30th Dec 2002, 16:33

I have a 1999 Ranger XLT 4x4 and I also had the wiper problem, but the Dealer fixed it. My truck also pinged like yours until I started using higher octane gasoline. The one problem I can't get rid of is that my serpentine belt squeals constantly. At 30,000 I had it replaced and now I'm at 43,000 and it is doing it again???

5th Jun 2003, 13:28

My 1999 Ford Ranger XLT Extended Cab has cost me $1000 this year! My shocks went out (which was normal wear and tear (ish!) and I had to have new brakes. That part is okay, but... my windshield wipers also seem to have a nervous twitch, my engine knocks, and the oil between my tire rods has dried up and the only thing you can do is replace them completely, so my truck constantly sounds like it's falling apart! Now my biggest complaint, and my $1000, is that I had to have a new drive shaft installed and all new spider gears replaced in the rear end. This happened at around 56,000 miles (it had been happening for a while, but got so bad in a month's time that my mechanic told me to bring my truck in immediately). Now, at 61,000 miles my truck will not stay started unless I continually press the gas. I pulled out on a main road yesterday and the steering locked up then my truck died. It worked well for almost 4 years and now I'm getting so upside down on what I owe because of repairs, I have to take a huge loss or keep it forever. I have contacted Ford, but they said that there was no assistance available to me, Sorry!

12th Jul 2004, 19:08

My 99 Ford Ranger had these same issues. Wipers would turn on by themselves, dealer recall cleaned up that issue. At sixty two thousand miles, my O2 sensor failed, I replaced (Easy). I also have a noise that sounds like the belt, mainly when it is wet outside. I don't think its the belt, maybe a noisy pulley. I have had the belt replaced twice, still same problem. At about a hundred thousand miles my speed sensor failed (Speed-o-meter didn't work, brakes locked up, ABS light was on, and Transmission wouldn't shift from first) very noticeable. I replaced the speed sensor for around $40.00. Mine was Magnetic and fit in the differential, not the kind that fits in Transmission (Mechanical). At about one thousand five hundred fifty miles, bad idle. AC Clutch keep kicking on and off. Engine started rough, and ran better once warm. I replaced the Intake Control Solenoid for $88.00 (I believe this was caused by cleaning the throttle body junk and carbon build up). So far so good. I still have the pinging noise though. I was told to use higher octane fuel. I tried that and it helped a little. I did have the throttle body cleaned at a local shop for about $40.00. It was a advertised throttle body cleaning at It runs with less ping than before. But still pings on occasion (around 55-75), not nearly as much though. I also switch back to low grade regular and ping is still much lighter, but is still there.

25th Oct 2004, 15:48

I have a 99 Ford Ranger 2.5L, my problem is that it shuts off when approaching a stop, what could it be?

15th Dec 2007, 17:16

Belt squealing is the idler pulley. I have replaced twice.

Pinging is because of high cylinder compression ratio in the 3.0 V-6. Use highest octane available. I run ethanol E85 which is over 100 octane. Even with super unleaded gas I get pinging (124,000 mile truck)

Intermittent wipers is faulty switch arm. Replaced under 3/36 warranty.

15th Nov 2008, 14:11

I also have had problems with my 99 Ranger XLT 4x4 with 4.0L.

Bought it new in 99. It's never idled right since day one... idles at about 1200rpm...dealer said that's normal.

Have had minor problems with radio, dash lights, front brakes.

Then in 2007 had to replace a cracked head at 40k mile. Cost was about $2k when all was fixed. Head cracked in my 89 ranger too...coincidence? Either way -- I will never buy another Ford Vehicle.

16th Sep 2010, 13:51

Ford Ranger; stop belt squeal by applying baby powder.

21st Oct 2010, 16:20

Have a Mazda B3000 SE V6 flex fuel.

Had the squeal problem; thought it was from replacing my alternator, then thought it was idler/tensioner pulley, so replaced those. Still did it. Ultimately I think it's the quality of the belt I used; a segmented v-belt Nascar brand before replacement, but couldn't find again. Napa Auto has a similar belt (had a look like = = = = = along length of belt to help reduce noise). Instead I went with Dayco, which suck! Anyway, didn't want to buy another belt, so I tried baby powder and it works great.

Also I do have the wiper problem as well, so thanks for info on that.

Other than that, my truck has been pretty solid for 130k. I always put premium gas in.

Had to replace the clutch twice, rebuild the differential, and replace drums/rotors.

But other than those, no other major repairs, and it still sounds great, and I drive hard!

If you want to make your truck sound good, get a Magnaflow muffler, and a K&N cold air intake system. You won't regret it. A $500 upgrade that makes a huge difference.