14th Aug 2004, 09:37

1994 Ranger XL has a problem with dying once a week. Whether I am driving 55 mph or 0 it turns right off. I have had it in many shops nobody seems to find anything on the diagnostic to fix it. Need help. It starts after about a minute or so.

20th Oct 2004, 19:53

94 ford ranger I have 138000 miles on it and still runs like new.

26th Mar 2005, 19:48

This is for you people that have the problem with your 94 Ranger not wanting to start, but after sitting for 10 minutes or so it starts right up. I have the 4.0L engine. I was fighting this problem for a few months when one day I got lucky to have it act up while I had my voltmeter in my hand. It was not getting switched supply voltage to the ignition module mounted in the front end in front of the battery. I cleaned the module to chassis ground lug and replaced the relay ($2-$20 part depending where you shop) that supplies the power to the module and have been trouble free for a year. I am extremely hard on things and every Ford especially my rangers very rarely let me down.

16th Oct 2005, 15:31

I own a 1994 ford ranger truck it hasn't given me any problems, once a month it just does want to start til after 10 minutes or more. if you know what is wrong with it please email me at molotov1997@yahoo.com I'll appreciate it.

10th Jun 2007, 11:43

My Ford Ranger XLT was given to me brand spankin new as a Co. work truck. The Boss and I went to the dealer together and picked it out. I work construction, i drive all over the southern california area. My truck has 308,000 miles on it, so far changed the water pump, transmission, rad.,starter.Five sets of tires. This is the most reliable truck in the fleet. I love this truck.

16th May 2010, 01:43

I've had the 94 Ford Ranger for over five years now. Since I bought it, it randomly would not start. The first time it did it, I had my nephew turn over the engine while I fiddled under the hood. I happened to find out the if I knock the top of the relay box, it would start fine. I have replaced a relay in the box, thinking it has been fixed, but as many Ford owners know, it could go 6 months without doing it, then every other day for a week. I'm glad to know it is a start voltage relay, but for anyone not close to a parts store, yet bumped the top of the relay box, sometimes just shutting the hood hard will shake the relay loose.