10th Jan 2007, 17:05

I do not understand why people still buy these trucks and waste their hard earned money. Just because one person's truck runs with "no problems" is just luck of the draw. It's a pickup truck! It should be maintained like any vehicle, but why should we have to drive them like so gently to see longevity. This crap is supposed to be "Ford Tough". I've tried to buy American for years, to support the country, but the Japanese are doing their homework.

12th Jan 2007, 19:58

I don't under stand why people are bringing their Ford trucks to a ford dealer. There vehicles are sweet, but bring your trucks to your best mechanic. Yes you need to bring the truck to a dealer for recalls, but that is it. Every one should know that for dealers normally suck. Just thought I would share.

13th Jan 2007, 09:20

Wait, wait, wait. People on these domestic truck boards keep raving about the superior quality of both the vehicles and the dealers.

I've never seen either, and wouldn't dream of paying dealer prices to do anything, but that's what these people are saying.

13th Jan 2007, 10:43

Ya, all you very few people that have had problems with a few Fords, go buy Toyota products. You never hear on the news how just last year they had more recalls on there cars that they sold vehicles. Pretty bad considering all of the anti-Americans that bought them on top for a record setting sales year for them.. Toyota is running on a reputation they built up and are now barely average. Check JD Powers build quality reports. They tell the real story!

13th Jan 2007, 12:55

Yes, why didn't they just follow the real Americans who bought great cars like the Ford Fusion (built in Mexico), Ford Focus (same for most models), PT Cruiser (same), Buick LaCrosse (Canada), and so on.

14th Jan 2007, 11:40

Toyota owners who bash domestics are really a case of the (unreliable) pot calling the (much better built) kettle black.

Just look at the awful reviews on Camry's, Highlanders and Tundras. Consider the NUMEROUS comments from Toyota owners who have had to deal with bad brakes, defective air bags, faulty transmissions and peeling paint, as well as engine failures before 35,000 miles (see Corolla reviews).

Remember that Toyota does not issue recalls unless forced to by the government, whereas domestics issue voluntary recalls for even minor, non-safety related issues.

I own a small business and drive Rangers because they are the best value, most reliable, and cheapest to maintain of any small truck. Look at the huge number of businesses using these vehicles.

Also look at the "projected reliability" of both the Ranger and Tacoma in Consumer Reports. They are exactly the same. For 5 grand less I'll take the Ranger any day.

15th Jan 2007, 09:33

<Remember that Toyota does not issue recalls unless forced to by the government, whereas domestics issue voluntary recalls for even minor, non-safety related issues.>>

You've got to be kidding, right? Explain to me why Ford NEVER issued a recall on its Explorer even though it had a KNOWN design defect that was killing people and they kept the defect there for twelve years? Even the original Explorer engineer told Ford the cars were unsafe.

The domestic manufacturers only issue recalls after the lawyers get involved. And they have ALWAYS been like this.

18th Jan 2007, 09:49

I have owned two Rangers, both have been pretty good trucks. the first a 2000 Trail Head edition. The only problem was a collision with a deer. The second is an 2001 Edge. It had a tranny problem. Replaced some gears and all is fine. I preferred the 2000 Ranger because I bought brand new. The Edge was used. Trail-head died at 93,000 miles and the Edge is still kicking at 85,000. All life of a truck is how you maintain it.

6th Apr 2007, 23:04

I just recently bought a 2001 Ford Ranger XLT 4X4. I was just in a bad accident were I was returning home after being deployed to Iraq with the United States Marine Corps. I was hit by a drunk driver on my drivers side and spun around in a 360 where the truck went up over a guard rail and balanced over a cliff. The police officer who was a specialist in traffic accident stated that I would be killed if I was driving a car. After the wrecker had gotten my truck off the guard rail, there was no fluid leaking, the safety feature shut the engine and gas lines off preventing a fire. I was able to drive the truck home. I had gotten the truck back a week later from my uncle who is a well respected auto mechanic in my home town. He said the only damage I had was the front bumper, fog lights and my alignment that was adjusted back to normal setting. So everyone that says this truck is terrible, they need to reconsider there opinion. I would take this truck into battle any day! Semper Fi.

26th Apr 2007, 22:16

Buy American, buy a Ford truck. There are more Ford trucks bought here in the states than ANY other vehicle!

My '96 F-150 had 165,000 miles on it and I drove the living "you know what" out of it! When I traded it in (on a new Ford Ranger) the truck still had the original battery and exhaust system.

All my buddies are buying new Dodge and Chevy's and having problems.

My Ranger is a bit cramped on the inside, but it has a killer sound system, plenty of power (v-6), and great gas mileage (22-25mpg). Ford has set the standard for Toyota and Nissan. Lets see if they can continually, year after year, compete with what Ford has to offer.

If you want a worry free truck - stick with Ford!

2nd Jun 2007, 23:47

I have to agree Toyotas are not any better than Fords. They are just way more expensive in every aspect. Sure a couple Toyotas make it to 200,000 miles, but so do fords. You see just as many F-150s and rangers on the road as toyotas, not to mention the rust on the toyotas. I sold my F-150 for a toyota thinking I would be able to crank more miles on it, no WAY! I put over $3000 into in less than a year and then a head gasket went and warped the entire engine. I wish I still had my Ford I wouldn't be in such bad shape now.

21st Sep 2007, 18:46

<BTW: when you change that third brake light bulb, a little bead of silicone will keep your cab dry.>

Thank you! I was wondering where the heck that was coming from. The darned cupholders by the jump seats are always full of water after a hard rain. Weird. I like my truck though.

2nd Jul 2008, 19:07

"Remember that Toyota does not issue recalls unless forced to by the government, whereas domestics issue voluntary recalls for even minor, non-safety related issues."

We have had GM junk with major issues they are known for, and GM wouldn't recall or deal with it.


3rd Jul 2008, 19:52

Comment 19:07 is very vague.

WHAT "issues" wouldn't GM deal with? A clutch that failed from abuse at 300,000 miles? An engine that seized because the oil hadn't been changed in 5 years? Or was it that the cigarette lighter stopped working at 250,000 miles and GM wouldn't replace it.

None of our GM vehicles has ever had a problem. One DID have a recall... for a POSSIBLY loose tail light bulb. Yeah, real MAJOR stuff there!!

18th Mar 2011, 12:36

You are right, NOT much of a truck, it works fine, but the gas mileage is terrible on the 3 liter engine.