6th Dec 2009, 10:45

I had the very same problem with my 96 GT. Turned out to be the electrical connector going to the fuel rail had very worn out wiring leading to the connector. Went to junk yard and cut off another connector spliced it in, and bam, never ran like she was missing again :)

When it's running bad, try wiggling the wires leading to that connector, or wiggle the connector itself, and see if she all of a sudden runs better? Then you will really know if it's the wiring.

21st Jun 2010, 14:44

I have a 1996 Ford Probe GT, and have not yet found a day where something did not go wrong with it.

Currently the car is not even running. It is acting like the timing belt is not on it. It is not firing right at all. I have already put 2 distributor coils on it, front axles, brakes all the way around, an alternator, plug wires, and front fuel filter. I am very seriously considering using the car to start a nice little bonfire. It seems like it would do more good that way anyway.

If anyone knows anything about why it is doing the way it is could you please contact me at coconutgirl83090@aol.com. Anything to keep me from having to buy another $735 part would be greatly appreciated!!!

8th Sep 2010, 00:44

I agree with the last review. I am also a Probe fan.

A few things to keep in mind for reliable and long running are... always use a quality oil, use a quality engine flush every 10,000 klms (or every 2nd oil change - 5000klms per change), never ever use mineral oil in these motors; it will sludge up, and you will get noisy lifters... be warned.

I also recommend a quality oil and air filter, like K&N.

Replace things on a regular basis before they go wrong. Do the major service at say 80,000 klms, the cam belt, water pump, idlers, tensioner, Iridium plugs, fuel filter and fuel pump. OK, it costs a bit, but you won't have any problems, and reading between the lines, it seems to me that all the so called problems experienced by people, are lack of servicing / lack of interest, or I will wait till it breaks syndrome.

These are well engineered cars, and will do huge mileages if you give them a little TLC.

YES I AM A PROBE GT FAN ABSOLUTELY!!! Does anyone realise this motor was designed in conjunction with Yamaha, Porsche and Mazda. I find it amazing that it could be anything other than very good!!!

4th Oct 2010, 21:38

My Ford Probe is a late 1996 model, and to date all I had go wrong was also a distributor. I found out it's made by Mitsubishi, I nearly fell over when Ford asked for $2400 for a replacement! Luckily I had an extended warranty on my car, so I paid only $330.

Other than routine and regular ongoing maintenance, I haven't had any problems, other than that distributor. I found that going to my local Ford dealer is a total waste of time for parts. Definitely go to a Mazda dealer, or even better Supercheap Auto.

Ford amaze me at the totally ludicrous prices for everything related to the Probe. It seems to be typical of them on any imported Ford: try a quote of $110 for a top radiator hose! I got one from Supercheap for $17!

I like my car, and I am keeping it, so far I've got nearly 190,000 kms up, and I service it every 5000 kms with Mobil 1 oil and use only the best of everything for it.

I recently did a Perth to Sydney run, and back to Perth (about 7500 kms and didn't even put any oil or water in it, I cruised across the Nullabour at a steady 130 - 140 where it was prudent to, and still averaged about 12 litres / 100 kms, pretty good for a 14 year old car that still turns heads!

15th May 2011, 07:09

I own a 1996 Probe GT. It's done nearly 195,000 klms, and other than the usual distributor problem (Mitsubishi made), I haven't had a single breakdown.

I, like most other owners, use high quality synthetic oil and filters in the motor, and synthetic gear oil for the manual transmission. I am a user of BP Ultimate fuel, and have used it since I bought the car some years ago.

It is the most reliable sporty car I've owned, and that includes 2 Nissan 300ZX's, a Nissan R33 GTST and an MX6 (same mechanicals!). The suspension is a bit crashy, but on the open road, it flies, particularly on a winding road. These handle really well on good quality tyres, and they are economical, and comfortable. I give it some stick regularly, and it still winds out to around 230kph, but obviously it's not a regular occurrence! It is after all now 15 years old! How many that age are still running this well? Keep on Probing guys!