16th Feb 2007, 21:04

I opted for the 3.0 engine in my latest Ranger on the advice of a friend who was a former owner of a European car repair shop. He said the German built 4.0 Ford uses is more complicated and very expensive to fix. The 3.0 (made by Ford in America) has a cast iron block and heads, no timing belt to replace and virtually nothing to go wrong with it. I haven't had a seconds trouble with the 3.0. I'd like the extra power of the 4.0, but not if it is less reliable. One of my best friends just had the timing belt (or chain, I'm not sure which the 4.0 uses) break on his 4.0 and he was told it would cost $2500 to replace. Since he already had 200,000 miles on the truck he opted to just get a new one.

16th Feb 2007, 23:36

I'm sorry. I'm the one that originally wrote this review. I noticed the comment on the head gaskets. I guess that I forgot to mention that in the 338000 miles, the head gaskets were never replaced. In fact the valve covers or oil pan have never been off of the engine! Didn't leak oil, but burned around 1qt every 3000 miles. And it even had the original alternator. Sure it might of seeped a little oil, but it never left oil stains on the driveway. The only time I had a problem with oil dripping for the vehicle was from the power steering pump. I forgot to mention, this was replaced at around 270000 miles or so. Used it to drive to work and back almost every day, about 120 miles. per day.

16th Feb 2007, 23:42

I believe that the German built over head cam 4.0 L engine didn't come out until 2000. The early 4.0 engines were cast iron, like the 3.0.

5th Mar 2007, 11:34

I think comment 23:42 is correct. The older 4.0's were the cast iron engines similar to the 3.0 and were much more ruggedly built and reliable than the later German 4.0's.

31st Mar 2008, 15:06

Regarding the 4.0 engine... it is cast iron in this model year anyway, and from Wikipedia:


27th Jul 2010, 15:00

Did anyone have a timing belt break - at less than 120k?

I spun out the right auto hub at 140k. I used the truck for prospecting so the 4 low would be in most of the time off road, easy to replace with manual hubs.

How about anyone have a TPS go out at any mileage?

Anyone have bearings go out in the front end?

You all can answer please.

Mine just seems possessed lately, and I take good care of it. Put all synthetics in all boxes, some purple oil in the engine and trans, K&N filters, always add octane boost and 91 octane fuel, because I lose power at higher altitude.

So I take good care of it, and now we are having some issues with the TPS, and door locks and latches. Gotta take everything off and re attach and lube all the linkages. I'm just hoping she ain't about to throw a timing chain.