30th Jul 2004, 01:39

With respect to your stalling out problem, sounds very very similar to what happens with mine when I've torn a bunch of stuff out (mainly the air intake system), and then forgot to connect a wire bundle or hose back up. 100% of the time that has happened, I go back and re-check every wire and hose, and there's always one that I missed or was too loose.

You may not have removed components from your car like I do, but just the same, things like that can sometimes work themselves loose, or a hole or crack may develop in one of the air/vacuum lines, or even plug up, especially something in the PCV/EGR system. Get you a light, put your head under the hood, and start checking all the hoses for good fit and good condition. Also, you see all those wire bundle connectors under there? Start unplugging them one by one (gently, don't break your connector snaplocks), inspect them to make sure they're clean and that the wires and connections are in good shape, then spray them good with WD-40 and replace them, making sure they fit good and snug and are out of the way of any nearby moving parts.

I would also run a real good dose of fuel system cleaner through, and even consider a fuel system treatment, there's lots of them out there. Also, make sure you air and fuel filters are clean. If one of these is starting t get dirty, it could do the things you say the car is doing.

If you've got a little (not a lot) extra money, I would highly recommend the Bosch Platinum +4 spark plugs. You will truly feel a difference in performance when you install these, they give very good complete combustion. You also don't have to take them out and clean & regap them either-I really like that part too, although I always used to do it before I got these plugs. However, they are about $6 each, yes, for 1 spark plug. I bought mine 2 at a time over a couple months, then installed them when I had all 6. I can tell you, any other car I might own in the future WILL have these plugs installed. They're worth every penny of the cost.

If it's none of the above, find a good technician in your area, or even hang out at the Ford place, and ask the employees if they do some work on the side, off premises. If money is not object, take it directly to the dealer shop, they'll be more than happy to relieve you of plenty of it (just kidding-somewhat-a lot of dealers, while a bit pricey, are really quite good, they usually know their stuff).

23rd Mar 2005, 19:08

Hi, I have a 94 Ford Probe GT which is almost 100% identical to the 93. This is one of my favorite cars, the engine is so smooth and quiet, that I've been able to sneak up on people to within 1m (3 feet).

Make sure to learn a little bit about the engine and mechanics of the car, as it will save you a lot of money when it comes to repair. If the check engine light comes on, just test the car's computer, grab the error codes, and find out exactly what's wrong.

It's like having a little man in the engine telling you exactly what's failed so you can replace it. This saves a lot of time when you finally have to take it to a mechanic!

Go here for some more details on the Probes and how to repair them. There's a really helpful forum as well.


The interior of the car is very enclosed and curvy, and the front seats are great for keeping you locked into place. It's really only a two seater car, but 3 slender women can fit nicely in the back, though they tend to decrease fuel efficiency :)

This is a BLING! car.

14th Apr 2010, 01:05

Rough running and/or idling, can be oil around the plugs caused by the rear rocker gasket leaking oil down the plug holes. This is a common problem, but its costly to fix properly, and involves a minimum of 4.5 hours labour plus gasket. Simpler to just remove the plugs let the oil drain thru the plug hole (it won't be much), replace the plugs and it will be fine for another 12 months or so, then just repeat it again. The leakage is minor, and takes ages to short a plug out, if ever!