2000 Ford Mustang Base 3.8 from North America


Great daily driver, that's fun to drive


Air conditioner apparently had a bad clutch and made a squeal during start up in the mornings, but we sprayed it with WD-40 and the squeal went away, and has stayed away. The air conditioner stays cold and works perfectly.

Had to replace the fuel pump after having the fuel filter replaced, but the fuel filter did not have a problem. I always replace them when buying a used car, as I don't know what quality gas was used by the last owner.

Service engine soon light: Lit a few times, we took it to our mechanic; he advised we take it to some other place that has equipment to do that installation, and purchase the part from Ford. Never had to replace the brain module yet, and no problems.

Mach 460 radio buttons are loose and falling off.

General Comments:

This car has lots of power, and is quick to accelerate with just a light press on the accelerator.

Fun to drive.

Very good on gas.


Corners tight and fast.

Awesome handling.

The car gets compliments all the time.

Interior is mostly plastic, but is durable.

Mach 460 has great sound for a base radio.

Rear seats are small, but fit a small person in somewhat comfortably. The front seats are comfortable for long trips.

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Review Date: 9th October, 2013

2000 Ford Mustang GT 4.6 V8 from North America


Terrific value for the money


The day after I bought it, it simply would not start. I cranked and cranked, but no start... turns out the problem was not really the car... I'd received 3 keys, and only 2 of them were programmed to work with the car. The 3rd one (I put it away so I'd never use it again) was not programmed for the car, and as such, the car wouldn't recognize it and wouldn't start. When I put the other key in it, it fired right up, no problem. That was 10 months ago, and no problem since.

No other problems at all.

General Comments:

What a sensational car. I simply love rear wheel drive, V8 American cars. Plenty of torque, plenty of get up and go, and mechanically simple. I was attracted to this car because I knew it was simple to work on, the 4.6 Ford SOHC engine appears in countless Crown Victorias (think taxi or police car), Grand Marquis, Town Cars and F150's... I think Ford has got it pretty nicely dialed in. Also, the sound of an uncorked Ford V8 is a sweet mechanical symphony... truly hard to beat! This car has proven completely reliable for me. It looks superb, is a pleasure to maintain, can be purchased for a reasonable price, and receives plenty of complements!

Two changes I've made: Lowering springs and a Pro 5.0 shifter. Other changes I'm planning on making: Flowmaster exhaust, and more substantial rear lower control arms. Also, 4.10 rear gears.

The Stereo (Mach 460) isn't anything to get too excited about.

The handling is good, but not great.

I love that this car is easy to steer via the rear wheels... blip the throttle (if you've turned the traction control off), and you can be sliding sideways wherever you wish... the car responds well, and is easy to control. And, it looks good doing it!

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Review Date: 22nd April, 2012

2000 Ford Mustang GT 4.6L V8 from North America


A great daily driver, and with few mods, it's a true American Muscle car


New stater at 87,000 miles.

New radiator fan at 87,000 miles.

Seats have slight wear, but my car's a convertible, and it's attributed to sun damage from driving with the convertible top down.

General Comments:

I love the comfort of the car.

0-60 is a little slow, but the passing gear shows a large increase of horsepower.

Larger rims and tires from a Cobra increased handling significantly.

The adding of a cold air intake, performance chip, racing cam and off road H pipe helped with horsepower.

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Review Date: 19th October, 2010