13th Apr 2010, 16:40

Check the cheap and obvious bits first by giving it a good service, spark plugs, fuel filter, air filter etc. Hopefully something nice and simple.

28th Apr 2010, 14:49

I bought my Puma 3 years ago... she is an X-reg, black, and I absolutely adore her.

She is not well at the moment, and I wonder if there are any doctors out there that can diagnose her problem and help me to make her better. Her dash display has stopped working (i.e. speedo, rev counter petrol and temp gauges) and she is blowing hot air, even though the heater is set to cold and the blower is hot. Is there anyone out there that has had this with their Puma, and if there is, what do I do? All fuses are OK BTW. Thanks.

29th Apr 2010, 16:52

Had my Puma (2001 reg) for three years now. We have only ever had Ford's and this is the best.

Have recently had the heater problem - it's the heater valve - you need to buy the Ford replacement part (there are four and three of them are duff! so check the Puma forum for part number). Eventually got it sorted.

Also when first bought, the car had the problem with a smell - it was easily fixed as it related to the water pipe leading to the rear windscreen. Although had a number of issues, they all related to wear and tear.

This is a great car and am reluctant to get rid. Although looking to replace it, I would like to hold onto it and pay out the money for the repairs (wheel arches in particular).

The only thing that might tempt me is the Ford Cougar, but not that many on the market. I should point out that I traded in a brand new Ford just 9 months after purchase after spotting my Puma on a garage forecourt - never had any regrets.

14th May 2010, 06:25

Hi there, I've had a Puma 1.7 from brand new for the last 9 years; fantastic car, reliable, fun and cheap to run. Certainly one of the best all round practical fun cars ever made. Nobody who has had one ever says anything bad about them.

There have been plenty of rumours over the years about Ford bringing them back, but certainly nothing concrete. However with the new Peugeot and upcoming Hyundai coupe, plus the established Volkswagen, Audi and Nissan coupes, it does seem as though there is a strong case for an updated small Ford coupe. Let's hope so!

Oh by the way, for the person having dashboard and heater problems, I've seen a lot of people fix these type of issues with a new alternator as the old ones can overcharge sometimes. Get a second hand one for around £30 and replace it. See if that cures your problems. Unfortunately even the so called professionals often go through a trial and error approach to fixing cars, so hopefully that would solve your problem with minimum expense.


23rd May 2010, 08:44

Hi, my Puma 1.7 was sitting ticking over in the drive, and after 5 minutes the temp was up in the red, but I noticed that the cooling fan never came on. Any one got any idea when the fan should come on???

24th May 2010, 04:01

I bought a R reg Puma a couple of months ago, and love it.

The only issue I have is that the water warning light on the dash came on this morning whilst driving to work. I pulled over and checked the engine and everything is full - am a bit nervous about driving it home, as it is a 35 mile drive, and I don't want the engine to blow up or anything.

Can anyone offer any advice, or has anyone had a similar problem?

12th Jun 2010, 05:25

I have just bought an R reg 98 Puma.

Wanted a Puma for a long time, and I love it.

Early days yet, so can't really comment on anything :S.

Things I need help with:

1) My windowscreen sprayer jet doesn't seem to work at all on front, any ideas? Also, is it legal to drive a car without window washer facilities?

2) The car started smelling - I think it's because I left a window open when it rained the other day, and the upholstery got wet and smelly. Worth mentioning though that when I bought it, the guy had like 10 car freshener things in it... Hmmm.

3) The front window wiper blade doesn't have a delayed option; it's either fast, super fast or not at all.

Any help would be appreciated :)

Kayleigh x x.

26th Jul 2010, 07:03

I brought my Puma less than a week ago and love it. The temperature gauge goes up half way within 5 minutes, any ideas?

5th Sep 2010, 07:11

Yes, this means the engine coolant temperature is normal. If it goes higher, consult your garage or Ford dealer.

My wife's 1.7 had the water ingress; put in a new windscreen, cured.

Parcel shelf issues, put a small thick black elastic band around the hinge arms, doesn't fall off, though the strings are a nuisance.

The ride is hard, live with it, it's a sporty car thing; if you don't like it, buy a saloon.

If it's raining and you open the boot, the rain will get in as the hatch opens up, and rain, unless I am going crazy, falls downwards!

Light casings misting up; run a hair dryer over them.

For what it is, this is a really good little car.

8th Sep 2010, 05:35

I've had my Puma for over 10 years - I bought it when it was only 4 months old. Really love the car, and don't want to replace it, but it's leak/damp problems are getting me down.

The inside of the car stinks. All last winter the drivers footwell carpet was soaking wet. It went to 2 garages - one fixed the door seal, the other siliconed under the windscreen. It seemed fine in summer as it all dried out, but now autumn is coming, the damp smell is back with a vengeance. I am worried the problem is still unresolved. Driving around with the windows wide open for ventilation is not an option in winter! Any further suggestions?

Also had the following minor niggles over the decade:

1) Parcel shelf is of course broken!

2) Clear plastic on headlights perished so permanently look misted up.

3) CD player stopped working.

4) Electric wing mirrors have died.

Despite the car being 10 years old it still attracts compliments!

8th Sep 2010, 15:42

My Ford Puma seemed to be burning oil.. Have had engine stripped down, and the mechanic has found a bent con rod. Any ideas where I can get a replacement from?

10th Sep 2010, 11:34

Yes, simple, and I am surprised your garage hasn't suggested it, replace the bent rod!!! It should not be beyond the skill set of a garage to do this, after all, it's what they do for a living.

30th Sep 2010, 04:38

I bought my Ford Puma last May and haven't had any problems with it up until now!

The passenger footwell has a pool of water in it any time there is heavy rain, which is very common in the UK!

Also, I was checking my oil and noticed the coolant was empty. I have never checked this before, or ever filled it up, so I took it to a garage and told them it was empty and could they fill it up. They said there must be a reason why it is empty and had a look at it. They said I needed to get a new 'plastic housing on the left hand side of the engine'. I am not a car expert, can anyone shed any light on this?

Also, the car key remote does not open the door, but I'm guessing this just needs a new battery? Although the red LED light sometimes comes on if I push hard enough!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!