1996 Ford Ranger XL 4x4 4.0 V6 4x4 from North America


It's a beast and the chicks dig it!!!


The 4x4 went out stuck $1000 for new hubs and rebuld trancefer case.

The back bed under the topper gets used a lot, but now its broken.

General Comments:

The bed is nice.

Great running truck.

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Review Date: 31st October, 2002

1996 Ford Ranger XLT 4 cylinder. 2.3 Liter from North America


Best in it's class..


Front brakes need replacement.

Catalytic Converter needs replacement.

General Comments:

This truck had very high mileage when I purchased it, but after the great experience I had with my '92 Escort I didn't feel it was an issue. It has not let me down yet...

The engine doesn't leak a drop of oil, and every time I check it, it looks as if it just came out of the bottle. Very clean!!

I am not one of the most careful drivers and have had it down trails in the middle of the woods, in puddles that reach the bottoms of the doors, in the middle of mud fields, etc...

I bought a truck for the benefits of having a truck. I don't "baby" it, or wax it on Sunday's. I treat it like a truck and it treats me like a king.

When I bought it, it was valued at $3,200.00 more than the asking price because of a dent on the bed, apparently caused by a 4x4 piece of lumber that fell on it. I'm not big on vanity so something like that would never keep me from purchasing a vehicle. The last time I checked, the truck was still valued (per Kelly's Blue Book) at $1,800.00 more than I originally paid for it and now I dont owe anything on it.

When it comes to 4-cylinders, Ford is #1 in my book!!

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Review Date: 14th August, 2002

8th Dec 2006, 18:06

No, the Ranger is not the best small truck made. In fact, it may be the worst. The truth is, the 2.3 will go about 60-70,000 miles until it begins to self-destruct. Sensors and smaller components begin to go, it starts to run rough, then the major problems begin. To anyone using this site because they are considering the purchase of a Ranger: DON'T buy one. Don't believe that these trucks get 300,000 miles on them; realistically they are completely spent after about 110,000 to 130,000 miles, and it takes money to get them to run for that long. Besides, even if you get lucky and get a Ford 4-cylinder that holds together for more than 130,000 miles, you probably will have to have replaced the transmission by then. If you want a truck that is actually worth the price, buy a Nissan or a Toyota. And if you are just looking for a good 4-cylinder motor, buy a Honda; they made a MUCH better 4-cylinder engine in 1981 than Ford does today. Don't be fooled by Ford fanatics who post false numbers and false information.

1996 Ford Ranger STX 4.0 from North America


Terrific truck


Gasket on the timing cover. It started to leak oil and anti-freeze. 56,000 miles.


General Comments:

I have added a new mass air flow and K&N filter charger along with a 66 mil throttle body and Dynomax full flow muffler system. The truck now has much better performance. I am very happy with this truck and suggest a Ranger to anybody who is looking for a good small truck.

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Review Date: 16th January, 2002

1996 Ford Ranger XLT 3.0 V6 from North America




Mid-shift bearing in the transmission at 44,000 miles.

Both front wheel bearings and an ABS sensor at 55,000 miles.

Rear main seal leak at 50,000 miles.

Washer fluid pump only works when it wants to.

Both front rotors warped from dragging calipers at 52,000 miles.

General Comments:

What a pile of junk! I was so excited to purchase this truck and was so disappointed with it. It's completely under powered and handles like a brick. I took exceptionally good care of the truck but it didn't matter. My favorite part was the dealer telling me that mid-shift bearings were a maintenance item- Hah! Never again.

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Review Date: 4th September, 2001