2007 Ford Ranger XLT 2.5 TDCI from Philippines


The car is good, but manufacturer did not take into consideration some minor details


The problem is more on the failure of FORD to put a lock or necessary measures to secure the reserve tire. My reserve tire was stolen in just seconds. The robber just remove the air (deflate) of the tire and push the rim upward to the floor which created enough space to unhook the anchor. Even a no brain-er can steal the reserve tire of a Ford Ranger. What is wrong with your engineers or car designer Mr. Ford.

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Review Date: 7th May, 2008

8th May 2008, 20:08

Way top go blame ford for some punk, like come on who steals a spare tire anyways???

25th Jun 2008, 22:00

Spare tires are easy to steal from virtually ALL pickup trucks if you don't exercise your option to lock it to the vehicle with a small 2 dollar padlock. There are a number of aftermarket locks available too. I think it's a fair assumption for any manufacturer to make that the buyer will have some common sense. You may have noticed there was no trunk on the truck to store the spare.

29th Jun 2008, 16:23

Interesting. My first three Rangers all came with keyed locks to secure the spare. Whether it was a service by the dealer as a customer consideration or a practice of the company I don't know. I never even LOOKED at the spare on my 2006 before trading it, so I don't know if it had a lock or not.

2nd Jan 2011, 09:08

Dude, you should just put on a lock... I'm from Manila, you need to put locks on your spares if you park outside.

2nd Jan 2011, 19:28

I've owned 4 Rangers. All were flawless, great trucks, and all came with a lock on the spare. Whether put on by the dealer or factory, I have no idea.

2007 Ford Ranger XLT 2.5 tdi from UK and Ireland


Not fit for purpose


I was reversing up my driveway, which is on a incline, and was slippery at the time, when the clutch pedal dropped to the floor and there was a burning smell.

On investigation the clutch was burnt out and the fly wheel was damaged. All of this was not covered on the warranty, and I was told by Ford that it was my fault for being a bad driver.

The garage bill came to £2000 and I had absolutely no help from Ford whatsoever, indeed it took a month to fix the vehicle (awaiting parts) and had no courtesy vehicle.

It is only when something goes wrong and you need help you realise how truly bad that Ford customer service is. I would never ever buy a Ford vehicle again after my experience with them, and am in the process of changing my vehicle with another manufacturer.

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Review Date: 14th March, 2008

16th Mar 2008, 12:42

Good for you. If you don't get good service, go elsewhere.

16th Mar 2008, 18:45

You burned out your clutch. Maybe you should try an automatic.

8th May 2008, 20:05

I agree with ford learn how to drive stick.

9th May 2008, 03:40

It must be noted that the original poster was from the UK. Over in the UK, MOST cars are manual (we learned to drive manual well before the Americans). I have never seen an automatic Ranger over here. Probably was a fault with the car.

2007 Ford Ranger Sport 3.0 V6 from North America


Good truck for the price


Check engine light came on at 12000 miles.

General Comments:

I like the comfort and overall design of my Ranger.

It gives no trouble pulling 1800lbs. of trailer and ATV's 36 miles one way. I have also put almost a ton of egg rock in the back and hauled it home. I do not recommend anyone do this that lacks driving experience. I could only drive 35 mph with this load, but my truck never let me down. However it did make me nervous.

The one complaint is the complete lack of throttle response from a dead stop with the a/c on.

Overall this is a good looking and tough truck. Can't really complain.

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Review Date: 9th October, 2007

12th Nov 2007, 14:14

Congratulations on a really great small truck. I have owned 4 Rangers and none ever had one single problem. They are the toughest small trucks built.

As for power, I added a K&N high-flow filter, a Flowmaster muffler and changed to synthetic oil in my 2006 3.0 Ranger Sport automatic. This seemed to help. After break-in and those changes mine would smoke the tires taking off, while it would not even chirp them when new.

I never hauled anything heavy in my Sport, although I did haul a few VERY heavy loads of granite stone in my old XLT. Yes, it WAS tricky. The rear tires were squished down, and I have no idea how much weigh was in it. The front tires had a very tenous grip on the road, and maintaining 70mph for the 40 miles of freeway travel was a little scary.