1st Jun 2008, 13:45

OH indeed you think you have no issues... Go have your transmission flushed and see the look on the mechanics faces when they tell you that they can't!...

I have owned my 2000 Ranger XLT 4x4 for 6 years, I bought it at 28,000 miles, it now has nearly 122,000 miles on it. Engine has been solid. No leaks no squeaks... The transmission, drive shaft, pinon seals, rear end on this truck are an absolute nightmare. I loved this truck until about 95,000 miles and have treated it very well. But ford messed up with the everything back from the engine!! I will not buy another one and it breaks my heart.

12th Jun 2008, 00:52

My Dad had an '03 he bought brand new. He BABIES his vehicles and drives them extremely gently. He always takes care of maintenance. Well, by 65k miles or so, the transmission was starting to have issues that became more apparently with time.

By 70k miles one of the O2 sensors went out. Of course it was one located in a hard to reach spot so we couldn't change it ourselves easily enough. That was $300.

Then before he hit 75k miles, the A/C started acting up.

He loves his Rangers. It was his third, but even he said the only one worth having of his three was his '87. The '90 was utter crap and the '03 wasn't much better.

When America's best are like this, it's no wonder American car makers have such a crumby reputation in most of the world. Now my Mom is looking to buy a compact truck as a second vehicle. I'm the one she comes to for advice on vehicles, and I honestly don't know what to tell her. The American trucks are the most affordable, but most problematic. The Japanese trucks are better, but outrageously priced!