3rd Jun 2009, 09:26

I've had my T regd 1.7 Puma for three years now. I've given it regular oil changes and a new clutch £350. I smile every time I drive it, it's SOOO much fun.

Guess I've been lucky over 3 years not having any of the problems mentioned, no funny smells, wet patches or water ingress.

Had 2 mark two Golf GTi's before this, and didn't think this much fun could be had again unless you have lots of money. I was so wrong.

Clutch main expense; £350, tyres, brakes, normal wear and tear.

Done 150,000 miles, now reckoning it'll reach 250,000 easily. Regular oil changes and a little slick 50, still looks sounds drives great, maybe just lucky.

Ooh I have changed one headlight bulb and sidelight bulb, AND given the insides of the headlights a wipe, now they're good again. In fact so good clear and bright that I'm happy I didn't purchase the more expensive brighter bulbs, as they may be too bright for other drivers.

It still does 137, yes not 127, leaves all little hot hatches in the shade without any modifications.

LOVE IT, DRIVE IT, I do lucky me x.

3rd Jun 2009, 23:56

Re T reg lucky Puma.

Oh and a starter motor last year when it did let me down. But that's all it was. Don't get one off a boy racer type.

9th Oct 2009, 19:11

I bought my 1.7 Puma new in 1999. I have experienced the poor lights and water pouring into the boot (stop the boot opening so quick by holding it and the water drains down the channels), front tyres wear quicker than expected (but my brother's Celica and uncles 3 series and Golf do the same).

It has just failed its first MOT due to corroded break pipes, and a blowing exhaust. But hey, it's 10 years old and to be expected.

I have been looking to replace it for a few years now, but can't find a car I like anywhere near as much. Celicas are to refined, I like the raw go-kartishness of the Ford. RX8 - just the sales person put me off with his "ours is the best coupe ever attitude" and TTs are just too expensive.

I wish Ford would repeat their winning formula with another modern Puma; no bigger, no more refined - just a better lights and boot lid design. Amazing value for money, real "ear-to-ear-grinning-like-a-lunatic" motoring. Fabulous!

2nd Nov 2009, 16:53

Brought my 1.7 Puma today, 120,000 miles '97 plate for £900. Thought it was an absolute bargain. Drove like a dream, was a bit worried about reversing with not very much rear sight, but thought I'd get used to it... this evening the clutch went...

24th Jan 2010, 07:49

Hi guys.

I would recommend a Puma to anyone. I've had my 1.7, 2001 plate baby for 3 years. AND I LOVE IT. I've never had such a reliable car.

When I was a typical teeny bopper, I had a Fiesta XR2, then the XR2i, which were I have to admit daft buys. The sellers saw me coming a mile off, leaving me paying over the odds for hunks of junk because they looked pretty. Both cost me a bob or 2.

The blinking big end went in the XR2i (god knows where LOL), which resulted in a new engine jobby, which my mate never got quite right (looking back, shouldn't of been too surprising as he was only a trainee mechanic.).

I then got my R plate 'Escort GTI' 1.18V which was mint. I'd never had a car for 2 years before until this beauty, not a scratch in sight, no new engine needed. Not a penny needed.

That was until I had a little argument with a high kerb. She didn't like that one bit, and so became very stubborn; she developed man flu big time.

The exhaust fell off, the central locking did one, the windows would open themselves, the clutch started slipping, and the gearbox got jealous and joined in. Resulting in me dumping her for a new younger model, which ended up being a bike. This was my no1 bessy mate. My gixer. WOW Great for the summer, but by winter I was on the look out for a cheap runner.

So finally I got me Puma. Wow, what can I say, cheap to run, a nippy little thing, handles brilliantly, loves playing on bendy roads. With a bit of an attitude and she's loads of fun (which nearly turns me on. LOL)

I am a bit of a speed demon and love to play with trixxie gixxie on track days (no car would satisfy me anymore).

I honestly thought a car would never impress me again.

How wrong was I!

The Puma loves to play out, to which I'm happy to oblige.

I too have had 137 mph. Don't think she'd of gone anymore though.

I am, if you haven't guessed, a woman, so I do feel that I am allowed on the odd occasion to have a few blonde moments.

Like the time I believed the engine had caught fire. I stopped the car bang in the middle of the road, jumped out, started running away screaming it's on fire.

For the fireman to try and say behind a serious face, it's your radiator pipe love. I'll never live that down. It only cost pennies to fix, though £20 to be precise.

The throttle cable snapped another time. When I realised that something wasn't quite right, I turned my music down, saw my revs going into overdrive, and thought car was gonna blow. I just stopped right there jumped out. Turned the engine off, called the wife, who made her as good as new within hours. AGAIN, what a bargain £25.

I do suspect the most expensive thing to date will be the ABS sensors.

The light has been on for a while, which was the drivers side front sensor, £35 ebay job. Not bad I thought.

That was until my numb-nuts partner changed my pads and discs and accidentally broke 2 more. In my woman's world, ABS stands ALERT THE BOMB SQUAD.

So my Puma has become a beautiful street ornament at present.

But hey in the 3 years for a 9-10 year old car with 75000k, that has only cost £45 for repairs, and say another £200 max for my ABS parts. I say money well spent.


21st Feb 2010, 13:41

Had my Puma 1.7 for 4 years. Never had a problem till today. Passenger side foot well soaking wet, lifted carpet to find a trickle of water coming down from under the dashboard. Anyone got any ideas?

22nd Feb 2010, 11:07

You may have a leak...

24th Feb 2010, 02:35

Check the pollen filter housing cover is tightly closed. Also if you look where the two heater matrix pipes go into the scuttle panel, there's a plastic "lid" which they pass through, which is secured by four screws. Make sure these are tight and the rubber seal is correctly located.

13th Apr 2010, 12:49


I have had my Puma for 4 years and love it to bits; sleek black, great drive.

However I was driving home a couple of days ago, and the power went. When I tried to start it again, it turns over and starts, but then loses power. I think it's probably something to do with petrol; it doesn't seem to be getting enough; anyone have any ideas?