3rd Feb 2003, 22:57

Hey, I had the problem with the wipers and I got it fix right away. As for the break problem I'm currently getting my brake pads changed to see if that's the problem. Other than that it has 84,000 miles and is still kicking.


25th May 2003, 11:45

My 98 Ranger had the same problems with the brakes. During a NY inspection where they are required to remove one wheel for brake inspection we found out that there was a spring (not sure what the part went to - guessing a caliper?) that had broken off and was getting pressed against the rotor by the brake pad. It did not sound like metal on metal, instead it was just a normal squeeking - a sound the dealer had convinced me was due to my mudbogging - simple dirt/mud and brake dust. Needless to say, I failed inspection :-) but am glad I did.


28th Feb 2004, 14:54

I have a 1999 Ford Ranger also. I took the rear brakes apart and found broken springs on both sides. Is there a recall for this problem?

13th Jul 2004, 19:17

I also own a 1999 ford ranger and it too had this pinging problem. I was always running premium gasoline to prevent engine damage. Then I decided to break the truck of its problem.

I filled the tank full of premuim gas and burned just over half of the tank. Then filled it to the top with the middle grade fuel and ran it down to about one-forth of a tank and filled it again with the middle grade fuel. I did this fore or five times. Now I could run the middle grade without pinging. then I repeated all that over again, but using the regular grade fuel (85 octane). I have been running streight 85 octane with now pinging and no money spent on any repairs.