1991 Ford Ranger XLT 2.3L from North America


I have gone through several air condition compressors since I converted it to a r-134a system. Otherwise, the engine, transmission, and all the drivetrain in general has been in perfect working condition.

General Comments:

Truck was not exactly "perfect" when I purchased it for $900, but with $500 I have turned it a excellent daily driver for school and work. In one year I added 20,000 miles to the odometer-all trouble free.

I am very proud of this little bargain-priced pickup that never gives up. Such big utility as well as reliability from such a small package.

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Review Date: 11th June, 2002

1991 Ford Ranger STX 4x4 2.9 V6 from North America


The Ford Ranger STX is a tough compact truck that's perfect for both on and off-road


So far the only things that have gone wrong with the truck are things that are required to be fixed with regular Maintenance...

- I replaced the clutch at 100,000 miles

- I replaced the leaf springs at 118,000 miles

- Had to change the plugs/wires/houses at 110,000 miles

- I replaced the shocks and brakes at 100,000

Do to the salty road conditions around with cold winters I had to replace the body mounts and body mount bushings.

General Comments:

I bought this truck to get me through the deep winter snow and I have yet to get stuck.

The truck is great to modify for off-road use. The 2.9 v6 is a very durable motor and has yet to fail me. I modified it to fit 31" mud tires, Skid plates all around and everything needed for a trail worthy truck.

The truck handles sweet, hardly any body roll on tight turns, able to burn the tires, very stable, and still has some get up and go for when you need it.

For being a compact truck there's plenty of head room and leg room. The seats are very comfortable and the steering wheel design is perfect.

With the long bed (7 foot) I've been able to haul everything I have needed to.

Tows great! It was used to tow jet skis and snowmobiles and never had a problem.

Only problem I had with the truck was with the alternator. All my upgrades such as a high performance stereo system and fog lights, the stock 60-amp alternator wasn't enough.

Another problem I had was with the black floppy mirrors, at around 65 MPH they fold in, but there is a modification you can do to fix that.

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Review Date: 17th May, 2002

24th Oct 2002, 15:44

The truck sounds great, but what it would help if there is a picture.

23rd Aug 2005, 01:51

Re 1991 Ford Ranger Pickup Floppy Side Mirrors.

You mention a modification to the black side mirrors to prevent them from folding in at 65 mph. I have that same problem with my 1991 Ford Ranger STX. Can you please explain what modification is made to the mirror to prevent it folding in? The mirror is fixed in with TORX screws. I assume they unscrew in a clockwise direction and are jsut frozen from years attached the vehicle.

24th Jun 2006, 20:45

Howdy everyone...

I too have a problem with those floppy black mirrors on my 1992 STX. My start folding in at like 30 mph. Please tell me more about this modification.

5th Aug 2006, 20:39

I wrote the above comment. I took the mirrors to my mechanic. He drilled a screw through the bottom part of the mirror (the part of the mirror on the pivot point). He drilled it so the mirror would stay in that one place. The only downside to this work is that you can't adjust the mirror afterwards. It held for about a month, but then again, my mirrors were very worn. So I just decided on getting new mirrors. I went out to my local junkyard and picked up new ones off of a 1990 Supercab. Cost me $5 and about 5 minutes to screw them on in my driveway. I haven't had a problem since.

I hope this remedy works. Good luck and have fun with your Rangers!


13th May 2010, 22:45

Hey I was wondering what mods you have done to fit the 31's on, body lift/ suspension?

29th Jul 2011, 21:31

To fix my mirrors, I got a set of torx sockets from Harbor Freight. It made it so easy to unbolt my stuck bolts holding the mirror. After doing this, there is a screw on the bottom side of the mirror that I tightened up, and I haven't had a problem since. Just be careful not to put too much force on the torx bolts putting it back on; you can push the tack welded hold downs into the door, and then you have to fix that. Hope this helps.