2005 Ford Ranger XLT 2.3 from North America


Simple pickup truck ready for work!


Since I got the truck 3 years ago, it has only needed regular maintenance and a new clutch.

General Comments:

It is a simple pickup truck. There is nothing fancy about the Ranger. It's a workhorse with a purpose.

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Review Date: 14th May, 2019

2005 Ford Ranger XTL 3.0 V6 from North America


Excellent truck


Nothing yet.

General Comments:

My Ranger has performed excellent so far. It is reliable and comfortable.

It has an extended cab, and there is plenty of room in the back of the cab for storage.

I take it on 1000 mile trips 3 times a year, and the truck is comfortable all the way. Road and wind noise is not bad for a truck.

I get around 26 MPG doing 70 MPH on the interstate. At speeds of 55 MPH I get up to 29 MPG. Mixed driving to and from work gets me 24-25 MPG, but I'm not a fast driver, and I take it easy on my starts and stops.

I get adequate power from the 3.0 V6, though I haven't towed anything with it yet.

I've put 26,000 miles on it in two years, and the only thing I've done is change the oil every 3K and change the fuel and air filters.

I previously owned a 1993 Ranger XLT with the 2.3. I thought it was a great truck, but Ford has made a lot of improvements to the Ranger since then.

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Review Date: 22nd August, 2009

23rd Aug 2009, 17:00

I've been looking at Rangers on and off for about two years. Do you have a camper on yours? Is it loaded with gear?

If you could please give more info about how you achieve that mileage, please reply. Thanks!

4th Sep 2009, 21:16

I do not have a camper on the back, and I don't have any heavy gear. I drive with the tailgate up.

I think the good mileage is a combination of easy driving (fast starts and driving over 70 mph really sucks the fuel), and the manual transmission.

I was able to get 30+ mpg in the interstate with my 1993 Ranger (2.3 5 speed).

2005 Ford Ranger XL 2.3L 4 cylinder from North America


Best Value in a compact truck!


Absolutely nothing. Of course I bought a base model Ranger. No frills. Manual everything. There isn't much to go wrong. I put three times the normal mileage in a year on it using it as a professional service truck, and frequently overloaded the box, but it held up to all of it.

General Comments:

EXCELLENT FUEL ECONOMY! 30+MPG empty hwy, 22MPG fully loaded in town.

RELIABLE! No problems whatsoever with the vehicle everything worked as well when I traded it in on a bigger truck as when I bought it.

DURABLE! Moving, Pulling Trailers, and carrying equipment, this truck took it all.

RUGGED! Even took hunting on mountain roads in snow. No 4X4 needed.

GOOD LOOKING! Girls love trucks, and the new rangers are handsome.

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Review Date: 9th September, 2006

9th Sep 2006, 20:13

Congratulations on being smart enough to pick the world's best small truck!! I've owned 4 Rangers and they are the best built small trucks on the planet. I've never had one single problem with any of my Rangers over the past 15 years.

I just bought a 2006 Sport and it is the best yet. We've driven lots of Fords in my family, including one that went over 320,000 miles with nothing other routine maintenance.

2005 Ford Ranger Edge from North America


It is a piece of junk


The inertia switch has shut off twice already.

The stereo stopped working.

The immobilizer wires came loose twice; could not start the truck.

General Comments:

The truck looks nice, but is NOT SAFE. I have left it at the dealership and refuse to drive it because it lost power steering on the freeway and I am scared of it.

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Review Date: 23rd August, 2006

12th Sep 2006, 17:29

I've never heard of any Ranger having any of the problems you mentioned. My family has owned 6 Rangers since 1988 and not one has ever had a single problem...EVER. The problems you are describing are extremely unusual for a truck with the awesome reliability and world-class build quality of the Ranger, which has been the best selling truck on the planet for 22 years. Do you work for Toyota?