ford products have always lasted twice as long as our imports. I guess that's why the latest long-term reliability surveys show Ford in the number one spot in long-term reliability.

13th Apr 2011, 15:07

And why on Earth are we comparing Mustangs to Honda's here? Not even in the same league. Even the Accord Coupe V6 manual is a totally different type of car to me. Mustang are to compare to Camaro's and Challengers, and they actually beat both of them too in pretty much every category. The Challenger is too cool looking though, and is probably the best retro design ever.

14th Apr 2011, 23:23

I totally agree. My family has a 1970 Challenger R/T, and the new ones could almost be mistaken for one of those. I own a 2007 Mustang, and have actually been asked if it was a "classic" or a new one. Sadly, Ford totally blew it with the styling of the 2010 Mustang. It ruined the gorgeous retro look both inside and out, and dropped all the sporty colors except basic red. I won't be buying another Mustang. The Camaro is too futuristic looking, so my next pony car will be a Challenger.

20th Sep 2011, 15:52

Please let us know how your Mustang fares in the long run as time and mileage accumulate. Thanks in advance.

27th Dec 2011, 18:25

A great review. Thank you. As an older gent who has owned 7 Mustangs, I highly recommend them. Mine have ranged from high-output 5.0's to 2.3 litre Foxes. All of them were great cars.

My last Mustang was a 5.0 H.O., and my current one is a 2007 4.0 V-6, which provides ample performance. It is heavily customized and draws tons of attention.

Thank God you did NOT support a dealership who refused to let you test drive a car!! I've never heard of such a thing!! When I want to test drive a car (any car), I simply call the manager of a local dealership and arrange to take the car out for the day, or in some cases keep it over a weekend.

I totally agree about the poor visibility in the Camaro. I sat in one and declined an offer to test drive it, because I could not live with the claustrophobic feel inside it. GM is building great cars too, but the Camaro needs work.

Both my niece and nephew just bought identical new 2011 Mustang V-6's in Grabber blue. They love theirs too. Lots of luck with yours, and please give us updates from time to time.

8th Jul 2012, 12:29

Thanks for the great review. I was wondering if you ever purchased snow tires for your Mustang. Did it improve the handling in snow? I live in Calgary, Canada and I'm considering purchasing a Mustang. The only thing that is stopping me are the poor road conditions in winter. Do you think the Mustang with winter tires, and its traction control and stability control, are a match for winter?

25th Aug 2012, 21:44

Hi, I wrote the original review. I will tell my complete experience with the car once I trade it in next summer. Maybe for a 2013 V8 Mustang, but we'll see LOL.

To answer your question on driving it in the snow. I just made it thru two Michigan winters with the car. I will warn you though, it sucks in the snow in stock form. The first time I was driving in the snow (before the plows came out), I was very scared because it gets no rear traction. I couldn't make it up hills at all. I had to be pushed to help me back to the highway. I am good at driving in the snow, but unplowed roads will be impossible in stock form with regular tires.

What I did to make it thru 2 winters was, not snow tires, but... I put solid concrete blocks in the trunk. In the spare tire well, and then more above it. The blocks were about a buck a piece from Home Depot. I used about 15 or 20. Don't go too crazy so you're dragging the suspension. After I did that, I got thru 2 heavy Michigan winters with no problem. Went up hills and everything. Even with the extra weight, don't drive crazy or you'll end up in trouble. Drive SLOW in the snow and be careful. But once you get some "junk in the trunk", you'll be fine LOL.

27th Aug 2012, 13:31

I would select a secondary vehicle as you live in the heavy snowbelt. Park the sports car for nice days. I suspect you bought it for performance. Maybe a Trailblazer SS is a good alternative or a Cadillac SUV. Plenty of great handling and performance.

28th Aug 2012, 23:34

Some people like to drive their sport cars everywhere in the winter; not me. I like to park my nice cars in the garage, and pick up a cheap "beater with a heater" for winter driving. You can get an older 4X4 Cherokee, Pathfinder, or Blazer/Jimmy for about $1000-$2000; you can get one in decent shape. Even an old AWD or FWD minivan is good in the snow too, and excellent with good winter tires.

I do that to avoid getting rust, salt and dirt on the good car, as well to avoid other damage winter driving may bring, being more likely to get into fender benders as more accidents occur as well.

It may cost a bit more money to have 2 cars, but it's well worth it in savings on mileage/depreciation/maintenance on the sports car.