30th Mar 2004, 13:15

I bought a 1993 Ranger 4x4 last year ("Splash" model with 4 liter engine, automatic) and am very pleased with it. No problems (100,050 miles), no leaks, no component failures at this point. Gas mileage and lack of power are realistic features with this model. Nice for in-town driving and off-roading, though. Should last as a second utility vehicle. Consider me a satisfied owner! P.S. This is my first Ford -always have driven foreign vehicles over the years. Not a bad littl' truck.

10th Aug 2004, 12:24

I agree ford rangers are the best trucks. I bought a 93 ranger with 138,000 miles on it for 1,000 bucks and all I replaced was a belt and tires. This truck has a perfect body and paint and interior.

17th Sep 2006, 00:53

I Have been very pleased with my Ranger. I've put it through some of the worst roads (or lack thereof) and have never gotten stuck. The only thing that has gone wrong is the head gasket blew at 123,000 miles, but I fixed it and never had another problem. thank you for a very well written review, it was informative.

5th Sep 2007, 12:05

How many miles do you think a 1993 Ford Ranger will last? Check me back at weareforgiven08@yahoo.com.

2nd May 2008, 08:42


My family has owned rangers for years in all shapes and sizes. Lifted, stock two wheel. The never die I mean never sure there are some maintenance items but that is it.

Here is a list of what we had and the miles.

88 4.0 liter manual regular cab xlt 4x4 280,000 miles rolled it still have the motor my brothers

89 4.0 liter manual regular cab xlt 4x4 78,000 miles sold it 18 years ago my dads

91 2.3 liter manual regular cab xlt 4x2 256,000 miles sold eight years ago still see it my dads

91 2.3 liter manual regular cab custom 380,000 miles on the body 120,000 on the current motor 40,000 on the current trans still have my brothers

92 4.0 liter auto ext. cab custom 4x2 162,000 miles still have it my moms

92 3.0 liter manual regular cab 4x4 210,000 miles sold my little brothers

93 3.0 liter auto regular cab xlt 4x2 186,000 miles sold four years ago my brothers

93 2.3 liter manual regular cab 4x2 148,000 miles still have it mine.

As you can see they do not die at all and belive me they had been abused.

Anthony T.


6th Jul 2008, 17:36

I have a 93 Ford Ranger. I paid $175.00 dollars for it. It has 258,000 on the motor, trans, and the body. It has a 5 speed; that thing runs like it is brand new.

I love the little truck. I use it to go back and forth to school. I'll run it till the wheels fall off. If I can't weld them back, I'll buy another one.

3rd Sep 2008, 08:42

I too have a Ford Ranger. It's a 1993 Ranger XLT extended cab with a 4.0 liter V6. It's two tone blue and grey. My father bought it for 4.200 and it had hundred and fifty thousand miles on it. I recently put twenty-thousand miles on it. I love my little muscle Ranger, and it still runs like brand new!

8th Sep 2008, 19:45

I bought a 93 model with 40k back in 95. It now has 252,000 on it and it has been a great truck. Lack of power has always been disheartening. Replaced the clutch at 160k and did some work on the A/C this summer. Other than that, it's still original.

I'm tired of shifting gears after 13 years, so I'll probably go to a bigger automatic truck to meet my needs for towing. But well worth what I spent 13 years ago.

7th Nov 2008, 14:46

I love my 93 Ranger!! My dad had it before I did, and treated it well. I always coveted the thing, and since he gave it to me (when my Nissan truck died after 5 months) I've been driving it since. It's got OVER 300,000 miles on the original engine and transmission. It'll need some work soon, but keeps going and going. I get around 20 MPG on the highway, which is good for a truck with that wear and tear on it. I seriously plan on giving this truck to my kids. When the engine dies, I'll put a new engine and transmission in it, paint it a different color, and call it a new truck!!

14th Jan 2009, 00:37

It's great to hear all the good comments about the Ford Ranger. I have a 1993 Ranger 3.0 2x4 5 speed manual ext cab. This is my first truck (I'm 16). My grandfather was the 2nd owner. It had about 100,000 miles. He used it as a work truck. He traveled everywhere for work (he does tiles), and he put about another 250,000 on it! Same motor, trans, everything. He then gave it to me after he got a newer Ranger.

It runs stronger than ever. Of course has its little problems, but not too bad.

I almost forgot, its nick name is Old Green.

18th Jan 2009, 16:06

I love seeing these good comments about the Ranger. I've had 4 since 1992 and never had a second's trouble with any of mine.

If you want to see a really great Ranger, check out the October 2007 edition of Consumer Reports story on vehicles with very high mileage. The vehicle with the highest mileage is a Ranger (1993 I think) with 488,000 miles.

24th Feb 2009, 17:46

Well I bought a 93 Ford Ranger 4 cylinder XL last week. It has 190 on it. I just went from a 98 VW Golf that blew a transmission at 158 kms. All I had to replace to get it going was front ball joints.

I hope this truck lives forever. I am already having so much fun driving it.

13th Oct 2009, 20:11

This truck is GREAT!!! I recently bought it with 200,000 miles on it. All that was wrong with it was a little transmission fuel leak. The lack of power isn't good, but it still runs like a champ.

30th Nov 2009, 19:50

Just bought a 93 Ranger Ext, for $300 with 318000 on it. Original motor and everything, runs mint, except for a lil body work, radiator supports usually go, this it the second one I've owned, best truck money can buy, they can never die.

1st Dec 2009, 15:23

You got a GREAT DEAL!!! Our family owns 2 companies and uses Rangers in both fleets for the lighter duty work. Going 300,000 miles in these (all are 4-cylinder XL's) is typical. I've owned 4 Rangers for personal use (XLT's with both the 4 and 6) and none of them ever saw the inside of a repair shop... EVER!

7th Jan 2010, 20:23

Bought my 93 Ranger XLT 4L V6 440k, it and has never ran so good! Original tranny, engine, clutch. etc. Only minor problem is a small power steering leak, which will cost no more than 30 dollars to replace. Once you hit the 5th gear, the thing takes off!! I can see myself getting a few tickets on the highway.

10th Aug 2010, 00:47

I recently bought a 1993 Ford Ranger XLT, 5 speed, with 300,000 kilometres (about 200,000 miles) on it. It looks great!

It is a very reliable vehicle, starts every time, smooth ride, great gas mileage. I get about 500 kilometres to a 50 dollar fill, though it takes 75 bucks to fill the tank.

The vehicle needed the clutch replaced, but now it works fine. On occasion, the clutch cannot shift into 2nd gear, I don't know why. Sometimes, the body creaks weirdly.

Otherwise, a great little used truck for $2500.00 bucks!

29th Aug 2010, 10:44

I once owed a 1989 2.3l 4 banger years ago. I paid $400 for it. No power, but great gas mileage truck. I drove it for two years. It never had any problems. It had 192,000 miles and I sold it for $1400.

4th Feb 2013, 23:28

I am 16 and I recently bought a 1993 Ford Ranger XLT Extracab 4.0 liter V6 with 152,000 miles on it for $1800. It's in very good shape, has no rust spots and very few dents. Came with custom tires and rims. The only problem is that the engine misses.

6th Jun 2013, 10:33

I'm 19 and I've had my Ford Ranger 1993 for 2 years now, from the lemon lot on a military base. It has 700,000 miles on it (bought when it had 630k miles on it). My father helped me out and traded a shotgun for it. It runs really well, but I noticed it had a kill switch chip installed under the steering wheel. I guess for anti-theft purposes. Very satisfied nonetheless.

18th Mar 2015, 18:13

I bought my 1993 Ford Ranger in 1996 for $10,000. It had 30,188 miles on it. I still have it, I love it, and will have it forever.

The only thing I have ever done to it is replace tires, oil change, spark plugs, replaced fuel lines, carrier bearing, and now the fuel pump is out. I don't think that is bad for 19 faithful years!!!