2007 Ford Ranger XL 4.0L from North America


Love this tough, affordable little truck


Transmission at 200k miles..

Blower motor resistor.

Blower motor.

Fuel pump due to noise, it may have lasted longer.

U- joints in rear shaft are bad at 210,000 and are original.

Shocks, brake parts, belt tensioner and idler, tires and other wear items are about it for repairs.

General Comments:

Maneuverability is phenomenal even with the super cab. Handling, once I upgraded the shock absorbers to KYB MonoMAX, has been great. These shocks are well worth the price.

Towing is good, but my truck has 3.73:1 gears, whereas the tow package came with 4.10:1 rear end. I think the small 4 liter engine needs all the gear it can get when towing on a daily basis.

I haul hundreds of pounds of tools, equipment on three bed constantly, and while the grass is growing, I haul a trailer with 2 riders and 2 push mowers that weighs 3k# and has 4 foot tall sides for hauling debris...

4-5k miles a month has been average since getting into maintaining REO and bank homes.

My truck has not been babied, but it's had maintenance kept up quite well. Treat a Ranger well and it will last forever... beat on it and it will still last longer than a Chevy or Dodge.

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2018

2007 Ford Ranger Sport 4x4 4.0L V6 from North America


Definitely still a market for the smaller pickup, let's hope Ford doesn't discontinue this truck!


I bought this pickup from a Honda dealer in the fall of 2009, as the lease was winding down on our Civic, and they had the truck we were looking for.

A few months later, we had issues with the truck not starting -- the radio, lights, etc. would work, but the engine wouldn't turn over.

After several trips to third-party garages and two tows, the Honda dealer finally sent the truck to a Ford dealership, where immediately they told me that there was a recall on this model for a defective anti-theft sensor. It was covered under Ford's warranty, and neither myself or the Honda dealer had to pay a cent.

Knock on wood, this has been the only issue I have had with the truck.

General Comments:

This a great little truck. Plenty of room for the 2 of us with lots of storage space behind the seat (side-facing rear seats are not comfortable for passengers!).

Our ATV fits nicely in the 6' box, and it easily tows our boat.

The 4x4 is great for our tough Canadian winters, and the A/C is cool and refreshing in the warmer months.

Truck rides great on the highway with lots of power, although gas mileage in the city is tough (like all Rangers), but we knew this when we bought it.

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Review Date: 6th September, 2010

2007 Ford Ranger Thunder Double Cab 2.5 TDCi from UK and Ireland


Not fit for the job, poor engineering


Car was pre registered by Ford dealer in 2007.

Car never sold.

I bought it in May this year.

Clutch packed in 3 weeks after buying it.

At under a 1000 miles, Ford are trying to say it's wear and tear, yes, wear & tear @ under 1000 miles and no towing.

And they say they are not covering it under warranty either.

Further enquiries reveals I'm not alone with this problem, Oh NO! It would seem from reading other owners complaints, the clutch just isn't up to the job, and of course Ford don't want to know, even though they know there is a problem and have since had to modify the clutch in the current model.

So Ford's 3 year warranty isn't 3 years because I've been told the 2nd. & 3rd. years are very limited in what Ford in fact do cover.

General Comments:

Disgusted with my treatment, and don't buy a FORD.

A Canadian once told me FORD stands for FIX OR REPAIR DAILY. I know now unfortunately what he was getting at.

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Review Date: 14th December, 2009