25th Dec 2005, 14:56

Overall not very happy with 2002 Ford Ranger Edge. I've already had to replace the alternator, all dash lights have burned out and front bumper rusted within the first year of ownership. Truck is poor on fuel and does not have a lot of power especially on hills.

5th Jun 2006, 06:06

I have had my 02 ranger edge for almost a year and I am not happy with it at all. The transmission is giving me problems and the shocks have already gone bad. I will never own another ford again. I also had an f150 that gave me nothing, but trouble.

13th Jul 2006, 21:25

In response to June 27th comment:

To help with the wear and tear on your tires, you do need to get them rotated every 6-8K miles. If it is that bad, then just replace the tires, if they're the original tires at 40K.

I have the FX4 Ranger, had no problems with it so far, it's a good truck, I also have a '98 Neon that since I've owned it, I've put 70K on it. (had 65K when I bought it - my commuter). I've replaced the tires on that around 80K, and had an alignment done.

For the oil filter, they don't keep you in mind for "how easy it is to get to". It's got to go where it's got to go.

Most of the "Rangers" or any other vehicle for that matter, that I've seen with cracked windshields belong to people that don't keep up on the maintenance of their vehicle. The windshield wasn't made for aerodynamics, you want aerodynamics, get a sports car. Sometimes a semi truck flings a rock in front of you and unfortunately it chips and cracks your windshield. Solution: quit tailgating the semi truck and get your windshield fixed.

I'm not sure where you live, but if it gets cold enough, just about ANY car/truck door will freeze, just use luke warm water to help thaw it out, don't force it, you might break something.

It's a really good truck if you take care of it.

1st Aug 2006, 00:22

I have a 2002 Ford Ranger Edge that my mom bought for me in November of 2001. It's been a pretty good truck.

But I do have a few complaints.

The transmission went out around 12,000 miles.

Luckily it was still under warranty when it happened and it didn't cost me a dime. The other problem is the gas mileage.

I think I get like 16 miles to the gallon, and I keep up the maintenance on it very well. I can't believe a 3.0 uses so much gas, but I guess it's because of the low geared rear end.

I'm guessing it's around a 4:10.

16th Aug 2006, 15:24

The warm water suggestion is great if they are frozen. However, to decrease the possibility of the doors freezing, try wipe the door seals with silicone spread on a cloth. I have lived in the north & south. I have had freezing rain a 1/4 in thick. I have had doors freeze, before I started wiping them with silicone. Every car over 3 years old could use it.