6th Sep 2007, 20:43

I own a 94 Ranger also. Bought it new in Nov. 93. It's a 4.0 5-speed manual, super cab 4x4 STX. I currently have 282,386 miles on it. (It pays to change the oil, changed mine every 5000 miles. Doesn't smoke a lick. Lots of power still! Lots of small items replaced, tranny replaced at 165,000, radiator, brakes, etc. Best truck I ever owned. I also said I would drive mine till the wheels fell off. But looks like that will be a while longer. Just bought a 95 super cab, 2.3 5-speed with 99,000 miles on it. I will definitely buy a Ranger again!! Great trucks!!!

14th Sep 2007, 12:39

I am also looking for info about bypassing the air-flow sensor because I think it causes a stall trying to run a Short Ram Air Intake on my 92'Ford xlt, 4.0 v6. At 140,000 clocked, she still gets great mileage. Changed-out the starter, belt, and steering pump. (BTW, save a ton of headaches by busting off the pully with a hammer, then press on a new one for 22 bucks! (I didn't know they were plastic) What will they come up with next!

But, I too love my Ford truck 'cause everything still works and it never leaves me stranded unless I run on vapors for too long. But, that's what the Gerry-Can in the bed is for, he-he, thanks...

20th Nov 2007, 16:39

I have a '94 xlt long bed regular cab and I love it. I bought it from my Dad for $500 4 years ago (deal of the century), and there wasn't anything wrong with it. I had to put a new tranny in it 2 years ago, but now it's leaking fluid and it looks like its dripping right below the filler neck. Any possibilities what it might be? Other than standard maintenance, the truck has 180,00 miles on it and still going strong. I, too, will be driving this thing until the wheels fall off.

30th Jan 2008, 06:42

I had a 1998 Ford Ranger 2 wheel drive standard 4 speed with overdrive. I bought the truck with 110k on it. WONDERFUL truck.

I had it for about 6 years, only changing the oil twice! It got wrecked and I had to say goodbye...

I bought a 1994 to replace it. New clutch, new transmission, new tires; I think she is ready to see the road again.

As I read your comments about this truck, I see what you are talking about with having to floor it just to get up to speed, BUT, after what I have read here... I know I made another sound investment. I bought it for $400, and it is already worth the money.

Just wondered... has anybody else with the same 2.3 standard had any problems with the slave cylinder on the tranny going bad? I need to know so I can deal with this problem. Mine went bad, but it still drives just fine! YOU CAN'T KEEP A GOOD FORD DOWN!!!

24th Jan 2013, 09:19

The knocking is caused most likely from the pre-96 motors not being compatible with the silly high ethanol content of regular and mid-grade fuels. Most premiums have no ehtanol content.

If you can find ethanol-free regular gas (likely impossible at this point), you would probably notice a huge difference. Even my 2000 Maxima and 2003 Elantra state that anything over 5% and 10% content respectively would cause issues. Kind of annoying.

25th Jan 2013, 13:00

My brother's girlfriend drives a 1997 Ranger shortbox with a 2.3 engine. It has over 300k on it, original engine and transmission.

When I do oil changes for her, after 5000k or so, oil still looks clean, that is amazing for such a high mileage truck.

The Ranger is the best small truck on the market by far. The Toyota Tacoma is good too, but way overpriced for purchase, maintenance and repairs.

The Ranger does everything it does for the fraction of cost.

I would definitely buy one of these in a heartbeat if I needed a small truck, however I have a full size 1985 Chevy truck with a 305 that runs like a clock, that I am probably going to keep forever.

Only downside I have heard about this truck is bad handling in winter when box is empty; can be expected from a lightweight, front heavy, rear wheel drive truck. Can be fixed with a few sandbags in the bed over the rear wheel area, or any weight in the back.