1991 Ford Ranger XLT 2WD xtra cab 4.0 OHV from North America


Ford screwed up discontinuing the 4.0 OHV engine


Rear end pinion bearing. Warranty repair.

Power steering pump. Had well over 200000 miles at the time.

One front brake rotor.

General Comments:

The Ranger 4.0 OHV engine is the best and most reliable engine I have ever owned. This truck was the best and most reliable vehicle I have ever owned.

Another car pulled out in front of me, and truck got totaled. Was planning on driving it to 500000 miles and have no doubts it would have made it.

In 3000 miles it would go through about 1/2 to 3/4 of a qt of oil. Didn't leak oil either. Was getting a slight oil seep at the rear main. Wouldn't leak to the ground except I drop here and there. But could tell by slight film on the under carriage that it did have a slight seep. Never any auto tranny problems. Everything worked fine. Still had original alternator.

Did routine maintenance (myself). Oh, I did replace one front brake rotor.

I drove 100 freeway miles a day for all those years. 1992 (when purchased) to 2007 (when totaled). My freeway drive was pretty much low traffic. Park it in cruise and go. Had a couple of steep grades, but easy sailing.

About 9 months ago I saw a 1999 OHV Ranger that I wanted to buy. It had 70000 miles on it. The problem was that they wanted $9000.00 for it. A lot for a 16 or 17 year old vehicle.

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Review Date: 20th February, 2017

20th Feb 2017, 16:53

Hmmmmfff. The Ford 4.0 was not bad, but not great either. Some engines live for decades (Chevy 250 I-6, Dodge Slant 6, Buick 3.8 V6/3800, Ford 300 I-6, Chevy 350...) even great engines eventually outlive their usefulness; the reality is that engine was laughable when Ford still had the nerve to stick it in the Mustang less than a decade ago, and for all practical purposes it's a boat anchor today.

20th Feb 2017, 21:54

$9000 for a '99 Ranger is laughable. Even if it only had 7 miles on it.

22nd Feb 2017, 18:45

These are great little trucks! My friend bought a Ford Explorer with the same engine for $500 a few years go; it's still his daily driver with over 200k on it now!

I do agree though, the newer Ford Rangers are quite overpriced in the used market; not as much as the Tacoma, but close still.

1991 Ford Ranger STX Supercab 2.9 V6 from North America


It was a pretty okay truck


All front axle joints at 187k miles.

A/C never worked.

Heater motor at 188k miles.

Heater switch at 187k miles.

Shifter knob had a tendency to pop off.

T-case shifter linkage wore out and didn't want to go in 2wd or 4 lo sometimes.

Rear bumper rusted out, and was on the verge of falling off.

Replaced tailgate the day I bought it.



Electrical NIGHTMARE.

Driver's window rails worn out, so window didn't want to close right ever.


General Comments:

Rusty and not so trusty. Left me stranded a few times.

Best gas mileage I ever got with it was 19mpg.

It was no hotrod by any means. Had to grab third to hold 55 mph on some hills.

Transmission crossmember was bent from the day I got it, until the day I got rid of it. The rear yoke rubbed the bottom of the cab because of it.

The wiring was all hacked when I got it, but I got my money's worth out of the truck.

I only paid $200 for it, and I beat it pretty much to death.

Will say it rode very nicely on the highway for being a truck, but wind blew it around everywhere.

The truck had the aerodynamics of a refrigerator with a chunk of plywood ratchet strapped to it.

Exhaust rotted off at the driver's side manifold.

Body rotted between rockers and seat.

Had a good bit of room behind the front seats (supercab model).

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Review Date: 20th November, 2011