1989 Ford Probe GT 2.2 turbo from North America


A sporty car for all ages


My starter went out once.

General Comments:

This car was meant for speed. The 2.2 Turbo pushes the car to unbelievable speeds.

The adjustable suspension is great. It is so tight taking corners at 45 mph is no problem. The adjustments are great for cruising or for when you get the need for speed.

The only problems I have really had deals with the cooling system. I live in Las Vegas, NV and the weather is not the coldest. It does not over heat, but reaches the above normal temperature. As long as you keep the cooling system in check every thing will work out fine.

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Review Date: 27th June, 2004

1989 Ford Probe GL 2.2L Inline 4 Cylinder from North America


Power and reliability for $750


Headlamp motors both malfunction/don't work.

A/C lacks cooling ability, blower still works though.

Replaced the whole exhaust system a couple times.

Sun-wearing on the dash and seats.

Small Oil/Tran. leaks

Replaced both CV Joints

Replaced all belts

Replaced alt.

Battery dies randomly.

General wear and tear for a 14-15 year old car.

General Comments:

I am a second hand owner, and this car has beat my previous vehicles into the ground. I have recently taken it to RI from ME, and nothing more than a loose exhaust bar from the trip. I love this car, and hope to see it run over 250,000 miles before I retire it. I got it for 750 dollars the summer after my first year of college, and haven't had anything to complain about. A must have for college students.

Recently found gas mileage to average about 25 mpg overall.

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Review Date: 14th June, 2004

1989 Ford Probe GL 2.2 from North America


A great time!


Crank Seals blew.

Valve cover gasket blew.

Transmission melted.

Power steering leaks.

All lights stopped working.

Brake lines blew.

Alternator belt breaks repeatedly.

Other electrical issues.

General Comments:

It's called a Probe. It's slow and has loose handling. Too much body roll through cornering. It's great car to get back at those garbage cans and trees and other things you don't like. Just remember if its not trashed you're not hitting it hard enough.

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Review Date: 9th May, 2004

1989 Ford Probe GT 2.2Lturbo from North America


An extremely reliable and fun car


So far my power windows do not work which is probably just a simple connection as well as the fog lights which are just an extra option in the first place. I raced my buddies Mx-6 turbo and I schooled him. excellent deal for the car as the is nothing mechanically wrong with it.

General Comments:

I love this car! As soon as I saw it I was immediatly in love with it. It handles magnificently and the speed and power that come out of the four banger turbo is amazing, considering its also 15 years old. This car will keep with with a mustang and a brand new grand am Gt with ram air, pretty good considering these are some of the top-of-the-line cars in these day and time. It was a steal of a deal at only 2000 Canadian dollars which I even felt a little guilty about because I already knew about its capabilities. A car I would recommend for a guy my age (18)

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Review Date: 15th November, 2003

27th Jan 2005, 09:08

Yes I have a probe gt turbo too and its fast I can get up to 68 in 2nd gear in seconds I love the car.

14th Sep 2005, 20:41

Ya I agree the Probe GT is a very compitent car and I love them too my only beef with them is the lack of after market parts available.

1989 Ford Probe GL Inline 4 12-Valve from North America


Best car I've had so far, wish I can say it was my first


Air intake hose had a crack in it when I bought it.

A/C doesn't currently work.

Right front strut makes a slight groan on occasions.

General Comments:

This car has been reliable every morning when I have to be at school on time.

I like the manual shift mode and power mode for whether you want to blow someone's doors off or cruise on the highway.

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Review Date: 22nd October, 2003