2002 Ford Ranger Edge 3.0 V6 from North America


Chalk one up for the US of A!!!


My mud flap fell off a month after purchasing the vehicle, but the dealer replaced it at no charge.

A piece of floor trim by the passenger side door cracked, but the dealer replaced it at no charge.

General Comments:

Mechanically, I've never had anything go wrong on this truck. I'm very happy about that. With proper care, the outside finish, and interior looks as new as the day I bought it. I pray that the American auto makers will continue down this reliability path. I would rather buy American any day.

As far as small trucks go, this truck is great. It handles well on dry pavement, but I have to admit that it does tend to fishtail a bit more than other trucks I've driven when on wet pavement.

The high stance of the Edge package is nice. It looks and feels like it's a 4X4 and without the cost and maintenance involved with owning a 4x4.

The A/C will blow you out, so if you like it cold... You'll love it.

Trips in the Ranger aren't bad, but you have to remember you're driving a truck not a luxury sedan. It may feel comfortable for the first 100-200 miles, but soon you are needing a break from the stiff ride and confined cabin space.

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Review Date: 28th July, 2005

10th Jun 2009, 02:08

I am considering buying a Ford Ranger and am currently doing research. I also love the USA and support the US auto industry. I would suggest that they move toward fuel efficiency and reliability rather than fobbing people off with plush seats and CD players, while putting bumpers on upside down, however.

11th Jun 2009, 22:49

I've owned 4 Rangers since early 1992. All have been flawless. I bought a Sport model on my last purchase and did find the suspension pretty harsh, though not as bad as the Tacoma. These trucks are virtually indestructible. My family's two companies use both Rangers and F-150 in their fleets. 300,000+ miles without problems out of a 4-cylinder Ranger XL is pretty typical. I highly recommend them for long-lasting reliability. However, if you travel much in them, get the softer riding XLT. My first three were XLT's and they rode reasonably well and were driven on several long trips. The Sport started making my back ache after only a hundred miles or so.

2002 Ford Ranger Edge V6 from North America


This is our first Ford and so far is reliable and dependable


The gear shaft sticks badly when returning to first gear.

The gear shaft is also hard to get into fifth gear when on the highway. This is very distracting when trying to get truck up to sixty plus miles per hour.

The red "Door Ajar" light will NOT turn off. Neither door is open and there is nothing obstructing the door from properly shutting. Dealer said this is common to happen if the fuse gets heated, but the light is on first thing in the morning, everyday!

Tailgate handle is somehow jammed, therefore does not lay down.

General Comments:

No major problems "under the hood" at all so far.

Not roomy, the seats are small so is not recommended for couple with children. Bucket seats are uncomfortable.

Good on gas, it gets about 22-23 miles per gallon.

Truck is not a 4x4 and does not handle well in rainy weather, however overall drive and feel is smooth.

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Review Date: 5th July, 2005

11th Oct 2005, 00:03

I have test driven 3 Rangers this past week. 2 of them had a Door Ajar light that would not go off. One was a 2001 and the other was a 1998. Seems to be a common problem.

1st Dec 2005, 16:18

I to had a problem with my 2002 Ford Ranger XLT. The Door Ajar light stayed on as well as the dome light. The way I fixed it was to spray a little WD-40 on the Door Latches.

27th Mar 2006, 21:27

I have a Mazda B-3000. I call it a Mazda Ranger Edge..ha-ha.

I had the same problem wih door ajar and interior light staying on at all random times. Took it to a dealer. Said they replaced the door switch. Oct 2005. Never told me which one. Ghosts of same problems in past month of Mar 2006. Had 1998 Ranger XLT for 99k. Great truck, few probs, but front suspension went bad and 4 cylinder should never have been in a modern truck; sure looked good though!

28th Mar 2006, 13:48

Wd40 fixes those door problems.

If your truck is bad on wet roads then either slow down or get better water dispersing tires.

And the last comment: If you didn't like the 4cyl (its for economy you know) then don't buy it, that simple.