3rd Jun 2007, 14:16

Original reviewer again. After 18 months not a single rattle, squeak or problem of any kind. Of my 4 Rangers this one is the tightest and best built yet (though no previous one ever saw the inside of a repair shop). The 3.0 V-6 has gained a LOT of power after the first 5000 miles. The gas mileage is up to a very respectable 24mpg. The only thing I still HATE is the stupid column mounted selector for the automatic. Everything I've driven for 20 years has always had the selector floor mounted. After driving my Ranger I keep fumbling in the floor for the selector when I drive my car or SUV.

5th Aug 2007, 02:23

Well my whole life I've owned chevy's. I bought my first new 2006 ford ranger supercab 2wd. This has to be the most solid truck I have ever driven.

One thing that bothers me is the 3.0L engine. I figure be a little more peppy. The dealer said at the time of purchase, you want the 3.0L with all the bells and whistles or the 4.0L. I chose the 3.0L cause I'm getting tired of rolling up my windows. So really over all no complaints on this truck. I think in another year or 2 I might go back to get the 4.0L with 4x4.

23rd Aug 2007, 16:39

To comment 02:23: I was very disappointed early on with my 3.0 Ranger's lack of pep, but after installing a K&N low-restriction filter, full synthetic oil and a Flowmaster muffler it began to really come alive around the 5000 mile mark. The mileage also went up from 19 to 23 average, which I thought was not bad for a V-6 pickup.

The one thing I NEVER got used to was that awful column mounted gear selector. All my previous Rangers were 5-speeds and had floor-mounted shifters. Both my sedan and my SUV have floor mounted gear selectors, and I couldn't get used to the old-fashioned column selector. That was my main reason for recently trading the truck for a new Mustang.

Other than the 1950's style gear selector, it was a beautiful, flawless truck.

15th Sep 2007, 00:12

After my Honda self-destructed in only 6 years I bought a 2007 Ford Ranger Sport 2 wheel drive upon falling in love with on the test drive. I have had had no problems whatsoever, get lots of compliments and still love driving it having now accumulated 30,000kms (18,000 miles). The local Ford dealer has been great too. Very comfortable on long trips and I always feel a lot safer than driving a car, especially with the increased visibilty being higher up. I can see why so many people are repeat buyers of this great & legendary truck. I will report any major problems if they occur, but so far my Ranger has been better than expected for reliability and driving pleasure.

23rd Sep 2007, 22:51

Congrats on the Ranger. I've owned 4 (this is my review) and my family's two service companies have used Rangers for over 14 years. They still have a few '93's (the first ones they bought) still in service, and 200,000-300,000 miles on the Ranger with no repairs other than routine maintenance is very common. Lots of luck with yours. You made a good decision. The Ranger is rated as high in reliability as any truck on the market, and in our experience the routine servicing costs are considerably lower over the long run.

I'm glad you have a good Ford service department, as in our area Ford service is terrible. Fortunately I'm a mechanic and do all my own servicing, and I have never had any of my Ford products require any warranty work, so my vehicles are never serviced by the dealer anyway.

5th Oct 2007, 20:07

You Ranger guys might want to take a look at the latest edition of Consumer Reports. It features an article on how to get 200,000 miles or more out of your vehicle. The lead vehicle in the article is a 1994 Ford Ranger with 488,000 miles on it. The article features a list of "good bets" for getting 200,000 miles (naturally, they are all Honda and Toyota models, with the problem-plagued Camry noticeably ABSENT), and a list of cars to AVOID. I was not at all surprised to find that the "cars to avoid" list contained NOT A SINGLE DOMESTIC, but DID contain several models of Mercedes, BMW (the 7 series), Jaguar, Nissan (including one Infinity model) and a Volvo.

10th Oct 2007, 20:22

Naturally, best bets for getting above 200,000 would be all Toyota's and Honda's. They're have the best engines and drivetrains in the world. Uhhh... what are you saying? Everybody knows this.

14th Oct 2007, 08:28

I own a 2006 Ford Ranger Sport 4x4 Supercab. It is fully loaded with the skid plates, 4.1 limited slip differential, privacy glass, towing, full automatic, upgrade pioneer stereo with sub, sport bucket seats.

It was a little pricey considering today's deals on 2008 Rangers, but then again that's what you pay for every option.

I love the pioneer, cause it added a center console not available on any other Ranger. This is where the sub and amp are located, so if it ever fails I have a nice spot to mount a new one. Sounds awesome.

I can tow very well with the 4.1 ratio, but it eats tons of gas.

The only minor problem I have had is with the windshield washer hose where it connects to the pump on the reservoir. I use RainX which causes the hose to swell and disconnect after a year or so. Must be an oily substance in the fluid. I'd add a clamp or tie wrap to the hose at this point.

As far as the vinyl interior vs carpet. Vinyl rules, since you can just wipe up any mess, and a little Armor All or vinyl protectant cleans your entire interior. No more ungly, stained, rough, salt ruined carpet after 10 years. There are also drain plugs if you need to hose the interior down.

I get Krown rustproofing done every year, use Amsoil fluids and filters, do a once a year oil change with Amsoil, have upgraded to an Amsoil air filter. I'm going to go for 400,000km on this baby.

My only complaint is the gas mileage, very depressing. But once I own the truck I won't worry so much for the cost of fuel.

A few notes; I hated the stock Bosch windshield wipers in the winter so I changed to those frameless floppy teflon wipers by Trico and they actually work in the winter.

I also hated the fact that the headlights were way dimmer than the fog lights which made them look non-existent. I swapped the bulbs for some GE Nighthawks and the headlights are now the same brightness as the fog lights. I've been riding over a year on them and they still work... I did research and the Sylvania Silverstars supposedly don't last as long as the GEs.

I've added a bed liner and tonneau cover. I'm not worried about water getting behind the bed liner since I have a tonneau cover, that's why I didn't spray a bed liner in.

My last Ranger lasted 10 years without a single problem. The Rangers still use the same ol engines and they are very reliable and good for over 250,000km easily. The Vinyl interior will only make it look new that much longer.

My only gripe is the fuel economy. I hope the next generation Ranger keeps the same compact size which is superior for offroad and parking, and adds a better more fuel economy engine. If we wanna tow we'll buy an F-150 or bigger. A Dakota, Tacoma, Colorado, or Frontier is not meant for towing, so why make them mid-sized.

Ranger rules the offroads. Ford has a good thing going by being the only compact on the market. Revamp them to make them nicer then a Tacoma or Frontier, keeping the compact size, and Ford will dominate the market. They already have the best full size, now it's time to make Ranger the best small truck.