1996 Ford Ranger LX 2.3L 4 cylinder from North America


Economical and reliable, a good value


400 miles, light oil leak. Dealer replaced oil pan gasket under warranty. Apparently when the gasket was installed at the factory, there was a small crimp in the material, which caused the leak.

Plastic window crank covers broke off.

Seat belt retainer on floor gets stuck in door, it fails to hold belt close to seat and out of the way.

60,000 miles, engine knock with 87 octane began, (due to carbon build up in the engine.) This is typical with the 4-cylinder Fords I have owned. I have to put 91 octane in to keep it from knocking.

93,000 miles, "Check Engine Light" turned on. Mechanic charged $75 to download error codes. He said, the computer responded with "no error". So, the mechanic reset the computer and the "check engine" light stayed off for a week. It came back on, but I have just ignored it. The truck runs fine.

General Comments:

The truck gets great gas mileage, (about 25 mpg per tankful.) However, it is somewhat underpowered with the 4-cylinder motor. I think next time I will opt for the 3.0 L 6-cylinder.

The exterior paint is great! It is a nice metallic green color. We put a Perma Plate coating on it, which has kept it looking nice.

The interior is a good tan color. Ford did well with the color scheme.

I wish the dashboard had a tachometer, (RPM gauge). It didn't come with one.

The vehicle has been maintained regularly. Manual transmission fluid, coolant and engine oil are all replaced at scheduled intervals. The motor runs well after 113,000 miles.

Accident History: Rear-ended by a Honda Civic going 35 mph when I was stopped at a red light. The Honda dove *under* the back end of the truck. I must have been lifted about 3 feet in the air when I was hit! I was pushed into the vehicle 6-feet in front of me. Other than having the rear bumper replaced, the front bumper mounts and the muffler replaced, the truck was fine. This is a very crash-worthy vehicle in my opinion.

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Review Date: 27th April, 2003

1996 Ford Ranger XLT I4 from North America


It is a cheap truck and you get what you pay for


For the first 4 years of owning the truck there were no problems with it up till around 80,000 miles. After that it just has been a headache. First springs and shocks, then the interior door lamp went bad, then the radiator started over-heating, next the rust on the bed, less than 15 miles per gallon city and not more than 22 freeway, muffler rusted out, keeps stalling when raining out.

General Comments:

The truck is sluggish & slow.

Trying to pass someone on the freeway is impossible.

It is horrible in the snow.

Gas millage is horrendous for a 4-cyl.

The cab was made for children drivers.

Repair prices are reasonable.

It looks good when washed.

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Review Date: 7th March, 2003

27th Apr 2003, 21:02

I don't think the last reviewer was being fair at all. He complained that the car has been a headache after reaching 80,000 miles. But the complaints were all due to "normal" wear. For example:

If the only things that rusted were the muffler and minor rust in the truck bed, that's nothing. Of course the car is going to rust after driving it for 6 years in a place where it snows.

He also complained that he had to replace the shocks. This is also normal wear.

Next, the reviewer said that his gas mileage was bad. This refers to the automatic transmission, which is always going to be worse than manual. Learn to shift and use a clutch if this is a problem.

The gas mileage on my manual transmission ranger is about 28 highway and 21 in town, (average of 25 mpg per fill-up.)

Perhaps the reviewers vehicle needs a tune-up? It is common for vehicles that aren't maintained properly may show symptoms of poor gas mileage.

4th Jul 2004, 02:37

Any vehicle that goes 80,000 miles without a tune up, or any other normal maintenance done to it, is going to have problems, that doesn't lay fault on the vehicle, because any and every vehicle has to have preventive work done to it. If you treat you vehicle like you should, you have to act like it's a child and baby it and take care of it. So all I have to say is if your going to own and drive a vehicle you need to know to get maintenance done to it.