17th Feb 2001, 23:58

A thousand doesn't buy a supercharger buddy. Everyone has to start somewhere, may as well be with the best which is the LS1 in a Z28 or T/A.

11th Sep 2001, 12:08

Mustangs are OK, but honestly being a power man, wanting a car that will actually accelerate of the line...

I went with Camaro, so far it has turned good as I have won a number of stoplight drags with Mustang GT's (new model's).

My car is a 94 Z.

You're right though, Ford should up the power on the GT, they finally did on the Cobra, but then again, why would Ford need to increase horsepower when they will not have to contend with GM?

They'll be fighting 4 bangers and Rice's...

7th May 2003, 12:05

I have a '98 mustang gt and it is my first sports car. Being 18 I have a need for speed and when I first got my car I thought it was the quickest thing ever and know one would beat me. Well, I was wrong the first time I lined up with an older 5.0 he kicked the snot out of me. Even though he had full exhaust and full intake I was still upset. So my point is that if you want a fast car go and by a exotic. But if you want to just cuise around on a weekend day and look good my mustang works just great for me.

17th Aug 2004, 03:23

Come on people!

Mustangs are cool muscle cars. if you want speed than buy a ferrari. at least they are v8's. some kind of torque.

98 mustang gt convertible.

24th Aug 2005, 13:46

I've heard if you replace the...

1. upper&lower intake

2. heads,

3. the two mufflers (w/ free flowing mufflers),

4. mild camshaft

5. 280* thermostat

...the Mustang GT should push well pass the 300hp mark.

Just remember to replace with mild hp parts.

I wouldn't buy a cold-air intake, bigger throttle body, catback exhaust. It's just a waste of money. Too expensive and not enough HP gain.

5th Mar 2009, 23:49

V8 Mustangs are very good cars, even better the in 87 to 93 model.

My brother has a Camaro and is always having problems with window motors, distributer behind the water pump etc. And the motor half way under the dash LOL. The car is very hard to tune. Though the Camaro is a cool car, but not worth the hassle.

7th Mar 2009, 11:59

As a mechanic and Mustang owner I've found that the cold-air intake DOES give a moderate increase in power over the stock air filter. In 2010 Ford is going with factory cold-air intake on V-8 models and claims a 15 horsepower increase.

I do agree that the cat-back exhaust won't really offer more than just good, free-flowing mufflers and costs a lot less. The best cold-air system is one that has a very short tube and few or no bends. The ones utilizing a hood scoop are very effective and can give up to a 20-25 horsepower boost.