16th Dec 2009, 10:09

I had to deal with a 1195 in my '98 Mazda Protege. The EGR ports are getting clogged. Remove the intake ducts and look at the backside of the throttle plate. If that is dirty with black stuff, then most likely the EGR ports are clogged as well.

I took off my throttle body, found the EGR openings and cleaned them out with a wire. I also cleaned the throttle body. Then I took off the EGR valve and scraped out the carbon deposits. And finally I opened a clogged vacuum hose nipple at the intake manifold, to which the EGR boost sensor is attached.

Buy 2 gaskets (throttle body to intake manifold, EGR valve to intake manifold) and a can of throttle body cleaner. Disconnect the battery negative and step on the brake to clear the codes. More details under Mazda Protege 1998 "Lovely little runner"

Good luck.

21st Jul 2010, 14:17

I also owned a jet black GTS. The previous owner had the stripes removed, but that was fine. Alas I ran my beauty into a pine tree at 60.

I now own a red 97 GT; the price was right in 2003, so I grabbed it and glad I did. I also have the infamous 1195 code. I've done everything I can find on the net to repair it with NO success. I can't get the Probe inspected with that ridiculous code popping up all the time. If I can't figure it out in the next 30 days, the beast gets parked.

I still get loads of looks due to the awesome sound and that great low slung stance of the Probe. I have Tokico coil overs all round with tower stiffeners front and back, slotted and drilled rotors serviced by SS brake lines. I took on a Mini Copper on a windy river road in Vermont not so long ago; he had all he could do to stay with me, let alone pass me. The power is great, but I could use another 100 horses in the stable.

I saw a modern day Probe concept recently, I would buy it in a heart beat if it would leave the one I have now in the dust.

I am a certified Probeaholic, and will stay that way as long as I can get parts.


26th Mar 2016, 02:45

I bought my 1997 Ford Probe new in 1997. Still have it and with regular maintenance, it still drives like it was new. Recently had it painted the original Cherry Red. I still get complimented on it. Has 135,000 miles. I can get more stuff in it than our Chevy Silverado. If Ford came out with a new Probe I would probably buy it. For now I will keep driving it.

26th Mar 2016, 21:45

Hard to understand how you can "get more stuff" in your Probe, with its puny 18.8 cubic foot cargo capacity, than you can in a Silverado.

Whoever was loading the Silverado must be really lousy at packing...