1995 Ford Mustang 2-door coupe 3.8L V6 from North America


Good (not great) car


Head gaskets replaced at 91,000 miles.

Rebuilt rear-end at 150,000 miles.

OEM paint flaked off gray primer near right-side roof pillar because of inadequate factory prep; repaired at a local body shop and looks as good as new.

MAF sensor went bad in first 20,000 miles. Replaced and no problems since.

Driver's side window regulator bad at new car delivery. Replaced under warranty by the dealer.

Right-side window regulator adhesive gave way at 75,000 miles; repaired at a local glass shop. No problems since.

OEM radiator replaced at 130,000 miles.

General Comments:

Bought new, garaged its whole life, still looks brand-new.

Driver's position could use more legroom.

Base radio has good fidelity, but the control buttons are too small.

Fast enough once it gets going, and a good interstate driver with high MPG for its class and engine.

Comfortable base seats, but the headrests are way too low.

Smooth-shifting transmission, but there's a noticeable shift into O/D at minimal engagement speed (45 mph).

Excellent stopping power, dust-free operation of OEM disc brake pads. OEM pads still on the car.

Quiet cabin for its class.

Outstanding A/C system with 38-degree F output at the vents with OEM 134a fill at 19 years of age. No problems whatsoever.

Still have the OEM alternator, water pump, P/S pump, starter motor on car.

Burns no oil; 5w-30 natural used exclusively with 3,000 mile oil/filter changes since I bought the car.

Added 16" OEM "waffle wheels" that came standard with 5.0L V-8, plus 225x55R Turanza Serenity tires at 110,000 miles. The car now has the stance and look of a 1995 V-8; much improved aesthetics.

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Review Date: 19th June, 2014

1995 Ford Mustang 3.8 V6 from North America


Great first car


Nothing yet.

General Comments:

Lots of fun and cheap on the insurance.

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Review Date: 20th June, 2010

1995 Ford Mustang GT 5.0 from North America


Still going strong after 14 years


CD player on the blink, air bag computer died.

General Comments:

OK, I bought this car new, and after 14 years I feel I can comment on it.

Performance is OK, but not really up to par with today’s cars.

Reliability has been good, only expensive part was the air bag computer that died for no reason at all, other than being 14 years old.

I'm on my 3rd set of tires, it has the original paint that still looks shiny, original exhaust and still has the original convertible top, had the drivers seat re upholstered.

That's about it, rides a little rough, but doesn’t have very many squeaks or rattles for it's age and mileage, drivers power seat is getting a little quirky and the stock CD (not mach 460) has been crap from day one, should have upgraded by now, but the wind and exhaust are music to my ears.

It gets about 20-22 mpg on 93 octane gas, can’t use anything less or it pings like crazy, AC still blows as cold as the day it was new.

I bought an 04 GTO couple years ago and let my son drive the Mustang now. I'm still happy with it and plan on keeping it for another 14 years.

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Review Date: 21st August, 2009

1995 Ford Mustang GT 5.0L from North America


The Mustang GT 5.0L is a fast, strong built, sporty looking comfortable car that fails to disappoint


I purchased the car from a dealer in March 2007 with 160,000km on the car. The car now has 182,000km and still runs very strong. Here is a list of small things that have occurred or had to be replaced:

- Ignition wiring - car wouldn't start one day, replaced wiring, cost $150CDN with labour, not bad.

- Leather seats show wear, however no rips or tears. Common for a 14 year old car.

- I blew the radiator one day while in a drive thru, my fan had failed so the car overheated and the rad blew, I simply did not notice my engine temp gauge, and it was too late. I ended up replacing the entire fan assembly, thermostat, and radiator, as well as 2 rad hoses, however I feel this was more my fault and I place only the blame on the fan failing, the rest on me for not noting my temperature gauge. Cost $1,000CDN with labour.

- Passenger side speaker blew at 170,000km, partially my fault.

- New power window regulator, someone messed with the window before I owned the car.

- The back seats are almost not worth having, literally no leg room, but what do you expect out of a sports car.

General Comments:

Excellent car, has been great to me.

Pretty quick car, 0-60 is great, 215hp lives up to its expectations. The 285 foot pounds of torque pins you in your seat.

I have literally beat the hell out of this car and at 182,000km it is still running as strong as the day I bought it. I've smoked the tires off this thing, drifted it around every corner I take and it just takes the beating. The POSI rear end is built like a tank.

I have got this car up to 220km/h, lots of interior noise at this point, but what the hell do you expect.

Mach 460 sound system pounds, beats most stereos that come stock with cars in 2008, and this thing was from 1995!

Seats are very comfortable.

This car looks sporty stock, even with its stock suspension, exhaust and 17`GT rims. However this car looks a ton better with a set of 1995 Cobra rims, lowered suspension and flowmaster exhaust pipes, as well as staggered tires, love the view from behind and the sound of the 5.0L.

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Review Date: 18th February, 2009