24th Mar 2001, 07:14

I also have a Ranger, but it's a 1993. I'm interested in the chip and exhaust you put on it. How much? I added a K&N high performance air filter also, there was a little increase in power, but not much. If you want to just leave a comment at the bottom of your survey, I'll come back later and read it. Thanx.

13th Jun 2001, 15:06

I have a 94 Ext Cab with a 3 liter C-6. I live around Houston where we get hard rain. We had a bad storm and I tried to go through some water a couple inches below the floor boards. I took it easy, but the way the air intake sits, it ingested water with results that make me feel kinda stupid. I threw a rod! So be real careful around water. I still love my Ranger, but between a poor design and me, I learned a hard lesson.

12th Jan 2002, 18:51

I have a 1994 V6 4 litre Ford Ranger Extended Cab, with the 5 speed manual transmission. It is now sitting at 200,000 km (125,000 miles) We just came back from a trip out west, and it behaved wonderfully even in the mountains. I have owned it for almost 2 years and other than regular maint., I have only had to put in a new starter. This is an excellent vehicle. I am hoping to purchase a slide in camper for it this year, to extend my travelling pleasure. The only other thing I would consider adding would be a cd player.

I would appreciate comments from others who have a slide in camper. What is the weight of the camper you put in, and how does it behave on the highway?

17th Jan 2002, 21:37

I have a 94 XLT standard cab. I am in the process of putting an air induction kit on my 2.3.

I currently have 115,000 miles on it. I have replaced wheel bearings, timing belt, and the oil pressure gauge just went out. Other than that, the truck runs like a champion. I too will drive it till the wheels fall off.

23rd May 2002, 14:23

I have a 1994 Extend Cab EXT with 157,000 miles and it still gives me no problems. At about 130,000 the brake lines gave out and there was no fluid going to my rear axle. Also, I've replaced the transmission, thermostat, and fuel pump. Other than the brakes and tranny, these are only nickel and dime repairs. I bought this truck brand new in 1994.

If your Ranger ever stalls for no reason, and then starts up again a few hours later (overnight), replace the Throttle Air Bypass. You can buy this piece for about 100 dollars at Auto Zone. An 11mm ratchet and a replacement gasket is all you need to get the job done. Happy trucking.

8th Jul 2002, 18:53

I own a 1995 Ford Ranger long bed, standard cab,4x4,4 cylinder. It has 86,000 miles on it and starts and runs very well.Problems:electrical-wipers & interior dome light as well as door jar light (these turn on and off on their own accord) Something in the clutch (throw out bearing?) makes noise when shifting.Otherwise, strong solid body, more power than you would expect from 2.3 litre engine, and looks good. Because of the electrical problems (I have talked to others with the same),I would not buy another.

4th Nov 2002, 20:55

I have a 94 XLT 2.3l extended cab. Bought it new. I now have 159,000 miles. It has the original battery, alt. water pump, second set of brakes & tires. It does require premium gas or the engine knocks like heck at 50 mph or higher. Same trans, second clutch. It has always started, never left me stranded... I can't believe how little repairs it has needed. I have replaced the timing belt. I change the oil every 3,000. Runs great!

18th Dec 2003, 15:39

Have 1991 4x4 standard cab Ranger with a 4.0 v-6. At about 120000 miles I had it rebuilt. Main bearing failure. Also was repainted and fender flairs, allows me use of 11"x 15" tires. Am now experiencing trouble after running 20+ miles. After shutting off motor, I hear a "humming" sound under the bed. To remember, the key switch is "off". Am also showing anti-lock rear brake light on dash. have not noticed any obvious problems with brakes, who knows? I have 200000 + miles and neither love nor money will part me from this reliable truck. thanks for bending your ear.

10th Jul 2004, 09:24

I have a 1994 short bed with a 2.3 and standard. I've had it six months. The truck has been great up to now. I have only replaced the battery. I just took it to the transmission shop because 2nd gear is out. They quoted me 700$ to fix. With luck this will be the only major repair I'll have to do. I bought it for just 2000$ with 140,000 miles, sweet deal. The truck looks awesome, great condition. I too will be driving this until the wheels fall off.

This truck drives great. My only complaints are that it is a little underpowered with the four cylinder, and it is uncomfortable on long trips because the seat only leans back so far. (short bed) Happy Trucking!

13th May 2005, 22:14

I have a 94 XLT Regular Cab Ranger. I bought it used with 58,000 on it. It has the 4.0, auto, air, cruise and tilt. Had the cassette, but swapped it for a Kenwood CD player. It was a one owner. The only problem that I have had is there was a noise that sounded like the catalytic converter vibrating. I took it in, and it wasnt that at all. The cover fell off the starter and a piece was touching the flywheel, hence making the sound. I went ahead and replaced the starter since the bolts were missing. The only complaints I have is there is a little Rust on the bed in the rear behind the wheels and some on the other side wheel lip bubbling up. I think I'm going to replace the bed. My paint is almost perfect except for those two small areas and the bodyshops say that it will come back worse if they fix the rust. Although I bought the truck in Akron, I should expect rust. Also, the console latch was broke when I bought it. That seems to be a common problem. But otherwise I Love this truck. I sold my 5.0 Mustang 92 LX last June (only 67k-I was the original owner), and I like the Ranger better-even though the Stang is much quicker. My wife wants a new one anyways. I would certainly buy another Ranger-and the person that wrote about the Honda being messed up, and the Ranger being superior in quality I commend you. Americans Can Build Quality Vehicles! Does anyone know when the new body is coming out on the Ranger-or if they are even keeping the name?

5th Aug 2005, 01:33

Well I'm sixteen years old and the ranger is the first vehicle I've ever owned myself, it has 140,000 miles on it and the only thing wrong with it is the clutch is just about ready to be replaced and it could use some shocks, but that's it. It has a 2.3 liter engine in it and yes compared to my jeep I used to drive it feels like I'm driving a power-wheels car. But it does awesome on gas. it is a 5 speed which also helps gas. right now I'm decking out the interior with neon lighting and the sort. (I know I know, typical teenager) and I was just wandering how I could bypass the mass airflow sensor with say a cold air intake. I LOVE THIS TRUCK!!! it may not be the fastest thing in the world, but she'll never quit.