2004 Ford Mustang GT convertible 4.6 litre from North America


Great car, lousy build quality


The carpet is bunched up at the rear of the driver's door opening.

A piece of molding wasn't properly installed by the passenger door.

The wiring harness under the rear seat was not secured correctly.

I found a very large nut/washer under the rear seat also, what did this come from???

Underlay under the rear seat was not installed correctly.

Paint on the side scoops doesn't match the rest of the car.

Top boot does not fit well.

Driver's window squeaks when up and top is up.

Overall build quality is poor for a new car.

General Comments:

The car drives and handles great.

The Mach 1000 sound system is superb, but cuts down the trunk space to almost nothing.

Transmission shifts very well.

Fun factor is high with this car, my family loves it.

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Review Date: 26th May, 2005

2004 Ford Mustang 40th Anniversary V6 from North America


Will never buy another Ford and will dump this thing as soon as possible - will go back to a Miata


Nothing has gone wrong - yet. But I don't feel the car lives up to the legend.

Interior design is poor - my little Miata had far more usable interior cabin storage space. Materials used on interior already starting to wear at a lightly used 4200 miles.

The V-6 is a gas guzzler - doesn't come CLOSE to sticker estimates.

Power is disappointing.

Traction is almost non-existent. If all you do is drive straightaways, I guess it's great - but not on the roads I have to drive.

General Comments:

I traded in a wonderful little Miata to get this car - BIG mistake. I'd give anything to have my Miata back.

Purchased new, loaded, for $28,000 - Kelley says trade-in at 4,200 miles is $15,500. That is really, really poor. Pretty obvious car doesn't hold it's value.

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Review Date: 25th February, 2005

25th Feb 2005, 14:48

Friend, your car will never live up to the legend, you bought a V6! The V6 Mustang is not meant to be the white knuckle thriller that Steve McQueen made famous. The gas mileage does not live up to the sticker most likely because you are trying to get the rush of a 4.6 OHC V8 out of a 3.8 pushrod V6. Take your foot out of the floorboard and you will see better mileage. The V6 does not handle as well as it's wealthier siblings because it is a BASE MODEL.

I'm quite sure you traded your Miata with high hopes of this Mustang being as fast/agile, but the truth is, they are not even in the same class of cars. If you want more power and better handling out of what you have, there is a plethora of upgrade parts available for the V6. Any suspension upgrade that will fit a GT will fit your V6. There are bolt on parts out there that can get your 6 banger pumping out 300 horsepower, but it will cost you about 2-3 thousand and a couple of weekends in the garage.

No new car hold's value, especially a base model car. There a dime a dozen because rental car companies buy them up in droves to offer a "sports car" at a premium rate.

2004 Ford Mustang Coupe V6 from North America


My Dream Baby!


Flasher died, 2 weeks after purchasing.

General Comments:

TOTALLY LOVE MY PONY CAR! Looks great!! 40th ann. Interior isn't very bright!

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Review Date: 6th February, 2005

8th Feb 2005, 19:24

I Actually live in NJ lol I hated the VW JETTA it sucked in the snow also.

2004 Ford Mustang GT 4.6 SOHC V8 from North America


Ford's pony car lives up to its name


Front drivers seat has wear already in the leather.

Carpet has wear already under the clutch and gas pedal from my shoes.

Cheap heat schield on exhost pipe came loose and started to rattle.

General Comments:

Considering that I only paid 21,000 for the car it is well worth it. I went from driving a 1995 Toyota Pickup truck to the Mustang GT. At first the car takes a bit to get used to, you have to know when to roll on the power going around corners because it will break loose on you. Once you learn how to control the power of the car like controlling wheel spin when shifting and controlling the car in a slide it is a true blast to drive.

The bad sides are the car is a little under powered compared to the Camaro SS and the Ram-Air Trans Am. But for the money that I paid for the car, it is well worth it.

Nothing major has gone wrong with the car, knock on wood!!

When hitting the gears the clutch feels a little weak, FORD could have put a better clutch and pressure plate in the trans.

Some upgrades that are a must to any Mustang GT owner are a short throw shifter, a full cat-back system, and a intake system. After these mods the car will be even more of a blast to drive... see you on the streets!!

Great car!

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Review Date: 12th December, 2004

16th Oct 2008, 20:42

I also have a 2004 Mustang GT, 40th Anniversary Edition. I have thoroughly enjoyed it. It has been so much fun to drive. I have not had any trouble out of it. I would highly recommend this car. Love the five speed and the way it hugs a curve. Great car and I am a 50 year old woman. My other car is a 2001 Mercedes S600. I let my husband drive it. I prefer the Mustang.

9th Feb 2010, 12:26

I bought an 04 GT for about 12,000 with 37k on the odometer. The GT has been nothing but a blast to own. Like the previous review, the 4.6 could use a little more pep in its step, but with light modifications you can get your pony to where it will be a very close competitor with the Camaro and Firebirds.

The only issue I had was a strip of my drive belt was shredding off, and my starter solenoid was getting stuck. The repairs cost me only $150.00 total.

I also agree that the clutch and flywheel could be strengthened, along with the clutch quadrant.