10th Jul 2003, 19:23

Yes, the 1995 Mustang. Nice car, but problems.

I have had my car since 1996, and only drive it in the summer. Which means not many miles on the engine really at all. My head gaskets have blown 2 times in this amount of time. Not normal at all, which I am sure you all can relate too.

The first time they were covered under warranty, seeing the car was only 2 years old. Now it is 2003 and the same thing has happened only it is my responsibility, according to Ford. Which I did call and raise a stink, but a big Company like that does not care about a 1995 Ford or obviously not there customer. I was told there is nothing they could do for me.

I think us 1995 Ford owners that are experiencing the same problems with this over and over again need to raise some issues with Ford. Obviously there is a problem out there on these 1995 Ford Mustangs, and FORD is not owning up to it. They are just making more money off of there not so future customers!!

A Furious Ford Owner : (

4th Sep 2003, 13:05

I am the owner of a used 1995 Mustang GT and love this car.

The parts that I have had to replace out of the ordinary brakes and tires were the thermostat. I have no complaints about this car! When test driving it, it seemed like too much vehicle, until I became used to it. I was in a pinch, ready to be sideswiped and when I punched the gas to avoid the accident, I saw just how able this car was when accelerating. I admire the new styles and would not hesitate owning another Mustang.

22nd Mar 2004, 13:27

I also had the head gaskets replaced on my 1995 3.8l mustang. I was told at the dealer that this was a very common problem.

26th Jul 2004, 22:59

The main problem I had with my 1995 Mustang 5.0L was the recall for the engine cooling fan. This fan motor is faulty and a recall was necessary to avoid a fire when the fan motor seizes. The problem is Ford decided to install circuit breakers as part of the recall to turn off the fan when the fan starts to go. The only way they will replace the fan is if it wasn't working when you brought it in for the recall. The problem I had was that the dealership installed the wrong circuit breaker in my car and it caused almost $2,000 in overheating damage when it inappropriately shut off the cooling fan. Check to see if the recall was conducted properly on your 1995 Mustang. The circuit breaker part number for the 1995 Mustang 3.8L is F5ZZ-14526-AA. The circuit breaker part number for the Mustang GT 5.0L is F5DZ-14526-AB. Make sure they installed the right one for your engine configuration. They fit interchangeably. I can tell you from experience if that if circuit breaker part number F5ZZ-14526-AA is installed in a 1995 Mustang 5.0L the circuit breaker will shut off the engine cooling fan inappropriately and it will not turn back on unless you turn off and restart the car. The new engine cooling fan, part number 8C607, does not take a circuit breaker.

27th Oct 2004, 15:57

94 Ford Mustang=

Miami, FL.

Same problems- head gasket blown @ 110K miles, now just added a performance intake- and cannot get cold air. Not vacuum hoses- Dealer says it's a defect.

Oh well... Great fun car!!! 3.8L v6 Convertible. 1994.

17th Nov 2007, 10:17

I agree... I am a 1995 ford owner, and I've had problems from the start... new head gasket, new thermostat, and now they don't know whats wrong with it because they've replaced all that and its still over-heating...and now not only that, but it will only blow out cold air when its over heating... whats up with this specific year, I think we should go to ford and figure out why its only this year that seems to be having problems...

22nd Jul 2008, 02:15

Same thing; I have a 95 Mustang, and yep you guessed it, the good old heads. I heard somewhere there was a recall on the heads of the 95 stang. If anyone else has heard this, please let me know.

24th Jul 2008, 23:33

Comment 15:00 brought back fond memories of my old "Fox" (a 1985 Mustang). At 45,000 miles the transmission (a 4-speed stick) started to whine loudly in third gear. I took it to a friend's garage and put it on the lift. A check showed there was NO lubricant AT ALL in the transmission!! There was no sign of leakage, so it either just evaporated or it somehow it came from the factory with no transmission lubricant. My friend specialized in transmissions and he told me "It's shot! You won't make it 10 miles." I didn't have the money to replace the transmission, and I had two other cars (I'm a mechanic and car nut) so I just told him "let's fill it up and see what happens. It's a FORD, it's tough!!" We replaced the lubricant and I drove that 'stang another 100,000 miles with never a complaint from the tranny, or any more lubricant added!!

2nd Aug 2008, 18:48

This is for the comment asking if there was a recall on the 95's, yes there was but good luck getting it fixed. They will only replace it if its not over 100,000 miles I believe. If you have proof of repairs before this they will refund your money but it isn't easy. Good Luck!!!

3rd Oct 2008, 22:03

Hey guys. I found a 95 Mustang Auto with 160,000 miles. $2100. I haven't driven it yet. And I read the blogs. Any tips for me to look for on a 5 to 10 minute drive maybe up to 60 MPH? I don't want to haggle with the guy over his car. But I do want to be able to notice warning signs, sounds, handling and such. Any tips would be great. I plan on a test drive some time next week. Oct 11-16th 2008.

29th Nov 2008, 01:24

Love my red 95 Mustang convertible, 185,000 miles, but it popped a head gasket when I was in the hospital two years ago, and it'd done it again last weekend. (blew cold air while it was 22 degrees, overheated and conked out. Restarted but couldn't mount as formidable hill).

The transmission fluid heats because it's too near the catalytic converter. I use a synthetic fluid that hold together better and completely flush and refill every two years.

Get a better quality head gasket (Morano, Corteco) and torque it down to the '96 specs, torque the heads in three steps and get a good mill job. Make sure no coolant got into the oil.

And move on to your next car soon.

10th May 2009, 01:30

I had a 95 Mustang 3.8L. I loved it, and the car saved my life in a pretty bad crash. I got rear ended, I was doing 10 and the guy that hit was doing 55. There was a car stopped in front of me and I couldn't get into another lane. The car slammed into me and through my Mustang into the other car. As I hit the car the ratchet in my seat broke and I started leaning back, the air bags didn't touch me. I walked out of that crash without a scratch on me. But like all of you, my head gasket blew at 165,000 miles. It had its problems but all in all it was a great car. Now I drive a 2004 Mustang GT 4.6L V8, And I love it.

4th Oct 2009, 18:31

I have a 95 Mustang with over 150,000 and no problems with head or over heating. Sounds like an air pocket in the cooling system; try bringing it up to about 4 to 4.5 r.p.m. with the radiator cap off, and add water to try to burp the system; sometimes they need it after a head job. Warning, may get hot, so try to do on a cool engine, but you have to make sure the thermostat opens to get the flow. Make sure to get all the air out, may take several minutes. Good luck.