28th Dec 2007, 09:41

My chip tuned Puma 1.7i VCT is now 10 years old and has covered 217,000 miles, and still puts out over 300BHP.

My brother in law was amazed when his new BMW 335i coupe simply could not keep up in corners or on straights when we visited the nurburgring last month. His best lap time was over 1 minute behind the Puma which went round in 7 minutes 11 seconds. (not a bad time as I don't know the track very well)

He has contacted BMW about the possibility of chip tuning the BMW using the F1 car codes, but so far they have not obliged.

28th Dec 2007, 13:11

300 bhp is not possible from the 1700 Sigma engine without forced induction, or spending far more than anyone would ever consider spending. Sorry.

3rd Jan 2008, 11:12

LOL, a chip giving the puma 240bhp 'OVER' standard!! ha! yea right.

You'd be lucky to see that figure with extremely heavy tuning and a turbo.

The puma is a pumped up girls car with OK handling, little else.

3rd Jan 2008, 14:19

Ford F1 chip straight in? The funniest thing I've ever read on this site and that's saying something.

Can't agree with the commenter above either though. The Puma's a classic. Evo still rate it as a 5 star car after all these years.

11th Jan 2008, 08:51

Does anyone know of where one might possibly procure the acclaimed Ford F1 Chip for the Puma?

My brother speaks of his Escort Mexico which had so much power it could drive sideways after fitting parts from an F1 car which he bought from Ebay. (NB: The Mexico was the 1995 Mk V version, not the classic Mk I rubbish)

28th Feb 2008, 08:48

I own a 2002 1.7 Thunder Puma and have had it since new, this is my second Puma. I want to change it, however I want something the same size and performance, with the sports coupe feel, as well as being able to hold 4 adults or plenty of shopping!!. As I have only travelled less than 28,000 miles I think I may keep it a bit longer.

Any suggestions on a replacement?

29th Feb 2008, 06:26

How about a Hyundai Coupe? They look good, well built, reliable, cheap second hand. Only problem is the underpower engines, and if you get the V6 the fuel economy is pretty awful.

I'd also suggest the Toyota Celica. Similar to the Hyundai, but better engines.

23rd Apr 2008, 17:25

To Mr CTR.

I would rather kill myself than to be seen in a cheap Japanese piece of tin can like the Type R! My Puma is 100 times much better car to drive than that plastic piece of Japanese garbage!

I mean if you want a proper sports car, buy a Porsche mate! A Puma might not be as quick as that tin can but it is a far better looking and far better handling car than the Civic. And Clio looks crap and feels horrible to drive. You won't get a second look in the box.

24th Apr 2008, 05:33

So what your saying is that the Clio and the Civic both look crap and are not as good to drive as your Puma?

HA! Nice joke mate, but come off it, I mean the puma is a Fiesta with a coupe body, and to say the Civic and Clio are ugly and then claim the Puma is good is strange.

I mean for a start look how high that back end is on the car? It looks like it would topple when cornering.

Get to grips with what your car is; a cute little girls fiesta made to look faster. Sure it might drive good, but so does a Fiesta! I'll never forget the original ad for the Puma, Hmm Steve Mcqueen gives up his gorgeous classic 390 Mustang Bullitt for a Puma! Ha yeah right!.

A capable muscle car for a cheap city runabout, I'm sure he would prefer it. LOL.

I think you should open your eyes and see the truth.

I've driven the Puma and now own a Clio Sport, and believe me, the Clio Sport is vastly superior.

The Puma is OK and handles well, but is quite a bit behind a good hot hatch such as the Clio or Civic.

10th May 2008, 08:12

90% of all the comments made here should be totally discounted as they are nothing more than 'the car I own is great and the car everyone else drives is rubbish'

Very rarely have I read such infantile, misinformed and downright incorrect rubbish.

The Puma was universally highly praised in every magazine and TV road test at it's launch and is still very highly regarded today and not simply through 'rose tinted glasses' either - it's only been out of production for 6 years, not 26 years.

I do own a 1.7 Puma as my daily use car and also own a highly tuned Fiesta Mk.2 XR2 which I have won many concours trophies with. The Puma isn't as fast as my XR but it's handling more than makes up for that.

I also don't regard it as a girl's car either - any more than any hot hatch is, which let's face it are all 'shopping' cars with bigger engines and uprated brakes & suspension. That is not meant as a disparaging comment on hot hatches, far from it - I love them, but it's the truth.

A healthy and well driven Puma is more than capable of punching well above its weight as there are few cars that manage to perfectly balance the power delivery, road holding and braking performance to provide a really great driving machine. It's this 'balance' that marks out a truely great car. Many cars have monster power outputs which vastly overwhelm the chassis, or great handling cars that are underpowered.

In the words of EVO magazine, who have amongst the best and most respected motoring journalists around, Good points: Everything. Bad points: Nothing. Given the fact that they have driven every performance car every made, try and find another review that says that (the only other is the Ferrari 550 Maranello, which won their 'Car of the Decade' award). And before anyone pulls up that comment as me comparing the two, I'm clearly not, but the contributing factors from both that resulted in the identical summaries are plain to see.

30th May 2008, 07:29

So your saying the puma is not a shopping car either?

That doesn't even get uprated components!!lol, at least a hot hatch does and is all the better for it.

28th Jul 2008, 09:47

Having read all of the comments with glee, I love them all until you move onto my current set of wheels, the Clio.

Firstly, let me clarify my driving experience before everyone gives me grief. I've owned or driven lots of exotica and have been lucky to own some of the best drivers cars ever made. Namely, 205GTi 1.9, 306 GTi6, Corrado VR6, Prodrive Impreza Spec C and my current baby, the Clio 182 with cup pack. I've driven M3s, Rs4s, RS2s, Ferraris 355, 360CS and 430Scuderia and Porsche 993, 996 and 997 GT3s. Some on track, some on the road and have also driven both the Puma you're talking about and the CTR.

Now, with any car, it's not about how fast it goes or how well it corners (trust me, the Impreza buries all of the above on real roads, including a straight line and the twisty stuff), it's about how it makes you smile at the end of the day.

The Puma is fabulous to drive. Loved it. Not very powerful but what a wonderful chassis and one of the truly great cars of the past 20 years.

The Mazda MX5 is there as well, certainly in 1.8iS form. Performance similar in both terms and both fabulous to drive on any B road.

My favourite of all the above though are my old Corrado VR6 and the Clio.

I've only driven the Integra once and found it too hard.

The Civic is only great in current Japanese import form with the 225BHP engine.

The 197 needs to be revved, and is in my opinion, a compromise where the bean counters got in the way of Mugen. It is OK but not great.

The Golf is better, just not as reliable.

However, the Clio is, in my very experienced opinion, the best out of the bunch and makes me smile every time I drive it. I own 2 of them and I do car reviews for a living.

Driving is not straight lines (unless you are American) and I think it is actually fair to compare the Puma to an M3 or any other performance car in pure enjoyment terms, just don't expect the same performance without a blower.

Anyway, to all owners, if it makes you smile on a dark afternoon with an empty bit of road in front of you, don't get too het up about how many ponies are pulling or pushing you.