10th Jun 2004, 05:18

It's because:

1. It's not a turbo model.

2. Speed limiter - fuel relay's cut pulse signal at 118 non turbo, 130? turbo model.

First gen Probes are the fastest models of the Probes (Mazda MX6 also), and I've seen in the ranges from 300-400+hp (no joke).

Check out probetalk.com and mx6.com.

30th Jun 2004, 18:17

Hi, my name is Erik and I have a 89 Probe LX. My power mode light went out. Is it just a fuse?

2nd Oct 2004, 20:02

Well, I can't say is that the probe does or does not have phantom fuel limiters. What I can say is that I was traveling with friend's on a long empty stretch of I-80 between Salt Lake City and Wendover, Nevada, and my 1989 Ford LX (non turbo) was right alongside his car when his speedometer was pegged at 120. I won't say I had a lot left, but I only backed off because I didn't feel safe as the road, my tires, and the wind were not the best for those speeds.

17th Jun 2006, 21:19

OK, For your information, it is IMPOSSIBLE for the stock Probe LX to go that fast. IMPOSSIBLE! That's it, bottom line, wait wait, there's one explanation, your speedo could be a lot ahead. But seriously now.

1) There's a speed limiter on both the Probe GL and LX at 113 MPH. Once it reaches these speeds, it will shut off the fuel pump until you reach 75 MPH, then it will kick back in.

2) EVEN the turbo GT (which doesn't have a speed limiter) can't reach that speed - it tops out at around 135-140 MPH stock.

Now I know these cars are still pretty fast, because I have one, but dude, don't go around saying stuff like that unless you know -- BECAUSE IT'S IMPOSSIBLE unless you cut the speed limiter (which can be done - look at performanceprobe.com) and have a lot of mods.