26th Oct 2005, 15:53

I think the SVT Cobra will pretty much wipe up the pavement with any stock Camaro built. 0-60 in 4.6 seconds with 390/390 numbers under the hood STOCK?? Yeah it's supercharged, but who cares when you are watching that bowtie on the grille disappear in the rearview mirror... and no the "objects aren't closer than they appear". To top it off the Camaro isn't even alive and well to compete with the Mustang anymore so... GAME OVER... Ford wins!! Now Ford has it's sights on the Z06 with the 500 HP Shelby due out next fall. Should be interesting!!

28th Oct 2005, 09:15

"Excellent fit and finish that is solidly built." Yet it is out of alignment and was missing screws holding the front bumper on. Hmmmm... kind of contradictory don't you think? I have never bought a brand new car that is out of alignment before... never mind missing body panel screws. I think they were rushing these out the door due to the unbelievable demand for them. Guess a lot of people like paying $8K over sticker these days for a car that will lose more than that in the first year (which = about $16K down the tubes). I love Mustangs, but people are really getting stupid nowadays paying such ridiculous prices to be the first one on the block with one. And where did you hear they were bringing the Camaro back? That would be GREAT!!

9th Nov 2005, 23:13

I hear they are dropping the camaro body styles in favor of a Cobalt SS with a 5.7 V8. Cool...

Lol the ford chevy rivalry will never end will it.

I laugh.

28th Nov 2005, 10:09

Dropping the Camaro body style?? It has been extinct since 2002 so dropping is not the issue anymore... it has long been dropped! As far as a 5.7 V-8 finding its way under the hood of a Cobalt... It would be a cool concept, but what will they do about the current front wheel drive platform?? I've never seen a LS-1 transversely mounted... ha ha ha. I guess if did it n the Caddie's then why not?

1st Dec 2005, 09:59

I'd have to agree... I would choose the GTO right now over the Mustang due to the deals you can get on them and the 400hp 6-speed combo. I wouldn't count on the return of the Camaro quite yet though as GM might not even exist by then at the rate they are going. Even if they do, I doubt they'll put money into re-releasing a car that was such a loss to them on the last round. Of course they haven't made the best choices over the years now have they? The GTO will probably disappear int he next year or two as well due to the pitiful sales numbers they generate. Hold onto that GTO as it will become an instant classic of very limited numbers when they cease production.

1st Dec 2005, 11:23

The cobalt thing was a joke lol...

Everyone has their opinion. Its all up to what YOU want. You'll BS the guy next store on what car is better for eternity. lol.

1st Dec 2005, 16:26

Yah--instant classic. Just like the Cadillac Catera, Merkur Scorpio, Chrysler Maserati TC, etc. All losers in the North American market which came and quickly went and now sell for a fraction of their original sticker prices. I wouldn't count on the GTO holding its value, <especially> if GM drops it. Cars that were poor sellers when new don't suddenly become more desirable after they are discontinued.

13th Dec 2005, 13:29

I have to disagree on the not becoming a classic thing. The cars you mentoned all were oddballs in their lines and really had no place other than being strange and different so they had no where to go, but down. The GTO, on the other hand, is the ONLY affordable musclecar GM produces at this point so when they are gone they are gone and trust me they will go up in value. The GTO is not a strange concept or an oddball car it is just in a time when muscle cars are waning in the market place. There will always be some sort of market for them, though, and the prices will continue to rise as production ceases. Usually I'd agree with your point but not in this case.

13th Dec 2005, 20:21

Another notable exception to unpopular cars attaining classic status is the 1970 Plymouth Superbird. At the time these were produced, many dealers found them so unsalable that they took off the nose cones and wings, converting them back into Roadrunners. Now Superbirds are routinely selling for over $100,000 and are one of the most sought after, yet out-of-reach, Chrysler musclecars.

23rd Dec 2005, 19:22

I agree with the last poster. The new GTO can't really be considered a real American muscle car. They're now built by Holden in Australia. Also, when they built the recent Camaros/Firebirds, they were built in Quebec, Canada. However, the Mustang is still built in Dearborn, where it always has been. I respect all of your opinions of Camaros and GTOs, but I will always be a Mustang fan.

5th Jun 2006, 19:59

The PT cruiser is a cheap get around car, the stang is a performance car. Totally different.

14th Jun 2006, 20:43

Just recently talked to a GM dealer and they had one GTO on the lot "marked down" said they just didn't sell as well as they thought they would. He agreeded with me, that they just blended in with the rest of the vehicles on the road. There is nothing special about them, they look like a grand am. They just don't have that "WOW" factor about them. We have a 2006 Mustang GT, just there to get company truck for husbands business.

27th Jun 2006, 15:28

The Pontiac GTO will outrun the Mustang GT hands down. However the resale value of the car will be terrible as dealers can't give these cars away. The Pontiac is a great car, howevever it doesn't look anymore inspiring then say a Pontiac Grand Prix GTP. The car looks ugly - let's face it guys, if the GTO was such a hit, GM wouldn't be killing it off after the 07 model year.

The Mustang is a legend and will continue to be. If you want a GTO, buy a 60's vintage with the 389 tri-power, now that's a classic!

The Mustang is a fast affordable car, and you can't get the GTO in a converitable.

The Camaro will be back for the 2008 or 09 model year, and the Great Mustang-Camaro rivalry will be back in full force. Throw in the Dodge Challenger, also due for the 2009 model year, and things will get very interesting. Camaro's and Mustang's are both great play toys that are both fast and fun to drive. I personally own a 1990 LX 5.0 with 58,000 miles, and it's a blast to own and drive, not a practical car mind you.

8th Jul 2006, 18:46

I'm not sure what kind of Mustang you Mustang fans are referring to, but its surely not the fastest car on the road. Granted it is pretty quick in GT form only (beause 210HP 4.0L is a joke). My moms Buick has almost the same power of the V6 Mustang with a smaller engine.

I've raced a Mustang GT, don't know if it was the '05 or '06, but it had the vintage look so I know it was pretty new. My '06 Pontiac Grand Prix GXP (303HP/323 lbs ft torque) rocked that Mustang down the highway for a good 2 miles. Granted I never lost sight of the Mustang, but he never passed me either. I would have continued, but had reached my exit.

Give me my Grand Prix GXP Sedan over a Mustang GT (sport coupe is that's what you want to call it) anytime, anyday.