22nd Nov 2005, 09:45

I own a 89 probe gt and I love the car I have beat a 88 Fiero Gt a 80s trans am and a 2nd gen RX-7 the only problem is my clutch just went out and it wasn't even replaced a year ago.

11th Feb 2006, 14:31

I have a 1989 ford probe gt and I tel ya what I have never been this impressed with a ford in my entire life considering it's a mazda motor. The car is very reliable and quick I will run her till she dies I am at 178,000 miles and still climbing.

20th May 2008, 13:46

I bought mine about 2 months ago (March 2008). Had some problems with the the computer things and the positive wire to the battery had to be replaced. But other than that, it was a steal. 1200$, only 65,000, one owner.

A K&N and a new exhaust, and shes taken on an AWD Passat, 240sx, Stealth, and of course any Civic. It kills Honduhs.

If you find a GT, jump on it. The car grows on you fast. The only thing missing from the cars is a limited slip, it will spin the tires through 2nd gear and scratch 3rd.

17th Jul 2008, 14:27

Where do I start... I've owned my 89 GT for about 6 years. I live in Levittown PA, and all joking aside, I'm well known for having "that turbo probe".

For starters the car is completely gutted... no interior at all, not even sound deadening tar.

Yes it's quite loud inside; huge front mount inter-cooler, solid inter-cooler piping, 190 high pressure fuel pump, rather large injectors, intake exhaust, etc etc. I could go on for hours.

Long story short, if you're seriously into street racing and you want people think you're driving a slow car that is a total sleeper, then buy a 89 GT!!! You'll be glad you did.

22nd Oct 2008, 00:47

Yes, I have a 89 Probe GT, yes I kill Honda Civics with it, LOL this car is a blast... I have about 1500 in after market parts under the hood, and yes, the lack of after market parts is VERY crappy... still... nice little sleeper.

Dustin Wells, Dayton Ohio!!!

27th Apr 2009, 12:01

I have an 89 Ford Probe. I love this thing. I kept up with a vette for about 5 miles on the interstate. It was awesome. I am about ready to pull the motor and rebuild. Nothing wrong with it, I just want it to go faster.

5th Jul 2009, 13:32

I just bought myself an 89 GT for 850 bucks.. it has about 145k miles on it.. it needs a downpipe and some paint, and the clutch is feeling a little weak. The guy I bought it from has had a head unit, and lost the faceplate..

I'm in love with the car.. I was driving to the shore and was racing Hondas and a couple Mazdas and this car surprised me... I am a Honda lover 100 percent, but now I am also an 89 GT lover.. Amazing cars...

Deptford NJ.

15th Dec 2009, 03:16

I just got a 89 Ford Probe GT Turbo given to me for free, and all it needs is a power steering pump and she will ride good again, but she is hella fast, and I got to 70 in 2nd gear without over revving her, and she is completely stock.

7th Jan 2010, 19:35

1989 Probe Gt with 168xxx on it. Bought it about 1 year ago for $500 and it's probably the best car I've ever owned. Starts in -30F winter days, looks great for being 20 years old - the paint on the spoiler is faded, but the rest still shines up fine. No visible rust on the body panels.

These cars are ridiculously fast, I am quite impressed with the power. All I've had to do to it was tires, exhaust and a few minor things like a window regulator.

16th Jul 2010, 16:34

I LOOOOVE this car! It was a 16th birthday gift from my Grandfather, who kept it in mint condition the whole time he had it, since September of 1988. I have now had it for more than 2 years, and the only thing that I've had to replace was one rear brake caliper. After driving it this long (148+K miles), it has never had a major engine or trans problem. Fuel pump once, and turbo charger was replaced several years ago, in anticipation of a future problem with it. The ONLY beef I have with the car is it leaks a little bit around the drivers' window... no real problem.

I am planning on painting it all black this summer with an ice blue stripe down the center - putting aftermarket wheels and tires, turbo charger, fuel pump, and brakes on it. I'm planning on getting into the street racing scene - I have connections. Raced an 82' Vette the other day, passed him at first and stayed ahead of him for 6.8 miles on the interstate.


20th Aug 2010, 17:25

I purchased my 1989 Probe LX new in January 1989, and still drive it daily. The odometer is closing in on 250,000. Neither the engine or the transmission has required overhaul or replacement. Gas mileage still ranges 25 city and 30 highway. The only problem is finding parts for it. Best of all, it is still a fun car to drive.