9th Nov 2005, 23:16

I hate when trunk insides are ugly. I mean you open it up and the whole world points and laughs. Its so embarrassing...

23rd Jan 2006, 15:17

The windows are suppose to go up and down with the door. It helps the window seal with the door closed. And all new cars run rich until they're broken in. After a year or two the fuel economy should come up.

13th Feb 2006, 13:01

I have not had very good luck with my Mustang Conv. In the first 3 months the engine noise was coming through the speakers so bad you couldn't hear the radio. This was repaired only to start back up 300 miles later. The automatic window would not go back up when the door closed, this was repaired. Loud rattle in the dash, dash board was removed and problem fixed. When heat was on the floor it came out the defrost instead, fixed. When gas tank was low it would only allow me to put in half a tank, very inconvenient. Problem not fixed was told not to let the car go under 50 miles left. I now, after 4600 miles, have a vibration in my conv. top when pushed will stop momentarily. I have stalled 4 times backing up, nd the car hasn't started up 12 times until the 6th turnover. Don't forget I still have severe engine noise. I think I have a lemon.

29th Jun 2006, 21:41

As a mechanic and car buff, I can assure you that ALL first year models of any car from ANY country will have NUMEROUS problems. NEVER buy a first year model. With that said, the overall quality of Mustang (and all Fords) is much higher than most other American cars and ALL Japanese cars (none of which can match the Mustang V-8's performance...PERIOD). 3 years ago I was driving my V-8 Mustang and had to swerve at 50 mph to avoid another car. My right front wheel hit an 8 inch high curb head-on. The jolt was so severe it knocked my sunglasses off. I was sure I had trashed the entire front suspension. I was blown away to discover that the ONLY damage was a warped wheel and blown tire. The front end was not even knocked out of alignment!!! If I'd been in a Honda or Toyota it would have scattered front suspension components for a hundred feet.

17th Oct 2006, 14:15

Same thing as the previous person.. I too hit one 2005 mustang real hard on the curb... The pickup was awesome and rear wheel drive together rocks youu... it tempts you to speed up...

I was totally worried that I totally screwed up the mustang. because I have met such accident before... with my previous toyota... I spent close to 5K including the transmission on the car.. I was totally upset and didn't even want to see the damage... later I saw the damage... It was nothing... Nothing happened to car... That was one of the most surprising and relieving moment in my life... but still didn't believe my eyes.. I thought something would have happened inside the car... then I started the car and drove it... It gave me the same pleasure as it was before... Just fantastic...Mustang rocks guys.. go for it..

If anything had happened to the car on that day my entire trip which I planned the next day would have got screwed real bad.

19th Oct 2006, 22:54

Fords are incredibly tough. I put my 4 Mustangs thru a lot of hot-dogging and never had a problem with any of them as for as reliability. Some years back I momentarily lost my sanity and bought a Japanese sports (?) car (an RX-7). It totally disintegrated in a year's time, and I lost fully half of what I paid for it. I traded it for another Mustang.