25th Feb 2005, 15:17

Buying a new car is always a very poor idea!!! Depreciation, expensive insurance, plates, ect... A fool and his money are soon parted for sure!!! Buy and drive a car 3-5 years old for pennys on the dollar. A person doesn't have to have a new car= = = that silly idea is one reason the average working man is broke.

25th Feb 2005, 18:46

Actually, buying a new car is not necessarily bad, if you hold onto it long enough so that depreciation is not that much of a factor when you dispose of it.

For most cars, that means at least 8-10 years so you have to be sure you are getting something you will like for that long!

And some cars hold their value much better than others. See how much a 1-2 year old Porsche sells for compared to the new price. Even something like a 2004 Toyota Prius sells for almost as much as a new one!

A 2004 Mustang, however, will depreciate much more rapidly, especially since the 2005 version is all-new.

25th Feb 2005, 21:31

Ford owns Mazda, too. They, in essence, produce your precious miata as well... However, I love Miatas. I think you'd be much better off in one of those than the "high I'm having a midlife crisis" mustangs.

28th Feb 2005, 01:11

I highly doubt the way I drive it has anything to do with gas mileage - it was obvious the first day out the car is not a sports car and I didn't drive it that way. But disappointingly, not a muscle car, either. It's an in-between joke that should have been chopped before it hit the showroom floor. I was just stupid enough to fall for the razzle-dazzle.

I know Ford has some part of Mazda, but I'm not sure it's ownership. Ford should learn from Mazda, as Mazda makes a much better quality car, as do most of the other foreign auto makers. The difference is in management and dedication to quality. Detroit seems to specialize in flash and trash and not performance and quality.

And, the problem has been solved. I went back to the Mazda dealership where I bought my original Miata. I was lucky - they had one last 04 LS with all the goodies and were anxious to sell it as the new limited editions are coming out. So, I traded el grando pieco crappo in on a new Miata - they were more than generous with trade-in allowance and threw a lot of extras in. I drove out of the lot and never looked back. I lost some money, but now I have a car again that PERFORMS. And while I may not always drive a Miata, I can guarantee I'll never drive another Ford. It's kind of nice, once again, to step and the gas and actually GO. It's also nice not to be fishtailing all over the place when I have to drive on gravel. And it's REALLY nice to have a car again that is everything, and more, that is advertised. It's also very nice to know this car will look as good in 2 years as it does today, because Mazda pays attention to quality details - better grade leather and trim, more clear-coating, better tires - better everything. So, I am once again happy - good-bye trash, hello fun.

28th Oct 2006, 15:03

I picked up a 2004 Premium convertible Mustang, used in Dec 2004 for about $18 GRAND. It had been in a rental fleet. It is a V6 so I'm not blowing anyone off the road, or trying to.

It is the first Mustang I've owned. It is pretty cool.

As for gas mileage, it does stink. I'm not gunning it and I still get lousy mileage.

For me it's a cheap thrill and I can pass it on to my daughter. Will it hold value? Not in the short run. But that's what everyone said about the '71 Chevelle SS 454 I had in high school. (Car payments were $52 a month!) Wish I had that car now.

If you want good resale value, buy a good luxury car like a BMW M6 or a 3 series. If you want speed get a Mustang GT or better still a Cobra. Get that new Shelby Cobra and you'll be fine. Don't expect good gas mileage though.

I like the 2005 & later ones with the newer style, but the local car dealers have new ones starting at $35 GRAND. Used ones and I mean basic coupes are listed for $28,000. And no I'm not talking GTs or better.

Anyone who buys a new car from a dealer should have their head examined. I know a little something about advertising and car salesmen. They lie and gouge and screw anyone who walks in the door. The only decent new car experience I ever had with a dealer, was the local Honda dealer 20 years ago.

3rd Nov 2006, 19:22

I bought my 2004 Mustang 40th Anniversary (V-6, 5-Speed) in July 04. I tested it and compared it to the GT. Sure it is not the muscle car the GT is, but it was fun. After adding a traction kit to it, the fishtailing is not a problem. The gas mileage is not the best nor does it compare to my wife's Accord. I guess it was a mid life crisis buy and not very well planned, but I still enjoy the little monster. So far I have not had a problem out of it as I did my 2002 Mazda 626. It was in the shop more than I owned it.

4th Nov 2006, 07:38

I would buy a used clean 1995 Mustang GT Convertible for example with the great 302 V8 before buying a new V6 convertible. It is an outstanding bargain with unlimited potential.

5th Nov 2006, 12:45

This is clearly one of those reviews that can be dismissed out of hand. He doesn't report any problems whatsoever with the car. His only source of disappointment is in being too cheap to buy the V-8 model with sport suspension, and thus he is left complaining about how it doesn't have the power or handling that he imagined. That doesn't add up to "Will never buy another Ford and will dump this thing as soon as possible?" Why not actually do some research on the car you intend to buy??

5th Nov 2006, 20:31

This reminds me of clones. You buy a base model instead of a true sports car pump lots of money after and what is it? Buy a real one even if you have to drop back a few years... I had a friend that cloned a Lemans once into a GTO well sort of... you end up cheating yourself.

21st Mar 2007, 22:24

I bought a 40 yr anniversary edition V6 convertible. It gets lots of looks, and I have found after replacing the OEM springs with Iebok suspension, OEM wheels with 18x10 custom wheels, I have had nothing, but fun. Unfortunately the little beast isn't the best on fuel, and after incurring some damages, it is difficult getting replacement parts. Can anyone tell me what the carriage is. I believe it is the cross-member which holds the engine, and the lower control arms link to. But maybe that isn't the correct word for it. If not, can someone please tell me what it is called?