28th Nov 2005, 11:07

By the time all of the quirks are worked out of this model it will be nothing special because the market will be saturated with them by then. I have had a few problems myself, but there is nothing else on the road that can touch the stunning looks and performance of this machine at this price level. That makes it all worthwhile.

29th Nov 2005, 14:56

I don't care as much about having something special as just having a good performance car at a fair price. I would rather wait a couple of years for the design to be more reliable and save that extra $8K - $10K markup for a nice winter vehicle. It is amazing how much "Gotta Have It" is worth these days! I have had a couple of Mustangs and I was never worried about seeing a lot of others on the road. As long as they are reliable and fun that is all that matters...not being the first one on the block to have one.

29th Jun 2006, 21:29

As a former car company employee, I can agree whole-heartedly with those of you who say that buying a first year model of a new design is a bad idea. NEVER buy a new model the first year...EVER!!! The first model is sort of a test of all the new pieces and components and there are ALWAYS lots of minor glitches that the poor first-year buyers find out about. By the second year they are mostly corrected, and better yet by the third year. I'm wild about the new Dodge Caliber, but won't be buying one until all the recalls on the first year models are taken care of. As for Mustang, I've owned 6. I've had the (older) 4 cylinder, the V-6, and the V-8. The V-8 was by far the most trouble-prone engine, and the V-6 was the best.