3rd Mar 2002, 12:40

Does anyone know if this clutch problem has been resolved?? I'm a native manual shift driver, but by the sounds of it, the clutch is doomed from the start. I'm looking at purchasing a 2002 Mustang Coupe.

31st Jul 2002, 02:59

I had the same "clutch problem" as you described with my 2000 coupe (V6). The problem increased when the weather got colder. The clutch pedal rattled like hell! The dealer had trouble to diagnose the problem; they changed the hole clutch but, the problem came back. Finally, Ford issued a service bulletin on the clutch bearing. That solved the problem at least, for now... Found On the Road Dead. I'll never buy FORD again, neither should you!

7th Sep 2002, 23:34

Hell Yeah... I also have a 2000 Coupe... they factory replaced the clutch once... but second time I went back they feed me a line of crap that it is a wearable item.. and that most likely it was my own fault... which is a bunch of crap... i love the car cept for this little problem.. i am going to replace the whole clutch assembly out with a Centerforce Clutch.. which hopefully will solve the problem.. it better for bout 500 bucks that I have to eat... any comments feel free to email at DirtyIceCreamMan@hotmail.com...

8th Oct 2002, 12:26

I have a 2000 V6, 5 speed, Mustang.

At 10,000 miles, I had it to Ford to have the clutch adjusted.

At 28,000, the TO bearing had to be replaced... they said they replaced the whole clutch.

At 35,000, I had the clutch replaced AGAIN; this time it cost me $500.

Now it's got 36,400 on it, and the clutch is going once again. I contacted Ford, and they said it's a wearable item also, or that it might be the way I drive. I'm 44 years old and have ALWAYS had a manual tranny. Ford said they don't get enough complaints on it to warranty a recall. I wrote to www.mylemon.com, and they feel I have a case for a lemon complaint. If anyone's interested in more info, contact me at linda0212@attbi.com.


30th Dec 2002, 08:25

Anyone out there having problems with Mustang GT a knocking engine?

9th Jan 2003, 19:41

The whole clutch thing? Sounds to me it's only on the v-6 models. What Ford was trying to do is prevent people from buying v-6's. Don't do it guys! I have a 2000 GT 5-speed and have had no problems what so ever with the car. My words of advice is sell the 6 banger and buy a piece of power! Got anything you want to tell me or ask me. Email me at c_dogg66@hotmail.com.

3rd Feb 2003, 12:40

Problems with the clutch / manual transmission only on V6 engine? I would go to church and light a candle every Sunday it it were true.

I've driven cars with manual transmission all my life and dozens of different makes, but I've never seen (heard) anything like this before.

My 2000 GT had it's third throwout bearing installed about 9 month ago and this piece of %$#&**&&$ is starting to squeal again like a piglett.

Has anybody ever had luck getting Ford to admit that there is a problem? I'm afraid that once the warranty is over they will replace the part itself under the parts warranty, but will stick me with an outrageous bill for the mantime...

Any help is greatly appreciated.

19th Feb 2003, 16:31

I have a 2000 Ford Mustang V6 Coupe. Here's my deal... I bought the car brand new (7 miles) I have had it for almost three years now, its got about 42,000 miles on it. Well the other day out of no where the service engine light came on, I checked the manual and it said it was OK to drive and since I was out of town I had to get home. About 20 miles away from home and I ended up having to call a tow truck. I brought the car to a well respected mechanic and he found that the left side of my engine was completely shot! The valves were bad, pistons bad...everything. So now I may end up having to get a whole new engine! I called Ford's head office and talked to the rudest lady I have ever talked to. She basically told me where to go and that it wasn't their problem! I swear as long as I live I will never buy another Ford!

1st May 2003, 11:45

GT 2000 with 55,000 miles... Will soon have to replace the clutch due to the throwout bearing. I haven't had a history of problems like most other comments on this board. I was quoted a replacement cost for parts/labor of $350 (live in San Antonio, clutch shop located on Bitters and 281). I'm noticing a popping sound when I fully depress the clutch -- luckily no other sounds yet.


23rd May 2003, 22:38

My clutch has vibrated and rattled very loudly for the past 15000 miles. I have a v6 2001. I don't drive very hard. I've had it "adjusted" twice by the dealership. This is also the dealership that put belt dressing on my belt when I told them it had an intermittent squeal. The car shuts off sometimes when I push in the clutch to come to a stop. I have days where it takes me ten minutes to crank it, but, I can't do anything b/c Ford can't recreate the problem. Well. My rear end pops sometimes. My belt still squeaks. My car still shuts down and has it's cranking episodes, and my clutch is louder than ever. Well to top it off, I think I found an oil leak tonight. I have to check it in the morning. I have about 46000 miles on it. It's been to the shop 12 times. They have not successfully fixed one problem with the entire car except for the parking brake recall. I think we all know where I stand with Ford.

Email: FollowingJAH@aol.com.

6th Jun 2003, 08:37

I have a 2000 Mustang GT (love it). Just for my own info, do automatics w/OD usually shift often when maintaining speeds between 30 - 50 mph. I know I can avoid this by kicking off the OD on the shifter. Otherwise, I enjoy this car a lot.

Any comments would be appreciated..


17th Aug 2003, 19:42

I have a 2000 V-6 coupe. I bought the care used with 48,000 miles on it and at 51,000 I had to replace.. i figured that it was just worn out... No big deal right.. Well I now have 60,000 miles on it and I was driving home and I went to shift and the clutch pedal just hit the ground... I am not quite sure what to do... is there anything I can do to check the clutch with out dropping it...?? Thanks. Lee.

10th Feb 2004, 19:04

My 97 GT convertible has always had a strange feeling in the clutch. And, now at 98000 miles, it sounds like the throuwout bearing is shot. I am planning on an 05 GT, but this is making me think twice...

24th Feb 2004, 09:46

Sounds to me like this is a common problem among v-6 mustangs. I to own a 3.8L v-6. I bought the car brand new in January of 2000. I took it in at 24000 miles to the dealership which I bought it from to diagnose the clutch problem. They also told me the same old story of it being a wear item and that that my driving habits probably contributed to the problem. They did replace the clutch under warranty, but now about 15000 miles later its done it again. I have a little over 39000 miles on the car and am going to have to replace the clutch a second time. If anyone else tries to tell me its my driving they should be aware that I'm a certified driving instructor and have never had this problem with other vehicles this soon. I really like the car, but I am becoming very annoyed with the idea of shelling out 500 dollars every 15000-20000 miles I drive it. I hope there is a true remedy to this problem that is an affordable aftermarket product before I have to put another factory piece of crap back in it. Any help would be appreciated E-mail is blinthicum@cableone.net