2002 Ford Ranger XLT 2.3 from North America


Raw power


Nothing; changed stock plugs at 130,000.

K&N air filter at 132,000.

General Comments:

It's a Ranger; what do you expect?

A lot better than the three Dodge Cummins I had; they go through motors and trannys like they're going out of style. I don't know why people buy them; they're a waste of resources.

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Review Date: 20th July, 2012

20th Jul 2012, 07:27

A Ranger with a 4 cylinder is "raw power"?

20th Jul 2012, 12:33

Why do people buy the Cummins engine? Hmm... because people need to tow heavy trailers, payloads, etc... And their livelihoods and salaries depend on it. If you still don't get why everyone drives a 4 cyl truck... think about the demands of the construction industry.

2002 Ford Ranger XLT 4.0L from North America


Poor quality


Have had to have the front brakes (including rotors & pads) replaced twice since I've owned it - total costs - around $600.00.

Had to have work done to the emissions system - between $700.00 & $800.00.

Now my transmission has blown - between $2300.00 & $3000.00. The truck has around 64,000 miles on it. What's next?

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Review Date: 30th August, 2011

31st Aug 2011, 18:06

Having owned four Rangers, I am suspicious when I see these kinds of repairs required. I have never changed brake pads in any of mine before 100,000 miles, nor have I ever had ANY problems before 100,000 miles. Seeing 300,000 miles on these trucks is common. Yes, they ride rough and are pretty poor performers, but they generally run forever with no issues.

3rd Sep 2011, 06:53

I love my truck, and I don't doubt that the majority of them are just fine. However, my truck has been anything but reliable, I only have about 64,000 miles on it, I don't drive my truck hard, always have all scheduled maintenance done. Just seems like my truck is of poor quality - maybe it was built late on a Friday before a long holiday weekend.

2002 Ford Ranger XLT 4.0 V6 from North America


This vehicle really stands up to Ford's acronym: Fix or repair daily


The first and most notable problem is the timing chains and guides/tensioners. They were worn out at 80,000 miles. If I had paid someone to fix this, it would have been $1500 US. Replacing the tensioners requires pulling the engine, this was a huge pain in the ass.

The second problem I've had is the transmission which decided to die shortly after fixing the timing chain. I decided to not try to fix this myself since auto transmissions operate by magic and voodoo.

Other problems include many of the vacuum hoses mysteriously getting holes in them, and failed ball joint boots.

General Comments:

All in all, this truck is nice looking and pleasant to drive, and hasn't ever stranded me somewhere, so I guess it has that going for it. It does get crappy mileage though for the amount of HP and fun you get out of it.

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Review Date: 24th February, 2011

25th Jun 2011, 10:28

I have a 2002 Ford Ranger XLT 4X4 (4.0 SOHC) with automatic transmission that is used for my daily commute to work (48 miles a day), and it currently has 135,000 miles on it. The vehicle has been an excellent performer with no problems with the motor or tranny. Recently, and for the second time, I had a tune-up, coolant change, and transmission flushed. I change the oil every 3000 miles, and at the same time rotate my tires. The vehicle's interior and exterior is like new condition, which I take pride taking care of it.

I'll be changing out the original the original brake calibers, rear brake cylinders, and shocks... maybe put on new leaf springs too on the girl, for that new ride.

The only regret I have is not purchasing two of these Ford Ranger's in 2002. Now that I'm 63 and retiring, I could have have pulled out the other Ranger from the garage, and given the used Ranger (Goldie) as a gift to a relative.

I updated Goldie with custom wheels, front Bi-grill, bed cap, raised letter tires, etc. and etc. The quality is there, and I'm not afraid to drive it on any trip.